Eye Candy : Editorial Roundup

Kang So-Ra, Kang So-Ra Allure, Kang So-Ra 2016, Kang Sora

I honestly had a hard time narrowing down selections for this roundup because there have just been so many good editorials lately. Lots of pretty here... starting with this absolutely breathtaking image of Kang So-Ra who is virtually unrecognizeable with a floral headpiece that is TTDF! Everything is just so artful it is almost like looking at a painting at first glance. I bookended this post with another photo from the same pictorial which is just as beautiful in it's own right. So-Ra is probably best known for her work in the K-drama Misaeng and the film Sunny. Both were ensemble pieces which she managed to stand out which is saying something. These are two Korean productions I always recommend because of their quality. The award winning Sunny is getting apparently getting a US remake but given the hot mess track records of these types of remakes, just watch the original instead. It's an incredibly well made and heartwarming tale of friendship that takes place in two time periods. Sunny can be streamed here on Viki.com.

Daniel Henney, Daniel Henney JLOOK October 2016, Daniel Henney 2016
You might know Daniel Henney from the CBS show Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders but the Korean/American actor actually got his start as a model and his first acting job was in the hit K-drama My Lovely Sam Soon as Dr. Henry Kim. Daniel will soon be showcasing his basketball skills alongside Jay Park and Lee Sang Yoon in the new TVN variety show Buzzer Beat set to air next year. My husband seems think I have a thing for him which is just not true. He's very good looking but he's honestly never made an impression on me as an actor or otherwise. Now Yoo Jae Suk is someone I have an actual thing for.
Han Hyo Joo, Han Hyo Joo Grazia, Han Hyo Joo 2016
Han Hyo Joo's first lead role was in Spring Waltz, the fourth and last installment of the Endless Love seasons themed series. Daniel Henney also starred in this show. Unlike him, Hyo Joo has come a long way in her acting and is now also a successful film actress. She especially excels as plucky heroines and portrayed a villain for the first time this year in Love, Lies.
Jung Woo Sung, Jung Woo Sung Vogue, Jung Woo Sung 2016
Jung Woo Sung looks every bit the debonair movie star he is in this shot for Vogue.  He is currently starring in the political thriller The King with Jo In Sung. Talk about a movie with visuals.
Park Shin Hye, Park Shin Hye 1st Look, Park Shin Hye 2016
Park Shin Hye sparkles in Swarovski's holoday collection over in 1st Look. How pretty are those starry baubles!
Kim Young Kwang, Kim Young Kwang Instyle, Kim Young Kwang 2016
Maybe it's because I'm missing Lee Seung Gi who is currently still the model soldier while fulfilling his military service, but  I've always thought that Kim Young Kwang bears a certain resemblance to him. What a fabulous photo!
Eugene, Kim Yoo Jin,  Eugene Elle, Eugene 2016
Eugene who took a break from acting after giving birth to her daughter is currently on a comeback with her former group S.E.S.  I can't believe she's 35! She looks as youthful as ever. Eugene has always been considered one of the prettiest K-pop girl group members ever. And she hasn't had any work done.
Park Bo Gum, Park Bo Gum Elle, Park Bo Gum 2016
Park Bo Gum was just ranked the #1 actor of 2016 in a Gallup poll beating out the Song Song couple from Descendants of the Sun. Well it couldn't happen to someone nicer. I haven't watched Moonlight Drawn by Clouds yet but I keep hearing about his stellar performance. Bo Gum's impeccable manners and graciousness in his variety show appearances have really impressed me. It's refreshing to see someone so genuinely modest and thankful for all his success and he gets points for being adorable too.
Lee Na Young,  Lee Na Young Elle, Lee Na Young 2016
Lee Na Young went on an adventure in the South of France for Elle. The actress has been living a quiet life since marrying Won Bin and giving birth to a son in 2015. I'd love to see either/both of them back on the big screen.
Lee Won Geun, Lee Won Geun Instyle, Lee Won Geun 2016
Lee Won Geun's character in The Good Wife got on my last nerves but I blamed the writing more than the actor.  They really could've made him way more compelling as well as involve him more in the plot lines.
Jung Yu Mi, Jung Yu Mi Allure, Jung Yu Mi 2016
This shot of Jung Yu Mi for Allure is super beautiful. I never really enjoyed her much until her role as the awesome Ma Dong Seok's pregnant wife in Train to Busan. The highly successful Korean film which made $99 million worlwide this year will also be getting an American remake. Again I would say go watch the original! It's more about the horrors of humanity than the zombies!
Jin Goo, Jin Goo Grazia, Jin Goo 2016
Jin Goo is one sharp dressed man in Grazia. I love how they even personalized the crest on his coat!
Song ji Hyo and Lee Sun Kyun, Song ji Hyo, Lee Sun Kyun, Song ji Hyo Lee Sun Kyun Elle
We fell behind so we're still watching My Wife's Having an Affair this Week even though it ended it's 12 episode run a few weeks back. The drama which is not about adultery per se is refreshingly well balanced with some humor. Lee Sun Kyun and Song Ji Hyo are both turning in wonderful performances as well.
Shin Min Ah, Shin Min Ah 1st Look, Shin Min Ah 2016
Shin Min Ah seems to be taking winter in full stride for 1st Look. And she's certainly dressed for the weather too. Why don't I ever look this glam in my puffer coat?
Kang So-Ra, Kang So-Ra Allure, Kang So-Ra 2016, Kang Sora
And we circle back to another stunning photo from Kang So-Ra's Allure editorial. I think I may like this one even more than the first one. News just came out this week that So-Ra has been dating actor Hyun Bin for a half a month. Maybe those crazy Secret Garden shippers will finally go away now. They were absolutely awful to Song Hye Kyo who was Hyun Bin's girlfriend back then, demanding that he break up with her to be with Ha Ji Won. It was totally ridiculous.

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Lilli said...

Kang So-Ra is so gorgeous and that floral headpiece caught soon my eye, wish I took a similar pic too now, lol!:) Happy weekend Rowena! xo

Ivana Split said...

so many gorgeous and beautiful photos! This editorial round up is fantastic. I think my fav photos are the first and the last one, they are so fashion forward and inspiring!


Jackie Harrison said...

Amazing images very eye candy have a great weekend doll.

Anonymous said...

That third photo is amazing <3

Blackswan said...

All of them look so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them, dear! Happy weekend! xoxo

Elle Sees said...

I don't see how you could narrow it down, either! All of these are so fabulous!

Pilar said...

Nice editorial Roundup! That black coat would be perfect to wear if you live in very cold area during the Winter! Have a great weekend!

Effortlesslady said...

Beautiful models! Happy weekend.

Shireen L. Platt said...

If I had an extremely hard time narrowing down my beast beauty discoveries of the year, I think you had an even harder time with this! How you managed to do it?! LOL! My favourite is definitely the first editorial, it's breathtakingly beautiful and yes, it does look like a painting.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Paola Lauretano said...

Great editorial!!! Amazing pics!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Lena L said...

Spotless selections as usual. My favorite is Han Hyo Joo - love the gleaming skin and matte mauve lips.
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous visuals Rowena - that first image is absolutely stunning!! I think I need me a flower hat.

Emma | www.fluffandfripperies.com

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rowena, my absolutely favorite is the first & last one. That floral headpiece & dress are absolute stunners. I love that crest on Jin Goo's coat! It is sharp! Thanks for showcasing these.

Emmylou said...

Dang! If you didn't say that was Kang So Ra, I wouldn't have known. Just beautiful styling, and you know, I was actually quite happy when I found out that she and Hun Bin are dating. I think they make a lovely couple. I do remember you telling me how horrible the fans were to Song Hye Kyo when they were dating:( BTW, just started watching That Winter The Wind Blows...loved the first episode, but definitely not my usual rom-com:D
Anyhoo, beautiful round up as always, Rowena:D Love that Daniel Henney shot, although I did think he was just a so-so actor in MLS. And love that Han Hyo Too shot as well:)

PS So happy you got the card...yay! I was kinda worried all the stuff I sent to the US would be delayed coz I heard of the postal service backup. So glad you got it:)

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the first and the last photo :)

Vanessa N said...

-swoons over Daniel Henney-
I've always had a soft spot for that guy; the first time I heard of him was back in high school when my friend was telling me about "Seducing Mr Perfect". I ended up watching Spring Waltz a few years later too (because I was a huge fan of Han Hyo Joo and was trying to watch her works) and HOW COULD SHE HAVE PICKED THE MAIN DUDE OVER DANIEL, COME ON, FAM. BUT ALSO, HOW IS HE NOT MARRIED YET??? I VOLUNTEER TO BE HIS SPOUSE.

Kim Young Kwang is fricken gorgeous. Time to watch some of his works 😍
I don't know much about the Secret Garden shipping drama, but I really liked Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo as a couple and was sad to hear about their breakup years ago. And as much as I enjoyed Hyun x Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden, sometimes fans forget to separate the character from actor :l

Gingi said...

You werent joking, that is mega eye candy!!! <3 <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

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Great post! Happy weekend! :))


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Gabrielle said...

The first image in this post is beautiful, though the third editorial has completely caught my attention - how inspiring! The beautiful jewellery, sequinned dress and beauty - wow!


Fashionably Idu said...

Fantastic roundup Rowena. Each one inspiring is a unique way. I'm a fan of anything floral so the first one is so captivating to me.


ALLIE NYC said...

Yes you are right soooo much wonderfully beautiful editorial here. And the Kang-So-Ra editorial is just stunning I can see why you bookended this post with this editorial breath taking photography and styling to be sure.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful people; I love to look at the photos. The styling and outfits are perfect.


Doctor Anne said...

I admit that even after reading your blog for more than a year now I still get totally confused with all the names and faces you share. I think I would recognize the Song/Song couple, but other than that... I will need a few more years.

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Absolutely amazing editorial

Lima said...

Ok, Rowena. I'm so glad I've just stumbled across your blog. You really do have an eye for stunning visuals and appreciate art. The floral headpiece is STUNNING - I'd totally wear it tbh. Roll on summer where I can make my own using the contents of my own backyard!


Kelly said...

Wow, so many stunning shots!

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Beautiful editorial roundup! These are beautiful eye candy. Love the 3rd one.

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