How Goal Setting Can Help You To Improve Your Blog

When it comes to business, or anything professional that you’re working on, it always helps to have goals. From your career to your life aspirations, goal-setting can actually help you to achieve whatever it is that you’re hoping to. If there’s something in your mind that you want, it can just be a dream. And when it stays in your mind, it will stay a dream. But when you write it down then you are setting a goal. It becomes something that you’re actively working to achieve. And that’s exciting. If you’re a blogger,  you can actually use goal setting to help you improve and grow your blog.

1. Operating Like A Business
You’re going to find that if you want your blog to become a business, then you need to start treating it like one. If this is your goal, there are things you can do today to start looking a lot more professional. Think about getting yourself a physical address and registering your blog as a business. Both options make you look more professional and help you to feel like you’re running a business too.

2. Improving Your Photography
You’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to put out good imagery to represent your blog. Both your blog and your social channels are very visual. If you have bad photography or you pick out awful images, it can really hinder your chances of growth. So you will want to set the goal of improving your photography, practicing and even taking classes to help you here.

3. Improving Your Content
At the same time, you’ll also want to ensure that you can improve the content you have on your blog too. Because if you’re not covering interesting topics, if your writing is bad or unreadable, or you’re just not engaging enough, there will be no interest. So why not aim to take a blogging course or a writing course that will help you to drastically improve your ability to create great content?

4. Growing Your Presence
If you want to be able to grow your blog, you need to be able to grow your presence online. So perhaps this should be your next goal? Sit down, and think about different ways that you can achieve this across the different platforms, as this will give you something to work towards and ways of measuring your growth too.

5. Increasing Your Income
Finally, you may also find that actively setting a goal to help you grow the income you can make from your blog can help. Many bloggers will talk openly and honestly about their income, and this can mean that you get some great insight and ideas to help you set your goals. Then, with your ideas written down, you can get to work and make it happen.

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  1. Morning Rowena! This is absolutely true, setting a goal is the first step if you want that dream you have in mind becomes real. I actually learned with the time and in the years with the blog. This can also be applied for everything in life :) xo

  2. These are awesome tips, chingu:) Although I've been blogging for awhile, it has never been my intention to monetize it or turn it into a business. I still do want it to represent who I am, so these tips still apply. My biggest problem right now, I think, is not really having a goal in terms of where I want to be down the road. Your post is just the reminder I need to really think of that.

  3. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  4. I do agree. Setting goals is such a great way to motivate ourselves, both in life and work. I also heard that it is good to talk about our goals, that way we make them more real. By talking about goals, we can also open interesting discussions. As you said, many bloggers are quite open to talking about their blog incomes so it is a good way to get tips and information.

  5. Goal setting is absolutely essential for me to stay organised. It has helped me with my blog and my business as well.

  6. Thanks for all your tips because they are sincerely very useful sweetheart. The post is precise and has so many good points.

  7. Such great tips! Love it!
    -Kate //

  8. My goals from the get go is to share my experience that I wanted to share...
    Good write up and sharing...
    IG @grace_njio

  9. Hi dear, I love the points that you shared. I find blogs to be a work in progress. After working on one thing there is another to do:):)

  10. Great informative post I agree ☝­čĆ╗especially if you want to make it an official business. I do not treat my as an official business but been getting plenty of attention from date one I guess not bad in my case.

  11. I agree, if you want to succeed in making something a business, you need to treat it as a business.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  12. These are great guides, Rowena! I don't see myself taking my blog into that direction but I know so many will benefit from reading this.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  13. Great post Rowena, setting goals should be the first step if you want to motivate yourself. When I started my blog, there was nothing in my mind. I didn't know about the blogging world even I didn't know how to write a product's review and why should i write it...hehehe...I learned lot of things with the time and still learning. Very interesting post, I love such post <3

    Have a lovely day <3

  14. Love this post, Rowena. I am not sure if I consider my blog as a business but I've always thought it is a big part of the "service" that I can offer. What I have lacked is the consistency and goal-settings and I wanna work on that. Thanks for the inspirations! <3

  15. I have been keen in taking my blog into more professional direction but couldn't never figure out on how to start with it! Thank you for sharing these great tips!
    Wishing you have an amazing weekend!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

  16. Goal setting is a wonderful way to manage your blog. I use many of these tips especially with photography and content of my blog!


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