The Top Tech Gifts Of The 2020 Holiday Season

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With the gift-giving season coming up, those of us that can do so might be hoping to give our loved ones some especially luxurious gifts, as a bit of a bonus for making it through such a trying year. If there’s one thing that has undoubtedly helped us all get through the global rough patch that 2020 has been, it’s technology. As such, if someone in your life is a recent convert or has always been a long time tech lover, here are a few of the top gifts to consider for them, this year.

Tech Gifts

The PS5/Xbox Series S/Xbox Series X
This is a next-gen gaming console release year and you know what that means. The console wars are all over the place, with everyone trying to convince you which console is the best. There are significant hardware and quality of life differences between the new consoles, and sites like The Verge may have the information you need to help figure out which is truly better. However, if you’re trying to gift one of these to an avid gamer, the thing you need to consider first and foremost is the kind of games they like to play. For instance, if they’re a big Halo fan, you’re not going to find that on the Sony Playstation.

Make any TV smarter
Most modern TVs being sold these days are smart TVs,. However, trying to get them to work as intended can be difficult depending on the availability of apps on different TVs, not to mention how fast and well-designed their user experiences are. If you have a loved one who basically has no use for anything other than their subscription services when it comes to what TV they want, then something like the Roku Express might just be the type of TV upgrade that they need. It makes the process of running a smart TV a lot easier, as more apps tend to be available for these third-party streaming devices.

Lend them your ear(phone)s
If your loved one enjoys nothing more than chilling out to some tunes while they’re running or going for long walks with an audiobook to keep them company, then what better gift than to help them tune in to whatever they’re listening too at a much greater quality or more conveniently than ever? Sites like Digital Trends tend to be the best for helping you compare the huge range of headphones out on the market. If your loved one typically hooks their headphones up to their smartphone, then wireless earbuds could be a great option as well, since it makes plugging into those devices a lot less of a hassle. Consider the way they prefer to listen to their audio media when choosing their gift.

Tech Gift

Take to the skies
The initial fad may have ended roughly five years ago, but drones have consistently stuck around, especially for those who enjoy travel, photography, or tech that they can personally pilot. Since this year saw people’s worlds shrinking, the sheer adventure and exploration that drones allow for surged back into popularity to a serious degree. Sites like DrDrone can help you choose between the latest and greatest in the drone world, whether you’re looking for one more suitable for novices, for people who have been flying drones for years now, or someone who might want one for a specific purpose like photography. Needless to say, these tech toys have only become increasingly more sophisticated over the years.

A little fashion for tech
This might not specifically be a high-tech gift in and of itself, but for those who are tech lovers, you may find you have a hard time finding something that they don’t already own. If that’s the case, or if they like  to take their tech on the go for them, then you can instead look at ways of dressing their tech. Phone covers, laptop bags, tablet clutches and more all serve a very practical purpose, usually helping you protect or move your tech from one place to the other. However, they also serve the dual purpose of adding a little style to them. After all, tech lovers can be just as fashion conscious as anyone else.

Tech Gifts

Reality is getting increasingly virtual
While it didn’t quite take off to become the new default when it came to things like gaming experiences, there’s no denying that VR is here to stay, with more companies and developers looking into creating brand new virtual experiences for fans to get into. Manufacturers are constantly improving the technology  as well, with Occulus Quest 2 leading the way in helping tech lovers taking their experiences with new video games, videos, movies, livestream events to the next level with VR experiences. VR vacations are even becoming a thing now, with people able to visit and see far off locations from the comfort of their own home thanks to these increasingly impressive headsets.

The streamer’s dream
One hobby that has exploded to a serious degree over the past twelve months is streaming. With platforms like Twitch seeing more new streamers than ever and alternatives like YouTube streaming growing, a lot of gamers, artists, and everyday people are finding ways to share their hobbies and passions through the internet. If your loved one has talked about getting into the streaming game, or even done so recently, then you can help make sure that they’re equipped for the job. Some of the tech they might need can include things like high-quality microphones, good fidelity webcams and, if they are streaming video games, a capture card to help them record and stream footage directly from the consoles to their PC or laptop.

Tech can be a fantastic gift to help your loved ones get through the relative isolation we’re all experiencing, whether it be by exploring worlds beyond their own home or simply making their daily life a little more convenient and/or entertaining.

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Ivana Split said...

These are all cute gift ideas!

Emmylou said...

I honestly think u can’t go wrong with a tech gift. Great list, Chingu:) As someone who does YouTube vids, I’m happy with my equipment but an upgrade wouldn’t hurt lolz. And drones will be forever here IMO. Those things are just fun!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great gift ideas! I got a Roku TV earlier this year, and I love it :)