How Food & Drink Can Be A Great Refresher In The Summer Heat

Cold Soup, Beet Soup

When we think about food, it can be easy to think about indulging in our favorite meals like pizza and burgers. While these may offer immediate satisfaction, they may not necessarily be the best choice as they may feel heavy in our stomachs and not provide the energy boost we need especially when it's hot outside. When people are very hot, they tend not to feel as hungry as they might when they’re cold. This is because the digestive process generates a considerable amount of heat so the hypothalamus which regulates our body temperature suppresses the appetite in an effort to keep us cool. And this is why we don tend to get  as hungry during the summer. But just because you may be trying to stay cool a heatwave, it doesn’t mean you don't have to eat. Keeping up with your meals is essential to feel healthy and nourished as well as to regulate the functions of our bodies. And food and drink can actually be a terrific refresher in the summer heat if you know what choices you should be opting for.

Refreshing Drinks
It’s a great idea to choose drinks that are hydrating, low in sugar content and don’t make you feel tired or likely to sweat too much in the middle of the heat. This is why when many people drink in the summer, they tend to focus on refreshing recipes like this malibu bay breeze recipe, just so they can enjoy themselves with without having to directly consume spirits that cause them to become dehydrated and tired.

Vibrant Flavors & Spices
Summer is an ideal time to experiment with textures, flavors, spices and more. You’ll find that  reinvigorating your spice rack at this time of year can be wonderful, from star anise to bay leaves to fresh parsley and Indian spices which have been enjoyed in hotter climates for centuries. If you really want to make the most of summer cooking, try experimenting with spice combinations. Adding new spices to your slow cooker pulled pork, chicken, or jackfruit for a vegan option, can wake up the flavor of your dishes while providing you with new taste sensations. It will also help you gain more insight as you develop recipes to your tastes.

Light Meals Can Keep Us Energized
The art of light cooking is a worthy skill to acquire as it helps you exercise restraint in the ingredients you choose and the accompaniments you place on the table. Light cooking is all about a less is more approach. This is the kind of cooking that uses fresh and nutritious ingredients and preparing them with minimal or healthy oils to make the most of their flavor and freshness. It's a cooling avocado soup or a tasty cucumber salad. The best part of light eating is that you'll feel light and energetic after enjoying your food.

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Pilar said...

This is such a helpful post Rowena! It's been so hot and humid here the past month. I do tend to eat lighter meals in the Summer and I try to keep hydrated during these extreme temperatures!

Lovely said...

Yes to refreshing drinks to beat the heat.

Jackie Harrison said...

Great post very informative and helpful.