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Eye Candy : Du Juan for Vogue China Supplement

August 7, 2012

Du Juan covers Vogue China's August 2012 supplemental issue. The editorial entitled "Rhapsody of Fashion, The Evolution of Louis Vuitton" was lensed by Sharif Hamza and features styling by Mélanie Utzmann Huyhn, hair by Mark Hampton, makeup by Christele Coquet and manicure by Christina Conrad.

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37 comments on "Eye Candy : Du Juan for Vogue China Supplement"
  1. I want every piece of these items...all!! Isn't she a stunner...wow!! Enjoyed this. Have a great day doll :) xox

  2. oh she is so beautiful!
    that cape coat is to die for. ;)

  3. These photos and outfits are beautiful and she's very elegant. What a lovely Vogue Cover!

  4. beautiful. i am especially in love with the last photo so much. thank you for sharing.

    xx rae

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  5. She is seriously my fave Chinese model right now. Love her look! And these pics. :D

    P.S You have mail!

  6. She's just so gorgeous and I LOVE all of these looks. The colors are incredible. Hope you're doing well, sweetie. How are you feeling these days? xoxo

  7. So fashion magazines have a Marc Jacobs moment. I wish I saw more diversity in the pages of these glossy magazines.

  8. Love this editorial! So uniquely styled!

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  9. Great photos and beautiful outfits!!!
    Have a good week, dear friend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. I tried to take photos with a similar facial reaction and the result? My mom said I looked like I enjoyed too many libations...lol! Du Juan is gorgeous and I really love those LV Jorts...

    I agree that Daniel Henney needs to make more US tv and movie appearances. Aside from Daniel Dae Kim, we don't have too many Asian actors. Russel Wong used to be hot in the TV scene but we rarely see him anymore... I think the last was some sort of an appliance commercial? YIKES......

  11. These pictures are so gorgeous...The model is incredible and the clothes are so interesting!

  12. I hope this doesn't come off creepy, but her lips look so exquisite and perfect! She looks beautiful here.

  13. Rowena, I am so pinning this spread! I LOVE IT! The dresses and coats are truly exquisite. Du Juan is such a doll!!! Fabulous model. Avocados are definitely good for the hair and skin. They're considered a snack in my book! :)

  14. Huge fan of LV and Du Juan is gorgeous. Beautiful textures and colors going on!

  15. She's such a stunner, love her!

  16. Oh gosh, I love Asian photo shoots. Maybe it's because I can connect with them ( ...hahah, except not that much since they're too beautiful ^^ ), at least ethnically, but I just find them so colorful and the clothes more interesting. The middle pink dress and the last one have to be my favorites. Those light colors look marvelous on her.

    ♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

  17. She's absolutely gorgeous! I guess the shoot's in conjunction with the grand opening of LV store in Shanghai.

  18. I love the coats and cap! This styling is just fun!

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  19. Wow, beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous spread!


  20. Insane beauty and the deep purples and greens look so good on her!
    xo Mary Jo

  21. Hi Rowena, how are you doing? I love the cover shot, the styling is amazing, but my favourite has to be the fifth dress, its so great getting to see the many different sides to Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs over the years...and all in one place!

  22. argh can't. handle. all. these glorious clothes and styling. In love love love with the cape which i am guessing i cannot afford (should just learn to make on hehe), the white dress, and the last dress. eek. always posting the most beautiful editorials Rowena

  23. Wow! Beautiful photos and even more beautiful fashion! Hope all is well and your having a great Summer!

    xo Marie

  24. Du Juan is beautiful. My favourite looks are the 2nd, 3rd and 5th looks.


  25. She is BEAUTIFUL! I love that fur and plaid jacket shot... Thanks for sharing

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  26. I always enjoy your eye candies Rowena, and this one is no exception... I love this Vogue editorial, the fantastic and perfect outfits
    and also the fantastic and totally extravagant ones!!! Those’ll keep me inspired!!!

    Hopping you are felling better sweetie!

    Big hugs!


  27. There's something ever so alluring about her, but I can't put my finger on it right now, maybe I'm just really tired... tis Friday night after all! Excited that I can still wear my silly hats for winter... :)

    I do love Vogue China, they push out some of the best innovative editorials... when I was in HK, the Japanese ones caught my eye.

    I do hope that things are looking up for you kitten, and the heat isn't too bad this week? Take it easy this weekend lady.

    Big hugs,

  28. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!


  29. She is very pretty. I recognize the collar on the last shirt from one of LV's recent window displays. I'm glad I'm not the only one with multitasking issues. I had to watch an episode of Breaking Bad 4 times and I still think I missed a bunch of things. Hopefully nothing important.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better!

  30. she's amazing and gorgeous!!!! i love that LV denim bag and short :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  31. She is gorgeous! Amazing editorial too. :)

    Heel in Mint

  32. Amazing! the last dress is stunning.

  33. Beautiful pictures. I kind of like the naughty nurse:)


  34. Absolutely gorgeous editorial. Love the hair and makeup! And that last dress with the flowers is stunning!

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