Eye Candy : Editorial Roundup

Han Chae Young

Hey it's eye candy time again! Kicking it off with the gorgeous Han Chae Young in Elle Korea. The actress who currently hosts Dressing Table, a beauty show that focuses on industry trends shared that she believes beauty routines have to be consistent to be effective and that she regularly freshens her skin with green tea masks before applying makeup. Onto some male smolder with Lee Dong Wook in Men's Uno Hong Kong. I don't think he's one of those actors who started out as a model but he always looks like one in every editorial he appears in. Who catches your eye here?

Lee Dong Wook
Lee Young Ae looks as fresh faced as ever in J Look. It's almost hard believe it's been 13 years since she starred in Jewel in the Palace.
Lee Young Ae
Ha Jung Woo who is always hot at the box office looks cool on location in Hawaii for W.
Ha Jung Woo
Go Ara is as pretty as a flower in CeCi.
Go Ara
Anyone who watches Lee Kwang Soo on Running Man regularly will probably have a hard time taking him seriously. The "Asian prince" hams it up for Esquire Hong Kong. I've been hearing that Running Man is actually more popular in other parts of Asia than Korea and that's not surprising because it's gone down in quality. They really need to get back to focusing on fun concepts with the actual cast rather than lame guests.
Lee Kwang Soo
Yoo In Young rocks feminine/masculine styling for InStyle. She recently appeared in the drama Oh My Venus and I have a feeling she will probably move from second lead to main lead roles soon.
Yoo In Young
I thought Jung Kyung Ho was terrific in Falling For Soon Jung and I'm looking forward to watching him work with Jang Nara in the rom com One More Happy Ending. The trailers for this show look really fun so far.
Jung Kyung Ho
Son Tae Young looks stylish and ready to face the cold weather in InStyle. She and Kwong Sang Woo seriously have the cutest kids!
Son Tae Young
I can't say I've ever been a fan of Kim Ha Neul but I've been a fan of Jung Woo Sung ever since his heartbreaking performance in A Moment To Remember. He has aged really well and still looks so handsome at 42. These two appear together in the film Don't Forget Me. I think I'm more interested in the movie Woo Sung will be working on with Jo In Sung.
Jung Woo Sung Kim Ha Neul
I don't watch We Got Married cause I think the concept of having two celebrities acting like they're in a fake marriage is totally weird but I have seen some clips of Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang who are currently in the show and they're actually really cute together and even recently extended their "marriage". Even though she is 7 years older, it seems like he's the older one in the relationship.
Kim So Yeon Kwak Si Yang
A beautiful portrait of Park Bo Gum in Harper's  Bazaar. His star is totally on the rise after Answer Me 1988. I used to mistake Bo Gum for Lee Hyun Woo an they're both total flower boys. He always comes across as really humble and sweet and that's really refreshing for someone so young and successful.
Park Bo Gum
This will probably be the last photo shoot we'll see from Lee Seung Gi in awhile. It was just announced that the multitalented singer/actor will be enlisting for active duty in the army as part of his mandatory military duty on February 1st. I will actually really miss him and it would've been nice if he could've eeked in another project. I hope we don't lose Ji Chang Wook to the service too soon after this. Thank you for the beautiful song! Come back strong in two years puppy!
 Lee Seung Gi

Photos sourced from their respective publications & Top Star News


jc said...

I like Kim So Yeon, she's supremely photogenic.

Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing selection Rowena, Great pics!!!!
Happy friday darling!
xo Paola
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Jackie Harrison said...

Perfect editorial ( have a great safe weekend Rowena I know the snow storm is heading your way)

Lilli said...

I think you picked the most gorgeous editorials Rowena and each of them in some way caught my eye, especially Han Chae Young and Go Ara, both for the beautiful makeup look! Happy weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

Everyone is just looking so flawless, I can't take it, haha :-)

Elle Sees said...

love these! everyone is so gorgeous!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These photos are really cool! Definitely inspiring!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Unknown said...

I don't know those shows, but all these actors/actresses and photos are really glamorous.

Jasmine x

Lenya said...

I love your eye-candy-editorial. Have a save weekend, Rowena. Hope winter storm Jonas won't hit your area too badly. Stay warm, girl.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful people but no one can top my beloved JCW! :)



These are stunning editorials, I love the InStyle and W images the most. I can imagine it must have been a lot of fun to be in Hawaii to shoot Ha Jung Woo's editorial.
Have a nice weekend Rowena.
FT Kitchen

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Not really sure why his hand is in his pants, but I do like the first shot of the male model. Happy weekend!


Shireen L. Platt said...

I agree with Madison, these are stunning editorials. And ahem! I wonder what he's adjusting inside his pants...maybe we can help him? ;-)

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


Sounds like each of those beautiful peeps are having a fantastic and promsing career. Yoo In Young's style is my fave, I love her fearless attitutude. I wouldn't even guess Jung Woo Sung is 42 already, he is indeed an eye candy, Rowena! Funny since 'jung' means 'young' in German. ;)
Have a fabulous weekend, Rowena!

xoxo Ira

Coco said...

Very inspiring Rowena! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

A Very Sweet Blog said...

They are fabulous Rowena! I love when you do these. They keep me updated :D

Fashionably Idu said...

Great editorials. Eye candy for sure, I can't stop looking at the pics.

Ivana Split said...

I love your Eye Candy posts. This time the person who caught my eye the most is Yoo In Young. She looks gorgeous in that maschuline chic styling! I even googled her. I do agree with you that she might start being a lead soon.

Great editorials, I really liked all of them (well, with the exception that second photo, the guy is handsome, but the pose is a bit tacky...I mean it just looks a bit odd, like he has a rash that is troubling him...I think tasty goes a long way when it comes to editorials ).

The make up on that first photo really amazed me...so artistic...and manicure matches it nicely. Plus, that actress is a beauty! I might try green tea masks as well if that will help me to look like that;)

p.s the fish pate was great!

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

These photos are beautiful!


Corinne said...

Stunning as usually, I love the bubblegum picture!

Corinne x

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Loving the eye candy!

Unknown said...

I love reading about your editorial picks and eye candy favorites!! :)



ALLIE NYC said...

Two celebs in a fake marriage I don' t get it. But yes eye candy galor and a hottie with his hand down his pants..hm works for me.


Blackswan said...

Wow, stunning editorials indeed! Some of them look very different from the drama.

Effortlesslady said...

They are so beautiful! Happy weekend babes and thanks for the support(visiting and nice comments), it means a lot to me.

Stanislava E. said...

Hi Rowena! Well, I can't pick one favourite of all the candies here, sorry. They all look so flawless, beautiful and sexy. May be Park Bo Gum would be too young for me. I hope that Wook will be ok and will return from the army successfully, he is so pretty. Is it mandatory to go to the army in South Korea, even if you are an actor? It was mandatory in my country but they removed that 15years ago and now it is optional. Have a nice Sunday, Rowena!

Gabrielle said...

I always adore your Eye Candy posts Rowena, as the models/features and styling is always SO on point!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

j said...

I love the editorials but I'm not sure I'm into the hands down the pants look from LDW though I am a fan of his. I haven't seen Oh My Venus yet but it seems like everyone is watching, have you been?

Winscribbles said...

definitely eye candy! <3

Winn | ♥
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Beauty Follower said...

Awesome shooting!


JeannLiew | Luminnej said...

Rowena, you have put together such a lovely combo! I have always loved your eye candy post *_^

Gosh! Han Chae Young looks super gorgeous! Totally love her makeup and styling, especially that strong red lips. You know what? I have not actually seen Lee Young Ae's work though I know she is super famous for that series, but she still looks so young (maybe its the History of Flo that she uses??! haha)

I actually love Yoo In Young in this styling, makes her super hot. Yeah, I saw her first in Oh My Venus and then later during my year-end Korean series marathon in Mask! She is not too bad, and I believe you are right about her, she will perhaps take the lead role in no time.

Jung Woo Sung??!! A Moment To Remember? Don't even go there, Rowena! He basically melted my heart in that movie... I love him as an actor, very versatile and such a hunk, I feel *_^ Are you seriously saying that he will be appearing in a new movie with another favourite of mine, Jo In Sung?? (even my MIL loves him in That Winter The Wind Blows! I have no idea how many times she has repeated herself watching that series*_^)

Oh I didn't realize that We Got Married was a fake marriage concept, I accidentally caught one episode quite some time back and yes, it was the one with this couple (he was so cute doing BBQ for her friends who came and visited them, yeah, I know what you mean by him being the "older" one here, haha!). I do love Kwak Si Yang's character in Oh My Ghostess. He's pretty cute there playing one of the apprentices to a chef in the kitchen *_^

I did a marathon over the new year holidays, from She Was Pretty, Healer, then Mask, then King of High School. By the time mid January came, I was overdosed with everything Korean, hahaha!

Haven't been going through my usual blog posts reading as was busy this week, had a last minute shoot project confirmed and had to fly off to Hong Kong, crazy rush but fun nonetheless... hope you are well prepared to usher in the CNY over in NYC *_^ I know I am not, so much to do!! yucks.

Again, awesome eye candy, you have made my day, Rowena!!
You have a great new week too, my friend *_^

With love,