Be Your Glam Squad: How To Feel Beautiful At Your Next Summer Party

Summer Beauty

So, the warm summer nights are here, and you’ll be getting invites to parties, BBQs, and the lucky among you; summer soirees (basically fancy parties). It’s time to pick out your best outfits and killer heels (or wedges) so that you can stride over to those canapés and trays of fizzy drinks with confidence. You’ll want to look and feel top-to-toe gorgeous, with a look you love, so here are some helpful tips to ensure you'll have a night to remember and that you love every Instagram photo that’s posted of you.

Dreamy Summer Skin
Getting into a routine of hair removal, moisturizing, and sun protection, are usually top of the list when it comes to wearing your summer wardrobe with confidence. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make those tasks less of a chore, and rethink of them as a treat. Giving yourself a pampering session is the perfect way to do some leg-hair maintenance while you indulge in some sweet smelling products and toiletries. If you do get a dreaded cut in an awkward area of your legs, from shaving them; it’s worth using some Tegaderm ASAP, and thinking no more of it; it happens to everyone during bare leg season, so don’t worry! You’ll want to invest in a decent shaving gel or foam for your legs before you put a razor anywhere near them; then slather up and do your thing.

Once you’re fuzz free; an indulgent or straightforward body cream will help your skin to glow and look gorgeous. If your limbs are going to be on show during the event; you don’t want any dry, flaky patches on your arms, legs, and body, so ensure that you moisturize from head to toe regularly, and especially on the days leading up to your soiree. Try to be mindful of hot sunny days beforehand and always use adequate sun protection; you don’t want sunburn to ruin your skin! Sun damage will also cause premature aging and dryness, so be kind to yourself and cover up and use sun protection daily.

Summer Beauty

Glowy Warm Weather Cosmetics
Summer is the ideal time to have some fun with your color choices and cosmetic products like highlighters and bronzers. Glowy, dewy, and youthful skin, is the perfect vibe when it comes to your summer party makeup; so, don’t shy away from shimmer and head towards those pastel hues. You can keep the dark smoky eyes and vampish red lips for fall and winter; summer is about light metallics and pops of tropical color and heat. Your face will want to look like it’s on a great vacay, and everyone at the party will feel like they’re invited.

Think about bright oranges and hot pinks for your nails and lips, and they’ll look great next to bronzed, shiny skin. Nail polish is the place to have some real fun with your color choices; think of aqua blues or banana leaf greens, and make a style statement while you hold your champagne flute. Lighter corals, pinks, golds, and nudes, will suit any eye color; check out some tips on the perfect summer look here and dazzle every party guest with one glance.

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Emmylou said...

I so agree that the oranges and pinks are such great colours for summer, Rowena:) I love coral lipsticks for the hot weather for sure. Man...I do wish my skin looks as good as the girl in your pics.:)I can never get such an even tan, even with fake tan!

Królowa Karo said...

Very nice tips! Summer is really great time.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Love the inspiration! Everything looks amazing

Doctor Anne said...

I don´t have many summer events to go to, but I try and look my best for lounging on my own balcony. A little pampering never hurt.

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Orange and pink and white are my favorite colors in summers. Light pink and peach lipsticks look cool. I don't have such summer events but some time I do it in my lawn. Very nice and inspirational post <3
Kisses <3
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Fantastic post!
Have a nice day!
Gil Zetbase

Ivana Split said...

great tips to feel more beautiful. Dreamy summer skin is certainly something that can give us that extra confidence.

Pilar said...

These are such good tips to feel beautiful during the Summer! I love a wearing bronzy good look during Summer!