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Spring Sale

March 23, 2012

To celebrate Spring, I'm running a sale in my Etsy Print Shop. This is just a selection.
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My condition has taken a slightly more positive turn since my last update. The massive nausea is mostly gone though it's been replaced by tinnitus and I'm still prone to vertigo. Considering the state I was in a week ago, a constant ringing in my ears is actually not as bad except at night when I'm trying to sleep. I really appreciate all the positivity and well wishes! They've totally buoyed my spirit. Have a splendid weekend everyone!

An Update

March 20, 2012

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind well wishes on my last post! I'm actually having a moment of clarity so I thought I'd write a quick update. I had a relapse of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome which is a rare disorder of perceived motion when there is none. I developed this condition following a cruise some years ago. While it's not life threatening, it can be quite debilitating since it feels like a really terrible case of perpetual motion sickness which causes dizziness, nausea, vertigo, migraines, a loss of balance, tinnitus, fatigue and anxiety among other symptoms. It sounds crazy but running water and certain machine noises have actually been nauseating enough to make me toss my cookies. I was in pretty bad shape last week to the point of being non-functional and only being able to keep down one meal a day. Benadryl and Valium have tempered the vertigo and I've also been on an Oriental medicine protocol which has yielded some positive results. Being outside makes me feel better provided I stay away from crowds and oddly enough being in motion on modes of transport has been comforting since it almost normalizes my equilibrium for now. I'm still tiring easily and can only concentrate for short periods but it's good to regain at least some sense of function. I'll be blogging again as my condition permits. I've really missed chatting with everybody and reading your blogs. I hope to try to catch up with you all soon.

So I was saving this photo of Lee Seung Gi for a feature I wanted to write about men's style but I'm putting it up now cause I needed a visual. I really like the clean cut layered look of his outfit here. I haven't posted any editorials with Lee Seung Gi but he's one of my favorite Korean entertainers cause he's just talented all around and I find his sweet boy next door image quite refreshing. It was recently announced that he will serve as a torchbearer at the London Olympics this summer.

Happy first day of Spring!

image via

Closet Confidential : Sweaters

March 13, 2012

While NYC has been basking in some gorgeous Spring-like temperatures lately and the real thing is just over a week away, I think I can probably cycle out the sweaters from my closet soon. I wish my closet was big enough that I didn't have to switch it out seasonally but such is the nature of living in a one bedroom apt. in the city. Since I don't like to wear many layers in the winter, I rely on cashmere and merino wool sweaters to get me through the coldest season and the bright colors keep me happy. What items get you through the winter?

I don't know how often I'll be posting this week given that I've been quite sick and somewhat bedridden since the weekend. My condition has rendered me very dizzy and nauseous so my computer time is limited to short intervals. I'll try to make my way around to visit and catch up with everyone eventually.

Eye Candy : Gong Hyo Jin & Ha Jung Woo for Marie Claire

March 12, 2012

Some of you might remember this cheeky Vogue editorial featuring Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Jung Woo I posted a few weeks ago. Well their film Love Fiction has since been released and surpassed over a million viewers in just 5 days in Korea. To celebrate, the co-stars packed their finest Marc Jacobs and Fendi wardrobes and took off on a breezy seaside jaunt. Okay not really but they did collaborate again on this fun getaway themed pictorial for Marie Claire.

Some of you were curious about the bag that all the items from my last post actually goes into. This is it. And I see that many of you are fellow fans of L'Occitane hand cream. That is some good stuff!

A Peek Inside : My Bag

March 9, 2012

I tend to be a basic kind of girl when it comes to what I usually tote around in my bag. So a tape measure might not be a common purse item but it really comes in handy when I'm out shopping sometimes. I don't usually carry a compact cause I'm more about blotting than powdering. The fold-up shopping bag is a must since I'm a city dweller and I try to do the eco thing and don't take bags when I don't have to. These are pretty much my purse essentials. What are yours?

1. Phone ~ Blackberry
2. Camera ~ Lumix LX5
3. Sunnies ~ Kate Spade
4. iTouch ~ Apple
5. Wallet ~ Rebecca Minkoff
6. Gum ~ Orbit Wintermint
7. Tape Measure ~ Kravet freebie from a trade show
8. Blotting Papers ~ Paul & Joe
9. Lip Balm ~ Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
10. Lipstick ~ Chanel Rouge Allure 63
11. Tissues ~ Target
12. Hand Sanitizer ~ Purell
13. Hand Cream ~ L'Occitane
14. Fold-up Shopping Bag ~ Envirosax

Covet : Kate Spade Trench & a Winner

March 8, 2012

If there's one outerwear item I can't get enough of, it's the trench coat. I already own six but that doesn't seem to hinder me from coveting more especially when it's as fabulous as this Kate Spade Topliner Trench. I adore the graphic look of the black buttons and piping and don't even get me started on the amazing Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral print lining. Can I just have one of everything pictured above?
The winner of the Harvey Prince Eau de Cr√®me fragrance is Sandy M. of Ooh La Frou Frou
Congratulations Sandy! I'll be emailing you about your prize.
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Don't fret if you didn't win. The kind folks at Harvey Prince are currently offering a free Ageless fragrance mini with the code sampleageless" and they're also running a 50% promotion on their first generation boxed Ageless 100 ml. bottle with the code "vintageageless". I have a sample of the scent which has notes of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, mango, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang and sandalwood and I can say it's very refreshing and delightful.

Eye Candy : Kim So Yeon for Arena Homme Plus & Cosmopolitan

March 7, 2012

In addition to that stunning Vogue editorial she appeared in with Coffee co-star Joo Jin Mo, Kim So Yeon is also flexing her star power in the celebrity packed issues of Arena Homme + and Cosmopolitan this month. The feminine appeal of both these pictorials is pretty high. Besides being a highly talented actress, she is just really gorgeous.

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Style Wise : Lauren Moffatt Fall 2012

March 6, 2012

Of all the spectacular NYFW Fall 2012 showings, one in particular I was extremely charmed by was American designer Lauren Moffatt's RTW collection which took the concept of going back to school quite literally. The presentation staged at the Old School which used to house St. Patrick's Cathedral School had models set up in two classrooms, one a traditional style with desks and a makeshift chem lab in the corner and the other an art class with easels.

The venue couldn't be a more appropriate backdrop for this lovely school girl inspired collection. I'm a fan of the modest midi lengths and have always adored the unabashed prettiness of her chic trademark prints. The vintage styling of these silhouettes with details like Peter Pan collars, sequins and playful cut-outs just feel so sweetly feminine and wearable to me. I'm ready to go back to school this fall... See the full collection here.

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Eye Candy : Various Stars for Arena Homme Plus

March 5, 2012

Arena Homme + celebrates it's 6th birthday with a star studded issue which also commemorates the 10th anniversary of Cinematheque, a non-profit which aims to promote artistic and educational cinema to the public. A special 52 page spread featuring 38 actors, actresses, directors and other film industry professionals in South Korean cinema is included in the March edition with all proceeds going to benefit Cinematheque. Cover boy Jung Woo Sung poses with designers Dolce & Gabbana. This is a selection of the photos I liked.

Rena & Ian : New Glasses

March 2, 2012
On Ian // Polo: HSM Troy // Glasses: Dollmore
On Rena // Striped top: Pullip // Glasses: Dollmore

Rena and Ian enjoy taking selcas (self camera photos) of themselves from time to time like when they both got new glasses. Ian thought Rena looked pretty in her pink frames but he wasn't so sure about his own. The boy gets a little self conscious sometimes. Rena assured him that he looked quite handsome in his spectacles cause cute boys only look cuter in glasses and they proceeded to take a pic with with her Lomo Diana camera to mark the occasion.

Happy Friday and have a splendid weekend everyone!

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Dine Out : La Churreria

March 1, 2012

Last weekend the hubs and I stopped in for lunch at La Churreria in Nolita which was opened last December by the owners of the neighboring Socarrat Paella Bar. It is a wee space and you are in extremely close quarters with your fellow diners. The decor has a charming European feel with cheery Spanish tiles lining one narrow countered wall opposite a row of four small elevated tables along a mirrored wall. We ordered a Pepito De Tenera, a sandwich of marinated steak, caramelized onions, manchego and green peppers served on a toasted baguette. The meat was flavorful if slightly toothsome. We also got a Classic "Bikini", a Spanish toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and crispy onions. It was quite tasty as toasted sandwiches go. A side of home-made potato chips accompanied both. Our meal concluded with "churros for one" and a side of artisanal dark chocolate. These arrived at our table piping hot since they're made to order. The lightly sugar dusted strands were crispy on the outside with a nice chewy and light texture. On their own, some people might consider them a little bland but a dip in the rich velvety chocolate is an instant fix. I liked that they didn't feel greasy and they're definitely good enough to satisfy any churro craving. We saw some people coming in to pick up some churros rellenos which are stuffed versions with filling options that include chocolate, chantilly cream, hazelnut spread (nocilla) or seasonal fruit compote. Next time...

La Churreria
284 Mulberry Street (Prince & Houston)
New York City

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