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Reading...  Mission 27.  This book which goes behind the scenes to recount the Yankees 27th championship run in 2009 brings back so many memories. After a rocky start that team played like they just couldn't lose. It was the first year of new Yankee Stadium and we actually attended a number of games and they won every one. My husband was even there when they clinched the division against the Red Sox. That was an incredible season and I did go to the parade which is held close to my neighborhood. Even stood on a traffic light and got some amazing photos. This year's Yankees team is also playing with  that same magic. They've lost over 20 players to injuries over the course of this season and are still currently in 1st place in their division. Their recent series in London was spectacular.  I'm looking forward to seeing them make a run at 28. It's all the more special when you follow a team from the beginning of a season.

Watching...  Stranger Things. Season 3 has stays true to the show's sci-fi theme and while a little predictable is still an enjoyable depiction of nostalgia, humor and friendship. So glad that they expanded the role of Erica Sinclaire.  Her sassy snark is such a welcome bit of comic relief in the midst of the angsty drama and she is smart to boot. I'm here for the way the writers of this show integrate strong female characters into the narrative.

Listening...  to Stuff You Should Know. This podcast which gets to bottom of range of questions from how barcodes work to if zombies exist is both fascinating and educational.

Eating... gold kiwi fruit which taste so much better that the regular green ones. I've been having one a day for a good dosage of vitamin C, folate and potassium which are essential for healthy skin, teeth and bones as as well as nerve, muscle  and heart function.

Drinking... Minna Organic Sparkling Tea, Tropical Green Tea. This delicious unsweetened sparkling beverage is the perfect refresher in this warm weather. The subtle pineapple passionfruit flavor balances nicely with the crisp sparkling tea.

Cooking...  with our new Zojirushi rice cooker. This is actually an advanced model of our old rice cooker which conked out recently. Loving the update which now includes settings for steel cut oats as well as quinoa.

Wearing...  the rose gold pleated pants  that were on my May wish list. They are quite versatile and I have gotten so many compliments.

Enjoying...  a little New York staycation. We decided to extend the long holiday weekend and are getting out to explore our city. There is so much going on in downtown alone and the NYC Ferry might be my favorite new way to get around. That's why it's been a little quiet around here.

Planning... a vacation. Hawaii is currently the frontrunner. If anyone has been and has any tips, I'm listening.

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  1. Stranger Things is on my list of shows to watch, but I am currently in the middle of catching up with Big Bang Theory. I dropped out somewhere in the middle and now that the show is finished I decided to start it over again.
    It appeals to the nerd in me.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  3. YASSSS! Stranger Things is on my blog post tomorrow. Love Erica:) And chingu, I love that rice cooker. We cook rice using Insta Pot, but I've always been fascinated with rice cookers for some reason, esp. those fancy Japanese ones:D
    And that book about the Yankees sound interesting!

  4. I've been wanting to check out Stranger Things. It sounds like a good show from the things I've been hearing! Have a wonderful week Rowena!

  5. The image in your post is of Fleabag so I thought you were going to say that you're watching that. I keep hearing about it, but haven't seen it yet. I know the person who created it also created Killing Eve.

    Anyway, I have to start Stranger Things season 3 this week. I'm ready for it! And I'm also subscribed to the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Very interesting!

  6. Hawaii sounds pretty perfect to me. Stayactions are also a lovely idea.
    I'm sure you wear those pleated pants to well. The baseball book sounds interesting.

  7. I liked Stranger Things, and have not started the new season yet. I will soon when I have a bit more time. Podcasts and audiobooks are my essentials these days, that podcast sounds interesting. Have a great new week.:)

  8. We haven't caught up on season 3 of Stranger Things yet.. we have been so busy!

  9. I don't have Netflix because I have another cable provider but Stranger Things is something that I've been wanting to watch for soooooo long. I still haven't made the switch but it is very tempting. I love gold kiwi fruit. I can seldom find them here for purchase separately, only in large trays which I never end up consuming before they waste :o( Hawaii would be amazing, definitely look into helicopter rides over the landscape. I feel like that would be something so memorable and worth while.


  10. I would love to watch Stranger Things, now i have got some time for these things and I'm going to enjoy my time hahaha. Very nice post, I was missing you all. Now i'm back and busy in reading my favorite blogger's posts.

    Have a great day :)

  11. That fruit looks delicious. Your staycation sounds great.

  12. Oh those rose gold pants really are so fabulous!
    I remember the 2009 season as well - it was a great time when other aspects of the world (post-Lehman) were in such turmoil.
    I've seen, but not tried golden kiwis - thanks for the recommendation!
    I hope to get downtown next visit back but we never made it past midtown with sick and whiny little ones. The ferry sounds like fun!

  13. Hello lovely!! These look great, I need to catch up with Stranger Things, on my list to watch. I'll take this rice cooker, have been fascinated with them ever since I started watching K dramas, ha!! Looks fab. I hope you've been doing well, am finally back after a long break. xx

  14. Great post, Thanks for sharing,
    I'm following you! X.

  15. I wanna try Minna Sparkling Tea :)

  16. I'm watching Stranger Things aswell :) Just started Season 3 Episode 1 last night!

  17. I'm not surprised you've been getting compliments on wearing rose gold pleated trousers; they sound divine! I adore absolutely anything rose gold and metallic :) Hope you're having a lovely week so far! x

  18. Wow... I would like to eat gold kiwi fruit asap!
    Kisses, Paola.


  19. Oh what a nice post! I love everything :)

    Saw your blog and thought if you would like to follow each other? Follow me and I'll follow back asap. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  20. I watch Stranger Thing was a little disappointed with the ending but do love Erica Sinclair how the character embrace herself.

  21. I just finished season 3 of Stranger Things and really enjoyed it. I'm usually not a fan of shows featuring kids as the main characters as I find them frustrating, and definitely felt that way at times in the past 2 seasons. Seeing them more grown up (albeit they had the typical teenager problems) for me made this season easier to watch. I just ordered a Zojirushi rice cooker today and can't wait to finally replace my old Tiger one!

    ♥︎ Geeky Posh


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