Pinteresting Things : NYFW Spring 2014 Street Style

Giovanna Battaglia makes a bold black + white statement in Céline

I sometimes find the street style of New York Fashion Week to be almost as interesting as the looks coming down the runways. I've been pinning my favorite looks onto my Style Files board on Pinterest. These are standouts for me because they're chicly elegant and effortlessly stylish. It may not be a coincidence that they're on the modest side as well because as far as I'm concerned, it's never fashionable to reveal too much skin. Do any of these looks speak to you?

Kate Davidson Hudson is polished in all black
pinned here via Harpers's Bazaar
>Lily Kwong's Prabal Gurung outfit is chic without trying
A floral top paired with leather pants create a sharp outfit
inned here via Fashionologie
Nasiba Adilova's Rodarte t-shirt and Suno shorts make quite a fashionable combination
Olivia Palermo dresses up her denim with a BCBG tuxedo jacket
pinned here via Vogue Espana
Giovanna Battaglia rocking a seriously fabulous print dress
Jessica Paré is a style stunner in Jason Wu
pinned here via Neiman Marcus
Ashley Madekwe works ladylike glam with an edge
pinned here via StyleList


  1. I love them all, Rowena! You have such an amazing taste and sense of style! I'm just like you: I don't like clothes that are too revealing (I mean, crop top? Really?) and chic and understated elegance is always way to go for me. I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Giovanna wears, and I'm also smitten with Ashley's prune dress: it's gorgeous!

    I hope you are well, sweetie!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  2. All of them are gorgeous. I've seen some with revealing skin that are elegant and chic, so sometimes it works, but you have to be wise on what to choose. And showing a bit of skin doesn't mean there is no elegance, it just depends on the look. All of these ladies look wonderful :) xx

  3. These outfits are so pretty and very stylish at the same time. Love the first one. Gorgeous pieces.
    Love your selection.

  4. You are right, sometimes it's more exciting to see those looks than some collections. :) Really like your picks, especially Ashley. x

  5. Love the fashion looks you did a great job with this post doll.

  6. Hi Rowena! You are right and in fact have selected the most beautiful and elegant looks. Kate Davidson and Olivia Palermo are my fav!:) Have a good day dear! Kisses! xo

  7. Wow! I like the all black outfit and the lacy black dress. I prefer wearing shorts though. I know Roro would love the dress with the flower prints :D

  8. I agree showing too much skin can be tacky all these looks are so chic classic and sophisticated. Are you going to Lucky Fabb conference?

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  9. i love the shirt and suno shorts combo. the high waist look is something i've been diggin lately :)

  10. I love looking at the street style during fashion week, too!! I love all of your picks!

  11. Oh wow, Kate, Olivia and Ashley are just too perfect! Love these outfits!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. I think my fave is Olivia Palermo's outfit because it's totally wearable even for everyday stuff:)
    Have a great Wednesday, Rowena!

  13. I love Ashley's glasses and fitted but ladylike look as well as Lily's shirt - it's all about the statement pieces!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Street style blogs and boards are my obsession. I love that third look

  15. Gorgeous inspiration post! I esp love Olivia Palermo, why does she have to look so flawless every time? And Jessica Pare looks so good in that Jason Wu outfit!

    xx Debbie

  16. Definitely effortless. These ladies just look chic and comfortable and not over the top like the way some people tend to dress for NYFW.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  17. I absolutely adore Olivia Palermo's style- that girl knows how to make comfy look chic! And photos 3 and 4 have amazing street style as well!!!

    Simply Akshara

  18. I always love these street style photos! These are fantastic! My favorite is the first look! I just adore that big bold belt!


  19. I love the style of Olivia Palermo, is absolutely gorgeus and elegant! Great post!


  20. This is the kind of street style I'd like to see more over fashion weeks. True style often escapes street style photographers.

  21. i agree--totally love street style

  22. I've seen Kate Hudson quite a few times this NYFW getting pinned to the max. I am so besotted with Olivia Palermo's bag. What bag is it? I MUST know!

  23. All these ladies are looking fab :-)

  24. I personally think like that, too much skin and bare parts of the body, never looks stylish or chic. It's vulgarism. Though, it's my own way of thinking, I'm never blaming anybody for being too lightly dressed or anything like that. It's always up to us to chose.
    Great post and superb outfits! Adorable)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me! I agree that we all have a choice when it comes to what we wear :)

  25. Wonderful collection Rowena! There are a couple pieces that speak to me .. I always like Olivia Palermo's style:) Great Tuxedo jacket and I like the distressed jeans with it.

  26. I love street style photos, you look great! Perhaps you could check out my blog if you ever get the chance? (:

    Jess x

  27. Fabulous Rowena! I hadn't seen all of these. Very nice!

  28. Some of my favorite picks, I like that they look pretty and not necessarily dressing just for the camera :)
    xo Mary Jo

  29. All these looks are completely swoon worthy, wish I had the opportunity to dress like this everyday! Thanks for the tip and for lending me your opinion on my last post. Happy End of the Week!

  30. Giovanna.... perfection. Her oversized belt is everything!

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  31. They do all look very nice but I think I like the 1st 2-3 best.

    Tomatoes are in season but they start ripening in July if you plant them in May. Mine are right on schedule for when I planted them. I've never gone back and watched a drama I have given up on but there are so many in there so I haven't been bored enough yet. I liked the British Office better than the US version {maybe because I saw it first?} and I think I saw some of Coupling and liked it. I will find out the name of the one I saw recently and let you know!

  32. Giovanna Battaglia - beautiful attire.

  33. That first outfit is stunning. It makes me want a big statement belt like that. It really makes the outfit. I also love that Jason Wu dress.

    May the Force be with you.


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