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Color Love : Pastels

March 29, 2013
No matter what colors are trending for the season, Spring always has me coveting items in candy colored pastels. I tend to pair mine with neutrals to avoid looking like an Easter egg. Are you a fan of pastel shades? How do you wear them?

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Pinteresting Things : Bunny Love

March 25, 2013
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With Easter impending, I'm sharing some bunny photos from my Bunny Love board on Pinterest. Who doesn't find bunnies adorable? I have a special affinity for them because back when we were dating, one of the first gifts hubster ever gave me was a stuffed bunny and he told me that I was cute like a bunny. I still have that bunny and these days he calls me his "luxurious bunny" That's my bunny story. Anyway here's a dose of cute to start off the week.

Eating In : Savory Oatmeal

March 22, 2013

This may sound slightly off the wall but I pretty much only eat savory oatmeal. In fact I can't even remember the last time I had it sweet. I started eating it this way years ago after hearing NY Times food writer Mark Bittman talk about it on NPR. At first, it did seem an odd and foreign concept to me and I honestly didn't buy into it until I tried it myself. I'm quite the believer and fan now. In fact going savory has boosted my consumption of oatmeal well beyond breakfast. I have it for lunch and even for dinner sometimes. I've also discovered that you can add almost anything you want. It's easier if you try to think of it more like a congee or porridge and less like the oatmeal you usually associate with breakfast. 

I prefer slow cooking steel cut oats because they have a lower glycemic index which means they take longer to digest and keep you full longer. The biggest difference in taste is that steel cut has a heartier and chewier texture. This nuttiness tends to work better when eating it sweet so I usually add a bit more water and cook it down so the texture turns out creamier when having it savory. If you have a rice cooker, oats cook up very nicely on the porridge setting.

I thoroughly enjoy savory oatmeal and would totally recommend it. I happen to be a part-time vegetarian and this is a good way to support that. Oats are inexpensive and easy to prepare. They're inherently full of nutritional value and high in B-vitamins, calcium, protein and fiber while low in salt and saturated fat. Preparing it in a savory manner just opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Check out some of them below. Have you ever tried savory oatmeal? Would you be open to eating it this way?

Eye Candy : Yoon So Yi for Sure

March 20, 2013

Yoon So Yi is beautiful in blue for this fashion editorial lensed by Zoo Yong Gyun in Sure Korea magazine. The actress/model who is known for her action oriented roles in Arahan and Warrior Baek Dong Soo is currently appearing in the drama Iris 2 as a South Korean student turned North Korean spy. Rich cobalt is one of the most brilliant shades of blue. I think it's one of those colors that can be universally wearable if you dare. I just bought a pair of cobalt pants which I can't wait to break out. Is this a color you would wear?

Eye Candy : Song Hye Kyo & Jo In Sung for High Cut

March 15, 2013

Despite being so over winter, I was quite awed by the beauty of it in this High Cut Korea editorial that goes behind the scenes of the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. It just makes the cold weather and snow look positively idyllic. These lighthearted images in which Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung frolic playfully in the snow belie the angst of the series where her character is a blind heiress and his is a con man who is pretending to be her long lost brother. Can you say melodrama and faux incest? I haven't really checked into this one yet but I've heard the acting is stellar and the cinematography looks stunning so I may be tempted. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the cast is so easy on the eyes. Is anyone else liking Jo In Sung's aqua coat? I would love one in that color.

I've been asked where to watch Asian dramas.  Viki and Dramafever are two sites I use and there is also a selection of Korean dramas available on Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Through My Lens : Recently

March 13, 2013
A glimpse at life recently through my lens though the photos in this one can probably more accurately be described as what I've recently consumed. Whole Foods had a 4 for $5 sale on avocados the other week and I went to town. One of my absolute favorite things to eat is mashed avocado with lime juice and goat cheese on toast. So tasty!
I've mentioned before that I usually try to stop by LadurĂ©e when I go uptown to see my doctor. I got the special box that Reed Krakoff designed for NYFW but unfortunately they no longer carry the special dark chocolate macarons that came with it. I did get to try the seasonal Marie Antoinette macaron (blue-green one) and it has the most wonderful floral citrus and tea flavor.

Design : Pantone Pairings

March 8, 2013

These Pantone Pairings by designer David Schwen where he reimagines classic food duos as Pantone color chips are a brilliant visual marriage of design and food.The possibilities are endless. Fish and chips, wine and cheese anyone... I think my favorite one here is hot cocoa and marshmallows. What about you?  

These will soon be available as prints. Click on over to his tumblr page to see more. 

Rena & Ian : Winter Days

March 6, 2013
On Rena : Sweater: Barbie // Dress: Barbie // Hat: Cool Cat // Scarf: Cool Cat (Ian's)
On Ian: Sweater: Vintage Ken // Coat: Twilight Edward Ken // Cap: Cool Cat

Rena and Ian are quite over the cold winter weather even though they always manage to look stylish no matter the temperature. They're looking forward to spring weather and spring outfits. I'm totally on board with that as well. With any luck, the impending snow storm will be our last of the season.

Eye Candy : Lee Dong Wook for W

March 4, 2013

Lee Dong Wook is looking quite dapper in this month's W Korea wearing pieces from H&M's eco-friendly Conscious collection. The handsome actor who showed his competitive side in a recent appearance on Running Man has already expressed a desire to go on the show again. And I sure hope he does because he was great on there. In the meantime, he will be playing a Joseon era physician along side Running Man's own Song Ji Hyo in Mandate of Heaven, a forthcoming historical medical thriller. 

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