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Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho

Kelley & Ping which led the way in Pan Asian cuisine in the early 90's has been a Lower Manhattan mainstay for 23 years with a menu inspired by the market stalls of Asia. The restaurant is located within a a historic cast iron building in the heart of Soho on Greene Street. The cavernous space features lofty ceilings and wood details throughout. The eatery which also operates as a grocery and tea shop features decor that is fun and a touch kitschy with Chinese New Year masks, bagua mirrors and fans lining one side wall and replica statues of the Forbidden City terra cotta warriors watching over the space from the back windows.  The vibe during lunch service is definitely casual in a manner similar to Asian hawker centers where you order and pay at the counter, find a table as your food is prepared in the open kitchen and then go pick it up when they call your name. At dinner, the space is transformed into a full service dining room with a more intimate atmosphere as the lights are dimmed and the candles come out. The menu is more advanced and there is a full bar serving specialty cocktails, Asian beers and premium sakes.

We dined there as guests of the restaurant for lunch. The regional Asian menu features a a diverse range of soups, salads, wok fired noodle and rice dishes from across the Asian continent. On the recommendation of the manager we went with the Pad Thai and Chicken Broth with Noodles which are two of their most popular dishes. The latter included a choice of three different types of noodles and roast chicken or roast pork and we chose egg noodles and roast pork. Their Pad Thai was some of the best I've had in awhile. Every component was well cooked.  The flavors were well balanced and not too sweet. There's nothing worse than over sweet pad thai with soggy noodles. We had a good feeling about the soup noodles since we saw the pot of chicken soup which we were told is made fresh daily sitting on the stove behind the counter. It tasted clear and full of complex flavor at the same time. The noodles were springy and toothsome and the roast pork was flavorful as well. We also got the Thai Satay of marinated grilled chicken skewers and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Both were fresh and tasty but didn't really stand out otherwise.  I also have to mention our Mango Mint Iced Tea and Vietnamese Lemonade which were refreshing and delicious. I especially enjoyed the lemonade for it's fizzy sourness.  Service was quick, efficient and friendly with our plates being continuously cleared as we finished our food.

For a restaurant to remain relevant for over two decades in New York City with it's ever revolving dining scene is no small feat. The dual concept is definitely unique and Kelley & Ping is ideal for small groups or larger gatherings because of the size of the space and their menu which has a little of everything. There are a number of vegetarian friendly options and the restaurant is accommodating to substitutions. I would definitely stop by for lunch again when I'm out and about in Soho. The ladies at the table next to us were both gushing over their curry noodles which did look quite good.  It would be also cool to check out it's transformation for dinner.

What's your favorite type of regional Asian cuisine?

Disclosure: Our meal was complimentary. All words and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Kelley & Ping
127 Greene Street
New York City
Thursday - Saturday 11:30am - 11:00 PM
Sunday - Wednesday 11:30am - 10:00 PM
$ - $$

Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Chicken Satay, Kelley & Ping, Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Kelley & Ping, Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Soup Noodles, Kelley & Ping, Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Spring Rolls, Kelley & Ping, Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho
Mango Iced Tea, Lemonade, Kelley & Ping, Kelley & Ping Review, Kelley & Ping New York, Kelley & Ping Soho

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Hokis said...

Great post!

You have a nice blog!

Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

Have a great day!

xoxo Jacqueline

Ivana Split said...

My favourite type of Asian food? I'm not sure because I haven't tried them all. There are two Asian restaurants in Split that I dine in regularly (i.e. everytim I'm there with my husband)- I try to have/order something else every time, but I'm really keen on home made noodles. There taste so much better that the supermarket ones. I wish I knew how to make them! Some day perhaps:)...I also really like pork dumplings (even if I'm not usually a meat eater).

Anyhow, it is great to know you had a lovely experience dining in this restaurant. It is great to know that everything was well cooked, prepared and that all the tastes were well balanced. Have a fantastic Monday!

P.S. My hand is completely healed, I've been painting all day yesterday and today I can finally attend painting classes again. Yaaaay!

Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! You already know my big love for Asian cuisine, I havent it from ages since in my city isnt very popular but I do believe is one of the best in the world. The food looks so tasty and delish, Im seriously watering! Have a great week dear xo

Jackie Harrison said...

This place rock to go and enjoy a meal the selection of food looks amazing.

Emmylou said...

Oh wow! To have lasted this long as a restaurant in NYC is a feat indeed! The food all looked so good, Rowena:) No wonder it's still around. And I am loving the decor as well:)
TBH, I like Asian food too much to pick a fave, but right now, I guess it's Chiu Chow cuisine.

Beauty Editer said...

the ambiance is jus so nice!!!


Blackswan said...

Love the decor, & the food, of course! xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi! I've always wanted to go here, so thanks to your post for reminding me! Your photos made it that much more enticing!!

Josephina | http://josephinacollection.com/

Doctor Anne said...

I dont really have a faborite type of asian food. Spicy and sweet and sour are things I don't really like, so my choices are limited. I think I'd go with Ramen...
By the name of the place I at first thought of an Irish Pub. My bad.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

little luxury list said...

Mmm, everything looks delicious! I love a well executed pad thai and take that as a measure of a good restaurant. I remember hearing of this restaurant years ago and it's great to see it still turning out great food!

R's Rue said...


Shireen L. Platt said...

Both bowls of noodles look so freaking delicious and it instantly made me miss home where these type of dishes are easily available. Maybe I'll cook noodles soup tonight....

Corinne said...

Your food reviews always make me want to visit New York and look some of these up. As always, this place looks delicious.

Corinne x

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Everything looks so appetizing. I think my favorite type of regional Asian cuisine is Thai.


Hena Tayeb said...

oh wow it looks great.

Anonymous said...

The food looks so fresh and yummy. Great that you liked the experience at this restaurant. I'm not an expert when it comes to Asian cuisine... I only have a couple of favourite dishes that I can name but that's it.


Beauty Unearthly said...

Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh wow, I think I use to work not far from here. Thanks for the heads up on this. Always looking for somewhere new and like this hood so....and boy this looks good. And love the space too, and yep you are right two decades that says it all.


Shannon Valle said...

I saw this place on a Youtube vlog & thought it looked really good! Curry noodles sounds amazing! Did it look like laksa?


Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Wow, it looks great!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a cool place, and the food looks delicious!

Unknown said...

Another gem! I’ve never of Kelley & Ping but I need to get there asap! sounds like a great place for lunch. I also really love the decor. Thanks for sharing this place Rowena :)

Fashionably Idu said...

I honestly love any and every kind of Asian food and actively seek it out. The decor is that restaurant is so pleasing to the eye. I'll be sure to check them out next time I'm in New York. Really great capture Rowena!



So perfect food

sonia // daring coco said...

I love the decor here. It's so cozy and timeless. Nice to see something different from the usual Scandi fare hahaha. Two decades too. They must be doing something right. Would love to try it next time I'm in NYC


Ivana Split said...

have a great day!

Your Invisible Crown said...

What a lovely looking place! And the dish with the shrimp is something I would like to try!


I love Thai food and Burmese or Indian the most but my mum used to cook a lot of Chinese food, although it wasn't my favourite until I got older. This sounds like a great place and well done for them for having longevity in New York. Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Ohh they look delicious sweetie.
Maggie Dallospedale

A Very Sweet Blog said...

To be there for two decades says a lot! Love the atmosphere and glad you guys had a great experience.

Bambi said...

Interesting place, the interior looks so cool :)

SHON said...

Great post. Thanks.

Coco said...

I love the consistency of this place, which looks faithful to its origins, with a kitsch touch for a more appealing look. The dishes look yummy! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

Lenya said...

The place looks so inviting. Would love to dine there. All the food looks yummy yummy. My favorite one, couldn't say but right I am in the mood for pork teriyaki skewers........
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María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I love that place!! I must go when come back to NY
kss dear
New post in my Lifestyle Blog

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Rowena everything looks very delicious, especially that soup with pork! Here in Lima there are many restaurants of Chinese food, I really like chicken tipakay, pig with tamarind, fried wantan, and well I do not know here is very famous rice chaufa.


Elle Sees said...

Sounds like it was a winner!!

Lena L said...

Thanks for sharing! I will check this place out! We recently tried a few Chinese restaurants with similar vibes - Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu's Kitchen (pretty place but not recommended) & Birds of a feather (in Brooklyn, a fine choice if you're in the neighborhood). I really liked Chomp Chomp (Singaporean), by the way. I've seeing lots of restaurants like this open lately including Korean. I love that what they offer is authentic(not exactly fusion) yet elevated.