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Eating In : Savory Oatmeal

March 22, 2013

This may sound slightly off the wall but I pretty much only eat savory oatmeal. In fact I can't even remember the last time I had it sweet. I started eating it this way years ago after hearing NY Times food writer Mark Bittman talk about it on NPR. At first, it did seem an odd and foreign concept to me and I honestly didn't buy into it until I tried it myself. I'm quite the believer and fan now. In fact going savory has boosted my consumption of oatmeal well beyond breakfast. I have it for lunch and even for dinner sometimes. I've also discovered that you can add almost anything you want. It's easier if you try to think of it more like a congee or porridge and less like the oatmeal you usually associate with breakfast. 

I prefer slow cooking steel cut oats because they have a lower glycemic index which means they take longer to digest and keep you full longer. The biggest difference in taste is that steel cut has a heartier and chewier texture. This nuttiness tends to work better when eating it sweet so I usually add a bit more water and cook it down so the texture turns out creamier when having it savory. If you have a rice cooker, oats cook up very nicely on the porridge setting.

I thoroughly enjoy savory oatmeal and would totally recommend it. I happen to be a part-time vegetarian and this is a good way to support that. Oats are inexpensive and easy to prepare. They're inherently full of nutritional value and high in B-vitamins, calcium, protein and fiber while low in salt and saturated fat. Preparing it in a savory manner just opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Check out some of them below. Have you ever tried savory oatmeal? Would you be open to eating it this way?

My go-to is simply a fried egg with a touch of soy sauce. I like the added protein from the egg and it's just plain delicious. Sometimes if I'm feeling extra hungry, I add a little Chinese sausage which is really tasty too but normally the egg is enough.
It's quite good with goat cheese and spinach but then I like goat cheese with just about anything. For an asian spin, I also like it with Chinese broccoli, bok choy or choy sum and mushrooms with a touch of oyster sauce.
Black bean and cheddar is another protein loaded addition. Along these lines, I've also done a version with chickpeas and miso.
Chorizo and cheese is another yummy favorite but I don't do this too often. Alternately I've made it chicken sausage and shaved parmesan and that was really good as well.
35 comments on "Eating In : Savory Oatmeal"
  1. It looks gorgeous doll!! I love savoury things as well as sweet. Sometimes opposites taste even better!! It looks yummy, will be hungry again soon, haha. I hope you have a marvellous weekend xx

  2. Hi Rowena! I never eat it in this way you know:) Since I'm always curious to try different kind of cuisine I am definitely open to try it, especially the one with spinach and cheese, looks very good!:) Kisses and happy weekend! xo

  3. I cook and eat my steel cut oatmeal in several ways both sweet and savory. We have steel cut oatmeal with scramble egg, uncured (nitrate free) bacon and steamed veggies for dinner once a week. It is on my weekly (lazy cook) menu. This way I dont have to think what to cook at least one meal and who doesnt love breakfast item for dinner? Yours look yummy. I love the chewy texture too as well as my little one. Take forever to cook but totally worth every minute.

    You MUST..must share a story of your Vegas wedding Rowena!! What a fun and wild city to get married for sure.

  4. Rowena I love oatmeal but never tried Steel Cut. I think because of timing in the mornings. My grandmother was a big believer of oatmeal! It's very nutritious. I liked apples and cinnamon. You've presented some great options doll! I'm going to try these! Have a great weekend!

  5. These look great. I've never had savory oatmeal but I think I might try this soon :D

  6. I liked mine savoury, too. I think because I've had it this way since my childhood. I even add a little bit to winter soups to make them more substantial. :) I went through a period of having a sweeter version (in my case chopped dates and banana), but grew tired of it because of the sweetness. :)

  7. I would NEVER have thought of these combos, but they do look delicious!

  8. You know - I used to despise oatmeal, but lately I have been eating it more and more, and I'm beginning to love it! Savory is delicious - but I'm also prone to sweet additions too!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. Wow i've never tried it savoury. WIll definitely need to give it a try. New follower on bloglovin, fb and twitter x

  10. Oh wow...we had never tried oatmeal anyway but sweet. Thanks for sharing!! Might have to try!! :-) Have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. Wow delicious looks!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! g+ and like for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. Now, this is really and interesting concept I would never have thought of myself :) I'm a fan of sweet oatmeal for breakfast (the chocolate is an all time favorite, of course). But now I'm eager to give it a try! Thank you for the inspiration, sweetie!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  13. I have to admit that I have never tried savoury oatmeal.. for me it always has to be sweet, with peanut butter or some kind of berries. Might have to give it a try sometime though!

  14. I love porridge, so good. This looks delicious with the savoury ingredients, especially love eating it and looove spinach. :) Thanks for sharing dear. Have a lovely weekend Rowena! xx/M

  15. Hi dear, this is also a new and foreign concept to me! I hadn't heard of using oatmeal in a savory way until reading your post, its looks so great and interesting. Being a semi-vegan too, I am always up to try new things in the veg and grain department. Thanks for the idea! Its probably also exciting experimenting with different flavor profiles.Thanks for your kind comment, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  16. omg these all look sooooo good!! u know how i like my fried egg?? i like it in soy sauce, vinegar, and a little sugar. yum yum! you have officially made me starving! loll.

    xoxo Sarah
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  17. i have not considered eating oatmeal w/ savory additions, but definitely want to try it now. especially w/ a fried egg on top.

  18. Ha ha I have oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I have it plain no sugar, honey, milk or cinnamon. I WANT to put cinnamon in, but keep forgetting to buy it on my lunch break.

    I bought the long light tan double breasted trench with the zippered pockets last week. I wish it would get warm enough to wear it.

    Ali of

  19. Intriguing! I can't imagine having my oatmeal savoury. I just have it absolutely plain, or with apples and strawberries. Egg with soy sauce, however, I do have, and I have to agree -- it's delicious!

  20. I don't know why but fried egg with soy sauce is just amazing isn't it, I don't like it when the egg goes cool/cold though!
    Hope you're keeping well doll.

  21. OMG why do the pictures look so yummy it makes me wanna get this food and eat it now too! Lah~ hehe

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  22. Yum~ looks like the kind of breakfast I would dig!

  23. This looks so delicious. I'm so hungry now. These photos are really great too.
    Have a lovely weekend

  24. Hello sweety! This is such a amazing post to observe! Utterly like it! Are we following yet? If not then let's follow via GFC, BL, LB and FB too! Let me know, I always follow back! (: Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤.

  25. Savory oatmeal sounds interesting! I've never really heard of it until now. Your renditions look amazing. Lately, I've been a lot more oatmeal too! But I just put honey and a dash of ground cinnamon in mine. :)

  26. Love your too becouse for me it`s very usefull! Do you want follow each other? If you want , let me know. Keep in touch, greetings from Moscow!

  27. I'm a part-time vegetarian too! I don't eat mammals, that's what part-time means in my case.:) That first version with eggs and soy sauce is genius!! I'm full-time addicted to soy sauce, I can literally drink it straight from the bottle!:D

  28. Wow, I've never had savory oatmeal. Sounds kinda yummy!

  29. Wow! So delicious:)

  30. I have never tried savory oatmeal {but I haven't actually had any oatmeal in years}. The savory flavor combinations you have listed sound really good, though.

    I don't know if the gochujang sauce is different than the stuff in the stores, it has corn syrup in it usually so I haven't ever purchased it. I tend to find a delicious sauce and use it over and over again. Last summer it was a dill and parsley {or cilantro, I forget} sauce with lemon juice, tahini, some miso and a few other ingredients. I put that on salads but also sauteed vegetables. It makes things easier to just have some jars of sauces in the fridge. That way I can dump it on things for lunch and dinner without even thinking. If you are interested, I can give you the gochujang sauce recipe and you can try both together. :) It's only 4 ingredients.

    You should try Sparkling, I go through the long ones very slowly. I'm used to shows in the US lasting forever so it doesn't bother me. I think, for this one, I have mostly just gotten teary. Sometimes it was a lot more than teary though. The other actress is not very good at being evil and she overacts to the point where it's almost comical. You know I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to watching shows {I watch most of the Real Housewives shows too, that should tell you right there}. I'll definitely try the Jackie Chan RM. Not as confusing is good. :)

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  31. I have never tried my oatmeal like this before but I would definitely give it a try!


  32. Wow, I've never even thought of it, Rowena ... I'll have to try it. You're right, thinking of it as a side of something like risotto or like they have in the south, grits, would make it seem less "oatmeal" in our heads! Now you have me thinking of other things you could add to it ... hmmmmmmm.

    Hope you had a great weekend, sweets! They just fly by toooooo fast! xoxoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  33. yummy!!!


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