How to Nail a Dinner Party

Dinner Party Table Setting

If you're thinking about organizing a dinner party, and have limited or no experience in entertaining guests, you will need to take care of the details and plan everything. Without this, you will stress yourself out and worry about whether or not you are going to be remembered by your guests for all the good reasons. Below you will find a few tips on how to nail your dinner party.

Get the Right People Together
First, you need to think about the people you would like to invite. It is a good idea to have a mix of ages and genders, so people can meet new people, instead of spending more time with their close friends. Only offer a Plus One if you trust the person to bring someone along who will actually engage with the rest of the people and be sociable. Otherwise, you will find that the party will be a little bit on the quiet side.

Create Diverse Menu
You need to think about people’s dietary needs and create a menu that suits those with food allergies. It might be a good idea to take cooking classes before your party, so you can surprise people and become an expert in a type of meal or a vegetarian dish, so all your guests will be equally impressed. You might even ask your invited guests about their dietary needs. 

Set a Theme
It is a good idea to set a theme for your dinner party. You can choose a smart dinner party theme with black tie, or a more relaxed carnival one. No matter if you are a person who is usually laid back or likes showing off their hospitality and their home, you will need to tailor the theme to the preferences of your guests. 

Create an Inviting Atmosphere
If you don’t have mood lighting or a sound system in your home, it might be time to upgrade your entertainment. Set programs might not work well with all your friends, but you can create various games and entertainment options to choose from, not involving the small or big screen. From the decoration to the invitation and the seating arrangement, there are several things you can change around to create the best experience for your guests. 

Get the Right Tools
If you want to spend less time on cooking and more on engaging with your guests, it is crucial that you get the right tools. From mixers to the right trays and cutlery, you can make your job much easier if you simplify the processes. Invest in a Cut It Fine set, and you can make all your salads, fruit, and meals look good enough to eat.

To nail any dinner party, you will need to invite the right people, create a great atmosphere, and accommodate the individual needs of your guests. Ask your friends about their special diet and preferences, and choose the right entertainment options that suit their taste. 

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Blackswan said...

I always have problem trying to set a theme. This post serves as a reminder for this coming Christmas meal. xoxo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Super post with great tips, I love dinner parties :)) x

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

Jo said...

Awesome tips! I never entertain because I'm lazy although my sisters come over for dinner all the time. :)

xo Jo

ALLIE NYC said...

Great advice and in particular number one. Could not be any more true. I remember once quite a while ago when I was in college an living in Seattle I arranged a dinner party. I had it my friend Greg's place as it was bigger and nicer. But the it was the combination of people is what the party such a success. I got emails from everyone who went and they did not all know each other (they all knew me) saying what a great time they had. There is nothing more fun then a great dinner party.

Allie of