What No One Tells You About Vacationing In Atlantic City

Living in New York is a dream but NYC isn’t perfect. While New Yorkers love the bright lights and the constant buzz, it’s not always the most relaxing place. When vacation time rolls around you need a place to chill out and relax while having some fun and the city might not fit the bill. Luckily, New Jersey which is just across the Hudson is home to Atlantic City. Also known as AC, this is a favorite hot spot because of its history, its many casinos as well as it's popular boardwalk and pier. With that in mind, here are the things no one tells you about the Sin City of the east.

Get In Line
It’s inevitable that you’ll check out the casinos at some point. You’ll even probably stay in one because they’re affordable and some of the best hotels in AC. While free alcohol is on the cards, it isn’t available everywhere. To get it, you need to be in the line of the waitresses so that they ask you for a top up or you can grab their attention. Playing the slot machines or the virtual games won’t cut it – find a not-so-professional table or something you like that’s near one. Then, the beer will be free (minus tips).

Down At The Boardwalk
Atlantic City’s boardwalk is world-famous and the TV show Boardwalk Empire only added to the infamy. Sadly, it’s not what it used to be and there isn’t much of the old history or culture left, yet it isn’t gone entirely. Sure, huge hotel and casino chains adorn the strip now, but the scenery and sea air are well worth the walk or cycle. And, it’s a long trip regardless of your mode of transport: the boardwalk is the longest in the world at 5.5 miles long.

Boat Loads Of Fun
Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, there is plenty of activities on the water on offer. Nothing gets the adrenaline going like an hour on a jet ski with the throttle at full max. What no one tells you about boat and jet skis though is the level of danger involved. Nowadays, a personal injury lawyer will specialize in these areas because they are very common. Always double check the safety standards before paying and don’t accept one that doesn’t come with the right equipment. A helmet and a life jacket are two of the essentials yet there are many more.

Offset The Outlets
A vacation is about more than gambling and relaxing by the pool or ocean. You want to mix things up a little, and AC is the perfect place to do so thanks to the great outlets. There aren’t as popular you may imagine because of laziness. Being several blocks away from the casino means visitors don’t bother because they have everything they need under one roof. If a spot of retail therapy is your thing, check out Tanger Outlets.

Now you should be ready to experience Atlantic City in all its glory!

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