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Eye Candy : Gao Yuan Yuan for Marie Claire

May 23, 2012

Actress Gao Yuan Yuan seems to be appearing in an editorial a month lately and she always looks amazing. I think this floral powered pictorial for Marie Claire China is quite pretty though this much floral in real life decor would be rather hideous. She's been promoting her new movie Design of Death. I quite enjoyed her performance in A Good Rain Knows and less so in the overhyped and disappointing Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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21 comments on "Eye Candy : Gao Yuan Yuan for Marie Claire"
  1. You are right about the floral, but it's fun in an editorial. I think that's the fun of an editorial spread, you can do things that would never happen in real life - for both clothing and interiors. I like that they put "real" flowers on the wallpaper too.

    I'm glad to hear I didn't miss much food-wise. I was thinking I'd go to Hangawi's cheaper restaurant on Park but then I got to thinking that the food would probably be good but make me sick the next day. I'm hoping that issue will clear up soon though :).

    I'm all the way to episode 12 on Fashion King. Perhaps it's manageable since I watch a few minutes and then fall asleep? The lead female does nothing but stare into the distance and cry. She's done that from the beginning and it's kind of annoying but I'm still determined to finish it.

  2. These photos are amazing and her skin.. Her skin looks so healthy! It looks fresh and flawless, loving this editorial!


  3. I love that carefree bottom photo, the colours are enchanting.

  4. Oh my gosh... I love, love, love the 4th picture (light blush/ivory-ish) color outfit! OH MYYYYYYYYY!!! xoxo A-

  5. Hi sweetheart, how are you? She is exquisite, and I love the beautiful gowns she's been style in. The second and third looks are gorgeous!

  6. mmm white and feathers is just simply stunning. Such an ethereal and beautiful look!

  7. It's a beautiful editorial. She's so pretty and elegant. What a perfect skin.
    Love these outfits too. Lovely white dress.

  8. She's really gorgeous and the floral backdrop is so perfect for the solids she's wearing (but you're right - kinda over the top for real life!) Hope you're doing well!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Oh, Rolala, she is absolutely stunning, and I'm not the floral kind of girl myself, but I agree that floral patterns look perfect in those settings, gorgeous editorial!

    Big hugs, dear!


  10. Hey darling! I hope all is well and your having a god week! Love the photos and the fashion! She's beautiful :)

    xo Marie

  11. How beautiful! She's gorgeous and the floral decor photographs so well. I agree with you that it would be a bit overbearing in real life though :)

    Hope you're having a great week and are feeling well! xoxo

  12. She looks so radiant in all these shots... I love the fresh vibe from this marie claire shoot, and the floral lends a lovely touch without being in your face.

    Hope all is better with you treacle!

  13. She is stunning in all the photos. I really like the floral in the shots, but completely agree, that much in real life would be too much.

  14. Her skin looks sooo nice in these shots! Quite liking the dress she's wearing in the second image. Or at least the color (could do without the flowers hahaha).

    Hope you're doing well, Rowena! :)

  15. She looks absolutely flawless. Such a talented woman.

    xx Mandi

  16. What a stunner, love those middle pictures :) Hope you are doing fab doll! xox

  17. she is so pretty! that floral definitely works for the photoshoot and i'm not a big fan of floral. i love this.

  18. She is gorgeous and the floral theme seems to go well with her look. Looking at models in magazines can be inspiring but it makes me want to go get a full face lift plus botox..haha. Hope you are doing well and is on your way to a great recovery.

  19. love the styling here, her makeup looks fresh and so does the wardrobe for this editorial! i would definitely wear every single outfit. yea i don't think floral wallpaper is a good idea, i like to stay with solid colors. last blue top/dress with the pleating and sheer sleeves and the cover outfit are my absolute favorites. just love. are you getting better day by day? glad to see so many posts, such a treat.


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