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When the pandemic quarantine began, I had planned a whole bunch of home improvement and organization projects which had to be put on hold when I was afflicted with a shoulder impingement that had me in constant pain and not able to do much. After almost two months in physical therapy and acupuncture treatments, I'm feeling much better and have been slowly getting back on track and this month's wish list reflects that. Realistically this pandemic is not going away anytime soon and I want to get our home in gear for the long haul. And these types of projects make me really happy. Have a clean and organized home gives me life and is my definition of living well. My motto is less stuff, better organization! If I could win a shopping spree to any store, I'd actually pick The Container Store. I love that place!

Items acquired from last month's wish list:
The Germ Reaper Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer
This wand which uses U/V C Technology to destroy germs, viruses and bacteria is getting a lot of regular use on any items that don't fit in our PhoneSoap Wireless UV Smartphone Sanitizer. Seriously you can't be too safe right now.

1. The Home Edit Divided Lazy Susan
I currently use a lazy susan to hold all of my most used cooking condiments and it recently occurred to me that I should just get a really big one to organize all my various oils, sauces and vinegars. If I hoard anything it would be these like 6 types of oil, 4 types of soy sauces] and 10 types of vinegar. But I am an avid home cook and they serve specific purposes and all get used regularly. This will go a long way from a convenience standpoint not to mention it will look so much better. I'm considering getting one for my bathroom cabinet as well.

2. The Home Edit Pantry Canisters
I have always kept a well stocked pantry and I believe that's important now more than ever. We are very fortunate to have a decent sized kitchen with a good amount of storage which allows me to do so. I currently store my dry goods like mushrooms, seaweed and snacks in repurposed glass jars and I already have dedicated canisters for different kinds of rice but I  could do better with my noodles and grains and these canisters would be perfect.

3. The Home Edit Divided Freezer Bin
I currently use bins in my refrigerator and freezer. They really help maximize storage while keeping my food organized. I think adding these divided bins will take it to the next level as the sections can help me better keep the cod sorted from the tuna and steelhead, etc. Like my pantry, I'm also keeping my freezer extra well stocked.

4. 2-Section Acrylic Canister
I like how this canister combines cotton swab and cotton pad storage and it is in line with my less is more strategy.

5. Clear Shoe Box
We have the luxury of having shoe cabinets for our shoes and while most of them are out of boxes there is a section for lesser worn shoes stored in boxes which I want to transfer to clear boxes like these. It will look so much neater while also providing an easier way to identify the contents.

6. Acrylic 4-Section Purse Storage Organizer
This would be ideal for organizing the smaller purses in my closet. Because I adhere to a quality over quantity philosophy, I don't have many purses and I want to store and take care of them well.

7. Revolving Spice Rack
This would be a great solution for corralling all of my spices. I have a lot of them and they do all get used, some more than others.

8. Kitchen Composter
We have food scraps collection in our building and I haven't been consistent in collecting and disposing of ours properly. Having a dedicated collection receptacle should keep me on track and this one looks nice enough to have out on the counter too. The airflow adjustor for odor control and gallon capacity are handy as well.

9. Hex Antique Brushed Nickel Mini Knob
I love the modern streamlined look of these hexagonal pulls and think they would be a fabulous way to elevate the look of our kitchen cabinets.

10. Marble Herringbone Tile Peel & Stick Wallpaper
We have talked about redoing our kitchen backsplash but now is not the time to have anyone working in our apartment so this wallpaper would be a great way to refresh it ourselves for the time being.

You can always check out my running wish lists in the Shop With Me section on the blog. What are you coveting?

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Ivana Split said...

I really like these Home Edit Food and Kitchen organizers. Having a clean and organized some always makes me feel better. These items you are coveting look very functional.
It is good you good that Light Sanitizer, I imagine it is a very useful item to have. I'm also glad to hear you're feeling better.

Doctor Anne said...

It certainly shows that you are planning to tackle some home projects, but I totally understand that. Especially now as it is about to get colder I think it is very improtant to have a home you enjoy spending time in.

Rakhshanda chamberofbeauty said...

I love these Home Edit Food and Kitchen organizers. A clean and organized kitchen always makes me happy. These organizers, you are coveting are looking really cool. I would love to have these items in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing Rowena. I hope your health is better now.
Have a nice day.

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

I'm a sucker for clear containers. Thanks for sharing!

Paola Lauretano said...

Oh my... I need that spice organizer!
Kisses, Paola.


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Hena Tayeb said...

All great finds.

Emmylou said...

I want all those stuff from The Home Edit now! (I've been on my Konmari kick on and off during this pandemic, and I realized we need more kitchen organization stuff!:D) And having that kitchen composter sounds like a great idea too, chingu! My daughter and I were looking at Bokashi to start composting as well. We'll see....:)
Hope you're having a lovely start to the week:) XOXO

The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

These look very beautiful and I like because these are transparent.

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Omaye said...

I love these and the efficiency of it. You can see though it and know what in it and not have to waste time. Love your home edits. I don't have my own home yet, but I love these kind of posts. I like to think I'm about to move and these are the things I'll need to buy to complete my space.
Thank you so much. Put a smile on my face.
Plus I bought the body exfoliator and exfoliating liquid and Im waiting for it to arrive. Thanks a lot!

R's Rue said...

I love everything The Home Edit does and makes.

Kinga K. said...

I love them all ❤

Dressed With Soul said...

I'm a huge fan of organisation and therefore what you are showing here makes totally sense to me! I think live is much easier if one is well-organised and all these pieces are for sure very supporting in this. Thanks for sharing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Eli Dou said...

I've recently discovered The Home Edit through Netflix and... I love it!! And I have actually put in practice many of their tips in my new home. Super happy to have a more organized home!
Have a lovely day!


Eli | Curly Style

Jennifer said...

I am loving all these items! Great picks love!
Lovely Post!

Jackie Harrison said...

I love homeedit and the organization items from container store the lazy divider is one I use all around the house bathroom, kitchen, fridge etc. Great organization items posts. Have a lovely weekend.