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Through My Lens : A Year Ago in Chicago

July 31, 2012

A year ago today, the hubster and I were on our way back to NYC from a long weekend in Chicago. Here are some snaps from that trip. We had both been there separately for business and liked it enough that we returned together. The weather was sweltering but we still had fun. There is some great architecture in the city and the Chicago skyline is almost as pretty as New York's. You'll have to excuse me for being a little biased. It's a good food town as well. Have you been to the windy city? What was your impression?

Eye Candy : Olympic Inspired for InStyle and Lee Seung Gi

July 24, 2012

It's quite exciting that the London Olympics will commence in just three more days isn't it. InStyle Korea celebrates the games with a special August issue that features various male celebrities representing different sports along with their messages of personal encouragement to the participating athletes. Lee Dong Wook pictured above captures the spirit of canoeing while looking stylish. I found the photo of Lee Sun Gyun whose sport is shooting a tad odd as I don't know what a cat has to do with the sport or why he's sitting by a crate in house slippers with a cheeky expression. It's fun though.

Rena : Hot Summer Days

July 19, 2012
Top: Barbie Model Muse // Ice Cream: Re-Ment

I realize it's been awhile since I've done a post featuring Rena and Ian and I still need to write one about their beginnings. Summer is in full swing and so is the summer weather so Rena got a sweet treat to cool off with. Ian didn't tag along since he really doesn't like being out in the heat but nothing can stop Rena from getting her favorite ice cream. Isn't her mini cone the cutest? It's from a Japanese manufacturer called Re-Ment that produces the most fantastically detailed miniatures. I'm quite sad that they don't put out new collections anymore. Anyway NYC seems to be enveloped in a heat wave recently and it makes me want to eat ice cream all the time. What do you like to enjoy when it's hot?

Eye Candy : Eugene & Han Ji Min for Harper's Bazaar

July 17, 2012

Eugene and Han Ji Min are just two of the beautiful actresses gracing the pages of the July edition of Harper's Bazaar Korea. Ha Ji Won also appears in the issue. Eugene turns up the glamour in her beauty feature lensed by Kim Sangon while Han Ji Min has fun in her eclectic editorial photographed by Hong Janghyun. I love the way they're both respectively styled. Han Ji Min is lovely but I've never actually seen any of her work. I passed on her two most recent dramas Padam Padam and Rooftop Prince. The former just seemed way too depressing and I just don't care for the male lead in the latter.

Favorites : CoverGirl Lash Blast 24 HR Mascara

July 13, 2012
I'm starting a new series spotlighting some of my favorite things. This will include anything in the realm of what I usually blog about so there will be a range of topics. I'm kicking it off with a beauty product that is one of my current faves. 

Mascara is a make-up essential and I seem to be constantly trying out new ones in a quest to find one that performs. I've gone both the high end and drugstore routes and while Diorshow is wonderful, I don't really want to spend $$ on a product that I have to discard every 3 months or so. I've worked through the CoverGirl Lash Blast family and Lash Blast 24 HR is the winner in my book. I use the Blue Black and find the coverage and depth of color quite satisfactory. Wear and smudging have always been issues for me with mascara and I'm pleased with this product on both counts. I'm also impressed with it's ability to hold the curl of my stick straight lashes through the day. The brush is rather big with dense bristles so I usually swipe it with a tissue to prevent it from clumping. I'd say the formulation is close to Lash Blast Fusion in that it delivers length and volume though I do think it fares slightly better on the latter and separation is actually pretty good. 24 HR is an apt name since it doesn't flake or budge until I take it off. I thought it might be hard to remove but it comes off easily with my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It's not perfect but it does fulfill my mascara needs and the under $10 price tag is ideal. I'll probably still be on the lookout for the next best thing though. is currently offering a buy one get one 50% off promo on CoverGirl products with an additional $3 off so I just picked up 2 for $9.73. Have you tried this product? What is your favorite mascara?

Watch : White Collar

July 10, 2012

I don't watch much American television these days but one show I do enjoy is White Collar. If you're not familiar, it's about a charismatic conman who uses his insights to help the FBI solve white collar crime cases in exchange for his freedom. I think the writing is smart and they do a good job with the character development. The lead characters Neal Caffrey played by Matt Bomer and Agent Peter Burke played by Tim DeKay have a believable chemistry and rapport. My favorite character is Mozzie. Willie Garson is just delightful as a witty and quirky con man friend of Neal's. The show is set and filmed in New York City and they manage to highlight it as a lovely backdrop. I probably have a soft spot for it since I've run into them filming on the streets the most of any NYC production. One of the perks of city living. I snapped this pic of Matt Bomer at Madison Square Park. He's pretty nice and pretty nice looking too. Season 4 premieres on the USA network at 9:00 PM EST tonight. Any other fans of this show?

I didn't mean to go missing again but I've really just been working on getting myself straightened out. I seem to have good and bad days with my shoulder now and the rehab is helping. I hope everyone has been well and I'll try to catch up with you soon. Thank you so much for all the encouragement on my last post. To be honest, trying to remain positive in wake of my recent health issues has been hard so all the positivity was a real boost and much appreciated.

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