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April 28, 2017
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, Smith & Cult Lash Dance Mascara,  PUR Bare It All 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation,  Neogen Dermalogy Advanced Routine Treatment White Clear Serum, Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream,  Actually Organic Argan O

This is where I talk about some of the beauty products I've been loving lately...

Spring Renewal with Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activating Complex

April 24, 2017
Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activating Complex Review, Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid Skincare, Jan Marini Review

Hyaluronic acid is a beloved skin care ingredient because it is an extremely effective and lightweight moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid which also known as hyaluronan is a natural structural component of skin that is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. Hyaluronic acid can help your skin retain moisture while simultaneously strengthening it's barrier. Just one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water.

Over time, sun exposure, environmental pollution and aging weaken the surface of skin and decrease the body’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid. The good news is that topically applied hyaluronic acid can enhance and boost those HA levels.The skin replenishing properties of hyaluronic acid go a long way to address a number of issues when used as part of an anti-aging routine that also includes other proven ingredients. Enter Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Activating Complex an innovative treatment which delivers the benefits of HA in a whole new way.


April 21, 2017

“ A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. ”
Zen Shin

People shouldn't worry so much about others and instead focus on being the best versions of themselves. We're all originals. And don't go so overboard with "being real" that it just ends up appearing fake.

On a personal note, things have been a little quiet on my end because we buried my grandfather earlier this week and I'm taking care of my mom who is recovering from shoulder surgery.

Photo via Paper & Stitch

Metallic Lips Made Easy With Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duos

April 17, 2017
 Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo Review, Metallic Lips, Easy Way to Achieve Metallic Lips. K Beauty Metallic Lips, Touch In Sol Review

Metallic lips are having their beauty moment right now on the runways and the streets. The metallic or foil lip look is unique and different from a frost since the finish is matte and opaque with a mirror-like depth and shine. There are several methods to achieve this look but the easiest is using a metallic lipstick. BB Cosmetic recently sent me a set of the Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duos, an innovative, dual-ended lip kit that pairs a rich metallic matte shade with a matching glitter gloss.

Getting To Know...You

April 14, 2017

So I found this list of questions and answers when I was cleaning up my social media profiles and I thought it might be cool to share here since I don't get personal very often. It would be fun if you could pick one or two questions to answer in the comments so I can get to know you better.

NEOGEN CODE 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack

April 12, 2017
NEOGEN CODE 9, NEOGEN CODE 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence, Neogen Review

I got this NEOGEN CODE 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack in a special Memebox box deal last year. This was the product that prompted my purchase but it was also an extremely good deal since the box was like $50 and included other products and this alone is $48. It is essentially a two-in-one essence-exfoliator combo meant to simplify your skincare routine. It works by removing impurities and dead skin to prep the your face for some serious pampering. It is called Neogen 9 because of it's  9 in 1 functions acting as a peel, pack, toner, emulsion, essence, cream, massage, brightener and detox.

Best Practices For A Clean And Organized Home

April 10, 2017
Cleaning and Organization Tips, Eliminating Clutter In The Home

I'm not particularly fond of cleaning and I'm definitely not fond of clutter so keeping our home as clean and organized as possible is a matter of regular practice. This is most effective with have routines in place to streamline processes as well as being consistent with them. Since we're in the season of spring cleaning, here my best practices for maintaining a clean and organized home. It really makes me happy and feel like I have it together when our home is tidy and everything is in order.

A simple household is one that is easiest to manage.

Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram

April 7, 2017

A few highlights of the past month as seen on Instagram which serves as my unofficial food diary and love letter to NYC. I also post quick reviews here and there and try to keep my content unique so it's not a bunch of photos from here. You can see more on Instagram and do follow if you like what you see...

  • NYC really takes on a whole different mood when it rains
  • I'm still obsessed with poke bowls and Maple makes it too easy to get one since they deliver their deliciousness right to our door.
  • Somehow I ended up buying a bunch of masks at the Glow Recipe popup opening day sale cause masks are my jam. Snagged a Blithe Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey Splash Mask for $13! This is the only one I haven't tried yet. Check out my review!
  • Xi'an Famous Foods moved to a new larger space but we still prefer takeout. What's up with them not accepting $100 bills?
  • Rena got decked out in her Yankee gear for opening day baseball. Our team lost but it's a long season and there are still 159 games to go.
  • When making dumplings, it's always a good decision to make some to boil and some to pan fry for a little contrast.
  • Recently incorporated this ReSkin One Step Oil Cleanser into my routine and really liking it. Find out why in my mini review.
  • What is about when you don't have something for the longest time that makes it taste so good when you finally do. That was the case with this zhaliang 炸兩.  It's fried dough wrapped in rice noodles which is not the healthiest which is why it's a very occasional treat for us.
  • I don't really enjoy walking on cobblestone streets but they do look seriously cool. Rain looks pretty cool in Soho...

Dine Out : Neta

April 5, 2017
Neta Review, Neta New York, Neta Restaurant, Neta Sushi

Walk too quickly down west Eighth Street and you might just hit Sixth avenue before realizing that you walked right past Neta. The unassuming sushi bar from Masa alums Nik Kim and Jimmy Lau is known for their quality sushi and modern Japanese small plates sits behind the block of light grey curtains and nondescript black facade. The narrow minimalist space is sparsely decorated with wood and granite. Tables are set up in the front and on the side wall but the centerpiece of the dining room is this the long maple topped bar which also happens to where the best seats are since one can observe the entire space as well as artful food preparations in the bustling open kitchen.

Currently Coveting

April 3, 2017
Home Decor

We've been busy spring cleaning lately and there's no better time to refresh our space as well. We're looking to make some upgrades and replacements with regard to home decor. What are you coveting lately?

1. Printed Porcelain Mugs
These would fit right in with the other cheeky drinkware in our collection.

2. Kate Spade New York: All In Good Taste
Flipped through this book recently and love how it's a modern guide to entertaining with practical advice and fun ideas.

3. Threshold Geometric Throw Pillow
Really liking the elegant & graphic feel of this pillow which makes it look more expensive than it is.

4. Thirstystone Stainless Steel Serving Bowl
This bears a strong resemblance to our current salad bowl which is ready to be retired. I'm all for repeating good design.

5. Prisma Geometric Storage Catchall
Always a fan of storage solutions that are attractive as they are functional.

6. Wemo Insight Switch
We've been considering converting to a smart home for awhile especially since we have an Echo Dot.

7.  Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planter
Our money tree is about to outgrow it's current pot soon and this one would make a stylish upgrade.

8. Nate Berkus Screen Door Nightstand
Contemplating this as a replacement for our our current tv stand in our bedroom since we recently got a new, more compact television.

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