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Eye Candy : Yao Chen for L'Officiel

April 27, 2012

Actress Yao Chen looks lovely and ethereal in this shoot for L'Officiel China. The cute kitty in the last image is her own pet. The only thing I've ever watched her in is the 2010 film Color Me Love which I honestly can't remember if I liked or not but I do recall it had abit of a The Devil Wears Prada vibe and she got to wear alot of stylishly fabulous outfits and did so beautifully. I did read that her next project is Chen Kaige's star studded Searching which is based on the popular online novel Please Forgive Me and her reporter character has over 40 costume changes over the eight day span in which the narrative unfolds.

My condition is holding steady with some slight improvement since my last post. I'm still taking it fairly easy which means limited computer time. I'm sorry if I haven't been by to say hello yet but I'm trying to slowly make my way around to everyone who's been kind of enough to visit and drop a note. A much delayed spring cleaning has kept me busy this week. The purge is on! And we're trying to figure out if it makes sense to refinance our mortgage to take advantage of the current low interest rates. Financial matters and math make me dizzy. I hope to be back to blogging and commenting more regularly next week if I feel up to it. I have so much eye candy saved up. Enjoy your weekend!

A Few Things

April 19, 2012

So I've been laying low and concentrating on recuperating lately and there's been some progress. The Chinese herbal medicine treatment is taking effect even if it does work rather slowly. The nausea is mostly gone, hopefully for good this time. I'm still dealing with the tinnitus though it has somewhat diminished and the vertigo attacks are less frequent now. 

I apologize for not being able to come around and thank everyone personally yet but I want you to know how much I truly appreciate all the sweet encouragement and positivity from your comments, messages and emails. It's been a real lift to my spirits.

I got a haircut last week and I'm hoping that the bad energy of the illness was shed along with the couple inches of hair.

We recently acquired a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress. It's definitely a different sleep experience from a traditional spring mattress but if it's possible to be in love with your bed then I'm absolutely smitten.

I'm a late adopter to Pinterest but I think I might've just developed a slight addiction to pinning. It's kind of like visual crack. If you'd like to connect, you can find me here.

We've been watching the Korean drama King 2 Hearts. The fictionalized modern day constitutional monarchy setting is as interesting to me as the pairing of Lee Seung Gi as a South Korean prince and Ha Ji Won as a North Korean special forces agent who couple up. It's not as light as I thought it would be but the drama is well paced, beautifully filmed and the performances have been solid. And while Lee Seung Gi has always looked amazing in suits he's even more of charming here in his white tux.

lee Seung Gi King 2 Hearts

tulips : through my lens
king 2 hearts : naver

Rena : Ready for Rain

April 3, 2012
On Rena // Socks: Cool Cat // Boots: Re-ment

Wow it's hard to believe that a quarter of this year has passed by already. April is traditionally known as a rainy month and Rena is stylishly ready for it with her colorful stripy socks and red rain boots.

So my condition took a big step back last week. I won't go into details but it pretty much put me out of commission. Tinnitus actually really sucks especially in conjunction with my other ailments. I'm at a point where I have good and bad days and I'm hoping the good will outnumber the bad soon. I don't know when I'll really be back and I'm not pushing it but at least vertigo doesn't set in after 5 mins. on the computer for the time being. Thanks for all the encouragement! I really miss you all and will try to make my way around as my energy permits.

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