Making Sure You're Safe In Your Workplace

Vogue, Maryna Linchuk

The vast majority of people need to work to make money. That’s why many of us go to work 9 to 5 in commercial premises where we use our skills to complete set jobs laid out by our employers. Of course there are alternative career paths out there as well including setting up your own business or going freelance or doing contract work. But all in all, the majority of working people tend to be in employed roles. When you’re an employee, you are entitled to certain rights. Your employer takes on a responsibility for providing you with a safe work environment and they commit to make your role as safe as possible like only requesting reasonable work to be carried out and providing safety equipment or protective gear for any tasks that are deemed to pose a relative risk to health or safety. While this is all your employer’s responsibility, it is important that you’re aware of your rights and that you follow the correct protocol if you think something is wrong. Too many employers get away with slacking or skimping out when it comes to their employees’ safety and it needs to be challenged. Here are a few basics that can help to secure your safety at work.

Know Your Rights
First, it’s important to know your rights. This will allow you to easily and quickly identify if anything is ever wrong at work. It’s a good idea to read through health and safety manuals to ascertain that your employer is doing everything they should. If something feels unsafe or not right, chances are you can trust your gut. Look things up and get advice to determine whether action needs to be taken.

Highlighting Issues
Issues may rise up and they may be temporary and unexpected. Say, for example, a leak in the ceiling, a wire becoming exposed, or other potential hazards. It’s important that you point these out immediately - either to your employer directly if it’s a small business or to the HR department if you work for a medium or large sized business. They can then take action to rectify it.

Dealing With Issues That Have Already Caused Injury
There are various types of damages that can result from workplace incidents and accidents. It’s important to be aware of these so that you know what your case is worth if you decide to take action if you do experience any illness or injury as a direct result of an incident at work. Professionals will be able to fight your corner and secure the compensation you deserve.

Raising Awareness
It’s important that you don’t keep this information to yourself. Raising awareness about workplace health and safety is important to minimise chances of injury and to help others who may suffer. If you see something going wrong, point it out.

You spend a lot of time in the workplace. The very least your employer can do is to create a safe environment for you. Keep this information in the back of your mind at all times.

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great tips

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These are all great tips Rowena. Safety is so important in the workplace and employees need to be aware of their rights.