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Dine Out : Locanda Verde

February 22, 2013
Locanda Verde, Locanda Verde Restaurant, Locanda Verde Review, Locanda Verde New York

We dined at Locanda Verde during NY Restaurant Week last month and I'm happy to say that it lives up to the hype as far as I'm concerned. They pretty much offered their regular menu which was awesome since a lot of places actually create RW menus that don't necessarily include their signature fare. The decor has an old school tavern feel and a relaxed atmosphere with dark wood tables, leather banquettes and metal bistro chairs. Unfortunately they didn't allow photos of the interior so you'll just have to take my word for it. We were seated in the front of the dining room by the coffee bar and it was rather drafty there. The people next to us actually kept their coats on for the duration of their meal. It probably didn't help that the temperature outside was below 20 degrees that day. Their rustic Italian food was excellent enough to make us forget the cold for a little while. Everything was seasoned and cooked just right. I don't usually eat bread and found it hard to lay off the focaccia. My roasted skate entree was delicious. Hubster's fire-roasted garlic chicken was tasty, juicy and quite substantial. The portion was like half a chicken. My favorite dish might've been the roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta and pecorino that we ordered as a side. The service we experienced was adequate, neither impressively good or bad. We ventured into the lobby of the adjoining Greenwich Hotel which is also owned by actor Robert De Niro to warm up afterwards. It kind of felt like sitting in someone's living room which was rather pleasant at the time. We plan to return there for brunch when the weather warms up.

Locanda Verde
344 Greenwich Street (N. Moore & Greenwich)
New York City

Locanda Verde, Locanda Verde Restaurant, Locanda Verde Review, Locanda Verde New York

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34 comments on "Dine Out : Locanda Verde"
  1. This looks wonderful..what a great place!! Fab atmosphere...gorgeous food!! Thanks for sharing doll, I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. I really like the lobby {?} image you have in the last shot. I have to admit that while your descriptions of the food sound really good and the photos are nice, I have never actually eaten Italian food out at a restaurant {except for once in Quebec City with a group of people}. I always feel like I can make it so I shouldn't buy it, I do love focaccia though, yum!

  3. What a fantastic menu!!!! And that entrance looks beautiful... x

  4. Hi Rowena! It really is a nice place where eat! Yum yum, all looks so delicious, especially the focaccia and the cakes! Have a good weekend dear! Kisses! xo

  5. This looks poitively yum, Rowena! One thing I love is date night ... and each time we try a new place rather than one of our old favorites, it's even more fun, sort of like really dating again ;) Now, if I could just get him to stay away while I get dressed for our date and then pick me up for that date at our house ... lol Thanks for stopping by this week, Rowena, and all of your sweet words ... have a really great weekend! xo ~S

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  6. Wow! Amazing. My husband and I haven't dined in a fancy restaurant in a while. This place looks lovely and amazing!

  7. This looks pretty tasty! I love brussel sprouts and the marinated beets look delicious! :) Thanks for sharing. xx/Madison

  8. Look at this amazing food!! This post has made us hungry!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. OK, it's time for dinner and I wasn't really up to it, but now I'm really hungry!! Hahaha!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  10. WOW the ambience looks amazing and intimate, and the food looks SO GOOD! once i am back in the city, i must give this a try :)

  11. The food looks great. I will definitely check this place out when it warms up. Being cold indoors and especially in cafes and movie theaters is a pet peeve of mine. I lived in Seattle for a decade and though it does not get as cold there as does in NY nothing is well heated there. It is cold and under heated every where you go. The whole winter you could go out in PJ's because you never take your coat off! So I have come to truly dislike this. But this summer I will certainly check it out, I am always looking for new places to dine out.

    Ali of


  12. Wow delicious!!! nice place!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! g+ and like for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. The food sounds and looks so heavenly, anything Italian and is this good is my type of place to eat out at. Your food photography is excellent, this could be in a food book or magazine.Thanks for your insightful and kind comment dear... Have a splendid weekend!

  14. looks like such a great place. i would like some chocolate spice cake, mmm.

  15. That lemon tart and chocolate spiced cake looks uber delicious! Darn my throat hurts! So yummy foodies around I want to eat! :)

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    Outfit Post: ✾ Simply Bella ✾ 。◕‿◕。

    ❤ ~Chai

  16. Wow, to live in NYC. All of this looks so delicious, and I love the idea that you were in a place owned by Robert Deniro! Love your blog, can't wait to read more! Please give me more glimpses of NYC! ;)

  17. This place looks and sounds like such a fabulous place to eat! Delicious food and good atmosphere what more could you want! If I am ever in New York I would love to go there!


  18. This place looks so great and very cosy. The food looks absolutely delicious. I'm so hungry now.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  19. OMG! The lemon tart looks amazingly delicious:)


  20. These pictures look sooooo delicious! Ahhh jealousy!

  21. I'm salivating from the food pictures. I would take your word for it that the interior is beautiful though I find it a shame that they do not allow pictures of the interior. What kinda restaurant does that? How about sneaking pics of yourself with the interior as a background? Are they gonna tell those people to delete the photos?

  22. OMG the lemon tart!!! O_O beautiful pics! Stop by won't you!

  23. looks like a really amazing restaurant! :D I really want to see the interior ^^


  24. I love your restaurant reviews and the food here looks to die for!

  25. This is amazing. The roasted skate looks delicious.

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  26. Oh my goodness, looking at these photos makes me want to lick my screen, literally (yuck, that sounds disgusting, doesn't it?). Anyways, it's another restaurant that's just landed on my New York City wish list, and I would love to try it one day!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, sweetie, that the storm blew off without giving you any trouble! I'm already looking forward to our next chat, it was so lovely talking to you!

    Have a wonderful start to the new week!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  27. I will have to check this out on my next trip to NYC. It sounds like you had a fun time there and the food looks delish!
    xo Mary Jo

  28. looks delish and sounds like you had a nice time. the lobby of that hotel is so pretty!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  29. the outside looks impressive, so i can only imagine the inside! great review Rowena. we have restaurant week here in new orleans too and the restaurants always come up with a side menu. so i was impressed that they didn't. you just never know if the RW menu truly reflects the restaurant. i love focaccia bread. the food looked great. wow! owned by robert deniro. i love that man...i mean his acting! hahaha

  30. The food looks delicious! Lovely photos! :D

  31. YUMM! The food looks amazing!
    Too bad photos are not allowed inside, it sounds like such a cozy and pleasant place!

  32. Oh I met another blogger here and it was delicious! I would most definitely eat here during restaurant week or whenever!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  33. That lemon tart is calling my name! Yum!!

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