Trying Boyfriend Fashion On For Size

Sasha Pivovarova

The changing seasons are always exciting for fashion. Finally, we get a peek into what we’ll be working with for the coming months. Sometimes, the big reveal will focus on colors and styles which you adore. The best case scenario is that you already have a whole load of stuff which could work well. What’s more, you can rest easy that any shopping trip might lead you to new additions which will suit your image perfectly.

Some years, we don’t get so lucky. In fact, sometimes, we can find ourselves wondering what the fashion industry was thinking. We’ve all been there. And, when this happens, hours of walking around shops may not even lead you to one thing you like. Before long, you start to panic about not having anything to wear.

The sad fact is, there isn’t much you can do about the fashion itself. It is what it is, and you can’t do anything but grin and bear it. But, if you really can’t find anything, why not take a look at the men’s sections of your favorite stores?

If you’ve never shopped there before, you might feel a little out of your depth. In truth, though, mens fashion doesn’t work the way women’s fashion does. It certainly doesn’t follow the same patterns. As such, this could be your best bet for finding at least a few things which work. After all, doesn’t your boyfriend always have a few pieces you love to slip on? Don’t wait for him, go out and buy your own. If you’ve never gone boyfriend shopping before, here are a few pointers.

Anja Rubik Streetstyle, Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters
Does it get any better than an oversized boyfriend sweater? If you think about it, even many female fashion sections try to make these work. Sadly, female equivalents are never quite the same as that cozy sweater you borrow from your man. Rectify that by heading straight towards the jumper section when you enter the store. The fantastic thing about this is that no one will ever be able to tell these items were meant for men. Once you’re wearing them, they’ll look like they were designed for you. What’s more, men’s options tend to be much cheaper than the reproductions on offer to us. So, it would be foolish not to make the most of this. Your boyfriend will undoubtedly be glad when he gets his long-lost clothes back from your clutches!

Irina Shayk

Comfortable underwear
There are no two ways around it; men’s underwear is far more comfortable than ours. We get g-strings and pain, while they get to luxuriate in the space offered by boxers. Rarely does anything feel as good as when you borrow underwear from your man. Well, that is until you buy some for yourself. Bear in mind that some boxers won’t work with skin-tight jeans. Still, even men’s briefs are sure to feel swimming compared to what you’re used to. And, the fun doesn’t end there. Even socks for men offer a higher level of comfort than you might expect. The larger sizes on offer can certainly do away with any issues of slipping down your ankle. Blisters? A thing of the past! And, if you’re worried about male options being too big, don’t be. For the most part, these will stretch to suit your feet. As such, they should still fit you well. But, do you know what’s best of all about men’s underwear? No one can see it. You can live in the lap of comfort, and the rest of the world won’t even know any different. With that in mind, what’s stopping you?

Oxford shoes

Cheap shoes
Admittedly, men’s shoes may seem like a step too far for some women. Anyway, don’t men have different feet sizes than women? Of course they don’t. We’re all human. Foot size is foot size across genders. What’s more, many of the designs on offer may not be as obviously ‘male’ as you think. A pair of trainers, for example, will look much the same no matter which section of the shop it’s in. What’s more, men typically have larger feet than women. Which means that many of the sizes you’re looking out for may be reduced to clear. This is especially the case during sale season when all old stock needs to go. You could, in fact, bag yourself a real bargain. So, take a look before you rule out the world of male shoes.

Sasha Pivovarova

Cozy coats
Mens outerwear are also worthy of attention. If you always struggle to find an option which provides the warmth and comfort you need, this could be the place for you. Much like oversized sweaters, coats designed for men can bring comfort you would struggle to find in a woman’s option. They’re big, padded, and all-consuming. And, isn’t that what you want from a decent overcoat?

What’s out of bounds
There are so many options available to you; you may find yourself wondering whether anything is out of bounds. Sadly, giving yourself free reign may not be the best option. Though most things are workable, there are areas best avoided. For the most part, this means jeans and trousers. While you could make these work, you’d have a harder time doing so. Mens jeans have different cuts than what we’re used to. They certainly don’t account for hips and are often straight legged. You may also want to avoid shirts for the same reasons. Shirts for women are often tailored to make them more flattering, but options for men usually aren't. You may find this to be the case with some t-shirts as well. But, as you’ve already seen, there are more options available to you than not. You don’t even need to feel self-conscious about walking into the mens department. More women that you would think shop this way on a regular basis. Besides, you could always say you’re shopping for someone else if you don’t want to confess the truth!

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