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Eye Candy : Kitty Zhang for Elle

June 7, 2012

I love the feminine fashions and the beautiful backdrop in this editorial featuring actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi for Elle China. There seems be a slight disconnect with the photos inside the car but the lighting is gorgeous and she looks so luminous that it gets a pass. I have so many editorials saved up from when I was ill that maybe I'll just post a bunch of them in a row.

39 comments on "Eye Candy : Kitty Zhang for Elle"
  1. I love all the short dresses in this editorial and really love the interior it is photographed in.

    I totally agree about wanting thing more when you can't have them. It's hard not to. :)

  2. These photos and dresses are beautiful. It's a lovely interior too.
    She's very elegant, what a perfect face.
    It's a nice editorial.

  3. Hi sweetly how are you...a fashionable way to start a Thursday. She's a stunner and the louisvuitton dress looks beautiful. Great styling.

  4. She is beautiful *bookmarks as a way to rock slightly brighter pink lips than I usually would*

    Looove the backdrop....wonder where that is!

  5. hi Rowena!!! thanks dear for passing by..
    sorry if I can't able to message and say hi to you often.
    been really busy, sick and our internet isn't work very well.
    i will make it up to you.. promise :)

    this editorial is beautiful and she's really pretty :)
    take care! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. Just stunning! I love the gorgeous dresses. Each and every one is a masterpiece!

    Have a great weekend, sweetie :) xoxo

  7. Those look amazing :D I especially love the side profile photo!

  8. She does look very pretty. I have to agree the ones of her in the car look a bit strange.

  9. She's breathtakingly beautiful! I have no idea who she is but wow!

  10. Oh my goodness, the dress is exquisite! What a beautiful cover!
    Have a great week!
    x, Anna

  11. She is so gorgeous! I love the jeweled dress she is wearing and she has beautiful eyes! I would love to visit her make-up artist hehe.

  12. Beautiful looks!!! and she's so pretty!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. So beautiful!


  14. I love the photos and she is so beautiful. I really like the shots taken indoors. I agree that the car ones do look a bit out of place compared to them though...

  15. the dresses are fabulous! so pretty ~

  16. 3 and 5 are my ABSOLUTE favorites. I love k-indie also! the artists from fluxus entertainment are exceptional (Alex! Clazziquai! bye bye sea! urban zakapa!) and can sing so well live. thanks for always stopping by my blog. I always get inspired by the editorials to post to your blog and always save them for future reference.

  17. Looove the soft colors throughout the whole editorial. The backdrop is indeed very beautiful! The intricate walls just remind me of Marie Antoinette and France in general; it's gorgeous.

  18. She is gorgeous and that gown at the top is just stunning! Beautiful photography and her make up is perfect!


  19. Ah!, Rowena...do it! This editorials are really amazing, dear! and Kitty Zhang...she is absolutelly stunning, the pictures and settings are the perfect complement to enhance her uniqueness!
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  20. She has such a beautiful face and those dresses are dreamy.

  21. She looks absolutely divine and ageless! I love how the light falls in this shoot, so dreamy indeed.

    FYI -Like you mandarin is also um, difficult, I only know a few basics, which is a shame but least I can understand and speak Cantonese fluently (my cousins beg to differ and always correct my grammar!)... I guess that comes with being born and bred in the western world.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend pretty thing.
    p.s let me know if you've seen any good HK movies lately

  22. She's beautiful. I love all of the photos!! Hope you're feeling better.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  23. Hee, I LOVE Egg, some songs are already on my iPod: the one you posted on my blog, Have you ever fallen in love, Kiss, Clover. Yea all the korean music videos always have people dying and super depressed or a lot of drama and most videos have some story beginning before actually starting the song. I love them anyways hehe. Also SweetSorrow, Two Months, and Lyn are also great korean artists. have a lovely weekend with your hubby!

  24. Wow, she is gorgeous and I love the light in these pictures!

    Ooh and if you are around on Monday, it would be lovely to meet for some Laduree! I'm here a very short time so otherwise, next time is great too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Adorable!
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings from Austria :)

  26. Omg I about died when I saw those pics of her in that chandelier filled room! Gawd she's pretty.

    (Haha! :P)

  27. So beautiful. I love that you featured this.

  28. You're right, this is gorgeous eye candy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Truly beautiful, especially the first dress, it's so dreamy!

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

  30. What a beautiful spread, it is always interesting to see the editorials from Asia vs. the West...I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, come check it out:)

  31. The photos are gorgeous, she's so pretty! <3

  32. She looks gorgeous, especially in that last photo. But I'm absolutely loovviinngg that beautiful dress in the cover photo most of all :)

  33. I love how super girly the dresses are. They're stunning. My favorite is that gorgeous dress with all the colorful jewels that she's wearing in the car. That Grecian gown is breathtaking too.

    May the force be with you.

  34. Very beautiful! I will have to pinterest some of these! Gorgeous fashion.


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