Eye Candy : Daniel Henney for Elle

June 13, 2012

Daniel Henney chills out in this editorial entitled "Still Life in LA" for Elle Korea. The comely Korean American actor/model made his acting debut as Dr. Henry Kim in My Lovely Sam Soon which was one of my first and still favorite Korean dramas. While his acting was less than stellar in that production, he still managed to make quite an impression on many viewers. Some of you might recognize Henney from his role as Agent Zero in X-men Origins: Wolverine or the short-lived CBS series Three Rivers. His new film Shanghai Calling has been hitting the festival circuit lately. The romantic comedy about American expats adjusting to life in Shanghai even won him an "Outstanding Achievement Acting" award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Doesn't that pool look spectacular?

images via elle.co.kr
56 comments on "Eye Candy : Daniel Henney for Elle"
  1. Love these photos. It's a perfect editorial. Very nice and inspiring outfits.
    Daniel Henney is a very talented actor and he is always so elegant.

  2. these pictures are really great! thanks for sharing!


  3. My sexy namja! <3


  4. I did see him in Sam Soon but nothing else. These photos are quite nice though, very LA except for the one with the belt that makes me think he's in Nantucket.

    The first paragraph was for you. You tried to warn me off that show so many times. :) I was too stubborn to listen though. I agree that the sets of US shows are often lacking. Lipstick Jungle and Ugly Betty were great but lately things that I have been watching have been more about the show than the set. I've moved on to Office Girls since I wanted a comedy this time. Dramafever labels every show with male/female interactions a romantic comedy even when it's nothing close but luckily this one is actually a comedy. I think next K2H and their giant phones!

  5. Adore this editorial;-)
    Daniel is super attractive too.

  6. Oh my, he has such a nice body. Great editorial to start my morning Rowena!!

  7. What a handsome devil! I love that last photo.

    Hope you're having a great week, sweetie! xoxo

  8. awwww this is really eye candy!!!! his beauty is efforteless and great photography too!!! love the pool :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. Great post! Eye candy indeed! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting!

  10. He is so handsome and I really want to see his upcoming movie! Just watched the trailor and it looks like something I would love!! Hope it makes it into theaters!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. OMG Rowena! He's extremely handsome and has such a nice body! Thanks for posting :) Always good hearing from you, thanks for stopping by :)

    xo Marie

  12. hubba hubba! He's definitely an eye candy alright. I've watched a movie where he had a relatively small part but boy, is he good looking or what?!

  13. I'd love to jump in that pool! kekeke

    Oh man...someone had told me to watch this k movie "Seducing Mr. Robin/Mr. Perfect" because he's in it and she said it was such a good movie blah blah...when I watched it, it was one of the worse movies I'd ever seen, haha! I still wish I could have those 107 minutes of my life back. I hope his new film is much better that that one was! XD

  14. Thanks for your comment sweetie! Ohhh some serious guy candy here!!,

  15. Lovely editorial! I like how camera here captures such little life's moments, telling a simple story of a day! Thank you for sharing!
    Good luck!


  16. Hubba Hubba. He's a hottie!! I love photos three and four.

    Quiet Luxury

  17. p.s. I don't see you in my followers anymore.. hopefully it's just a system error.. I've been losing some blogs from my blog-roll lately too.

  18. Yes! ..nice pool :)

    He is very sexy - the last two pictures are my favorite. Wonderful editorial!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  19. OMG! Daniel Henney is one hot piece of man, these pictures are lovely

  20. this is a great editorial to start your day! It was a gift for me while i was drinking my coffee!
    thanks for your comment dear, what a blog!
    Im following you !
    xxx Ros.e.

  21. Elle have done some amazing editorials in the past and this one is no different - some g-reat eye candy here ;)

    Anna xo

  22. Y-u-m. I've always liked him. Is he dating anyone?

  23. oo la la ;p
    i never liked him when he was younger, but now he looks even better to my eyes!

  24. The pool does look great and so does he!

  25. ohh he is eye candy indeed! and I'vd ALWAYS wanted to go into an infinity pool like that!

  26. i want an infinity pool hehe. i love first photo and the one where daniel is with the dog. yea i did see that gong you is definitely more childish than the 18 year old boy is supposed to be, i loved won-ho (18 yr old boy) cool and mature attitude. I wish i could see him in the drama more, but right now his body is currently in that coma thing. it's okay, i get bored and picky easily when it comes to dramas but if there is an actor i like in it, i will end up watching it no matter how horrible it is (aka heartstrings, so bad but i like yonghwa lol). i will def check out My Lovely Sam Soon, great more k-dramas to become addicted to.

  27. That pool is amazing!!


  28. Oh i would love to go for a dip in that pool!

  29. Hi's a HUUUGE star in Korea!!! Super famous! And his very very handsome! I like this editorial! The last picture is just amazing! I also like some outfits. I'll definitely show this post to my husband!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  30. I have never heard of him, but what a cutie! I like his eyes.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  31. Whoehoew yummy post!
    Thanks for checking out my blog. You can stop by anytime.

  32. Oooo he is gorgeous! I am having second thoughts on my #1 crush...haha! Enjoy your wknd Rowena.

  33. Beautiful looks!!! great editorial!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  34. He is so ridiculously dreamy! Have a lovely weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  35. He is not too shabby at all is he?! I love all the images in this post, especially the first one. Thanks for sharing and a happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  36. Great editorial, the model is turning heads for sure!

    DC2NYConfessions Blog

  37. Um, he is totally gorgeous. Love how you always find such great eye candy :) Happy weekend to you!

    xo Mary Jo

  38. Hot editorial!
    What a hot body!
    I also love the styling, casual but also exquisite :)

    - Vhallah -

  39. gret posat and a beautiful blog<333
    wanna follow our blog too?
    greatings from germany;)

  40. *wolf whistles* I looooove him! He was pretty good in the Fugitive Plan B drama series, even though the English lines sounded really forced in some parts.

  41. I am actually drooling... Love the looks and the hottie in them ;) Haha!


  42. Ah! Rowena, this Elle's editorial is certainly an eye candy, dear...the photos, the gorgeous styling, and of course the stunning Daniel Hanney...my, my! I love his atitude! tons of atitude!
    Big hugs, sweetie!


  43. Oh, WOOOOWWW! *Love at first sight. He is one good looking man!! I really love the style of this photo shoot :] Thank you for sharing these and a bit more about him. I will have to keep my eye out for him.

  44. he is so cute
    have a nice and stylish week darling
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  45. The last 2 photos are my fav!! HAHAHA :P
    Never really took a liking to Daniel Henney before, but he looks great here!

  46. THAT POOL ... I'm so there in my mind! And the other eye candy is not to be neglected either lol! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rowena sweet! xoxo

    Sandy M
    This Week: "Oh So Moving"

  47. holy hotness! Great pool, infact I neeeed that pool, it's too hot here, but I am off to London soon...

    Great editorial - have you seen the movie yet?

  48. These pictures are amazing!!!! The eye candy too of course!!

    It's such a shame that Etude House is not that accessible in the states. Although you can get it online but I find that to be quite a hassle at times. The packaging of Asian cosmetics are always so adorable!!! And I think little bear looks so good in blushes, much better than me. LOL


  49. he is HANDSOME! omg'd!!! the pic of him in the endless/infinite pool is just breathtaking. that is a gorgeous pic! he looks so debonair stepping out of that limo. GORGEOUS!!!

  50. Eye candy indeed! Hubahuba! (I hope my husband don't see this! LOL)


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