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Starskin 7 Second Morning Mask

June 18, 2018

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile will know that I'm a big K-beauty enthusiast and I have a certain love for multi-function beauty products so of course the Starskin 7 Second Morning Mask appealed to me as soon as I heard about it. This 7-in-1 advanced skincare solution features a dual texture pad that works to massage, exfoliate and tone skin on one side, while the other side functions as a serum, moisturizer, leave-in mask and primer.

Starskin 7 Second Morning Mask Review, Starskin Review

6 Clothes Shopping Rules to Live By

June 17, 2018

Shopping can be one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend, but, like anything, there can be ways to improve the experience. Whether you like to try everything on and then only buy a couple of things or you're more of a ninja shopper who likes to dive straight in and out, here are a few tips everyone can make use of. From finding ways to save a little bit more money (to spend on other things later, most likely!) to working through those days when nothing fits and you feel bad about yourself, these tips will bring out the joy in shopping. So, go and have some fun!

12 Lessons We Can Learn From Anthony Bourdain

June 14, 2018
Remembering  Anthony Bourdain, Lessons from  Anthony Bourdain

You know that question about who you would invite, if you could have dinner with anyone in history? Anthony Bourdain was always one of my answers. I'd never met him but because of how engaging and open he seemed, I felt like I knew him in some way and it would be quite an experience to share a meal and a conversation with him.

Recent Loves

June 11, 2018

This is where I talk about some of the beauty products I've been loving lately...  anti-pollution products have been in rotation because it the effects of environmental stress is a concern I've been looking to address.

Currently Coveting

June 7, 2018

After an eternal winter, it seems like we've nosedived straight into summer which has been a little disconcerting because it's not natural (hello global warming) and also a little disappointing because it means I haven't been able to wear much of my transitional wardrobe which includes some of my favorite jackets and trench coats. Well there's nothing I can do about that so I've been looking at things I'd like to wear when it's hot.

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