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October 5, 2015

Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram

World Trade Center at Night

There was alot going on in September yet somehow the month didn't seem to zoom by as quickly as August. The weather actually still felt somewhat summer up until the last week and now my outerwear is out. Here are a few highlights recently as seen through my lens and posted on Instagram. As usual, I'm not going to overload you with a million pics here so to see more, click over to my Instagram feed and you can also follow if you'd like. 

New York is known as the city that never sleeps and it is sometimes even more vibrant and full of energy after dark. I love how the new World Trade Center just lights up our downtown skyline. Check out this gorgeous technicolor sunset!

Malan Breton SS2016
I attended a few NYFW shows and one of them was for Taiwanese designer Malan Breton's SS2016 collection. The menswear portion featured traditionally inspired Hakka blue shirts and the giant red umbrellas really brought a sense of drama to the presentation.

October 4, 2015

More Ji Chang Wook & Links à la Mode

The only better than Ji Chang Wook in photos is Ji Chang Wook in motion. Here are some gifs I found from his Grazia shoot. Gosh that perfect profile!

Happy Sunday! My post on 10 Things I Do For my Skin was chosen for IFB's Links à la Mode this week! 

I was once paid to apply body glitter on male models for a L.A. runway show. Their attire? Oh… swimsuits of the speedo variety. True story. Somehow, picked out of a lineup of fashion peons. I was later convinced that it was my hair, which only a week before had been cut and bleached from long beach blonde locks to a platinum blonde bobbed asymmetric cut. All for the sake of the student vision of my friend, for the opportunity to model her creation in front of Vidal Sassoon himself… HE TOUCHED MY HAIR! And who would have thought, for the chance to apply glitter all over the bodies of male models.

Thank you IFB bloggers for bringing those moments back to memory with your posts of other fashion weeks around the globe. Milan, London, Vienna, and with a special Thai night in Vienna. We Are Ready Made left us with an extensive review of the Prada Show along with wonderfully detailed photos. Purushu Arie gave us some inspiring images of runway fashion next to interior spaces. Candy for the eyes for sure.

There is also a delightful post on cleaning out your closet. However, before you dive into that and take action, be sure to read up on the first Halloween post of the season and a fun little fashion DIY project. Both may have you seeing certain wardrobe pieces in a new light. 

And, of course, the Links a la Mode post wouldn’t be complete without the reviews of current trends like the perfect black jumpsuit {said no one until now, or at least since the 80’s}, culottes, black and white, and thigh high boots just to name a few. 

Recently, I discovered that my home city of San Diego, California has an upcoming fashion week, and I was looking forward to catching a glimpse of what the locals have to offer, but wouldn’t you know it, it’s all sold out. Can’t a gal catch a break? OK, OK. So, I’ve had a few glittering breaks. 

Links à la Mode, October 1

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October 2, 2015

Eye Candy : Ji Chang Wook for Grazia

Ji Chang Wook

We're treated to a double dose of Ji Chang Wook as he is currently appearing in both the Korean and Chinese editions of Grazia. The handsome actor radiates with his usual boyish charm and looks equally at ease dressed up or down. In an accompanying interview, he talks about his soaring popularity and credits his popular dramas Empress Ki and The Healer for introducing him to broader audiences. His humility is one of the reasons I'm a fan. His soulful gaze in the first photo and those puppy dog eyes in the fourth pic are just killing me. Does anyone else find the anklet kind of weird?

Ji Chang Wook

September 30, 2015

A Spa Facial With Real Results

Spa Week, Spa Facial

It's been awhile since I've had a spa facial but this was something I used treat my skin to on a monthly basis before I got ill a few years ago. Having vertigo and and tinnitus made me highly sensitive and I developed pretty bad claustrophobia as well. Life wasn't fun when laying down made me dizzy and the thought of having my eyes and face fully covered made me shudder back then. Since recovering, I've slowly eased backed into getting facial treatments again but I definitely don't go at the same frequency that I once did or else this would have been on my 10 things post. Still I do want to mention that getting a spa facial even sporadically has some fantastic benefits since professional grade treatments can give you a safe deep cleaning of your pores, provide a relaxing experience and feature technology that you wouldn't be able to access in home that give viable and lasting results. 

Spa Week, Spa Facial
Spa Week, Spa Facial

Last week I tried SKNSpa's popular Brightening SKN Oxydermy Treatment with LED Light Therapy Facial which combines the benefits of oxygen and microdermabrasion. This facial which utilizes cutting-edge technology is highly effective for decreasing wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines while providing hydration and nourishment to the skin. After your skin is cleaned and prepped, the Oxydermy treatment is applied around the entire face through a wand-like device. It feels like concentrated cool blasts. These contain sodium water with oxygen which deep cleans the pores while removing dead skin and killing bacteria. The LED light treatment works to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun damage, stretch marks and reduce redness. It can also be targeted to your specific skin concerns. I received the Red LED light with anti-aging and skin regenerating benefits. There is also a Blue LED light for troubled skin that works to banish deeply embedded acne causing bacteria. And a Mixed LED light can be provided for those with both blemishes and aging concerns. This was finished off with a collagen boosting facial mask and massage. It was a relaxing and refreshing experience and more importantly it yielded visible results with just one treatment. My skin was plumped and glowing afterwards giving me the confidence to ride the subway home without any makeup. And my husband immediately noticed that my freckles were lighter as soon as he saw me that night. He was disappointed but he might be the only one who likes my freckles. 

September 28, 2015

10 Things I Do For My Skin

What To Do For Good Skin

There are some things that I wish I had started doing earlier as far as taking care of my skin when I was younger or knew better but it's never too late to develop good skin habits. I actually get asked about my skin care quite often so here some things that I do for it in addition to my product regimen. I really think that no. 9 has incredible anti-aging and skin clearing benefits.

1. I drink plenty of water and start the day with a cup of hot lemon water everyday.
Skin is hydrated from the inside out. Drinking water helps skin to be moist and glowing and reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. I swear by lemon water for a daily detox to keep my skin clear. It also has loads of other incredible benefits btw!

2. I eat a balanced diet that includes healthy fats.
There is something to be said about feeding your skin and I believe that healthy eating leads to healthy skin.  I'm a part-time vegetarian and I try to eat clean most of the time concentrating on lean proteins and foods rich in antioxidants and healthy fats like Omega-3s that are good for your heart and can keep your skin looking soft, supple and radiant. I haven't given up french fries or pizza but I don't eat them very often.

3. I make sleep a priority.
Beauty sleep is not a myth and sleep does wonders to reset our skin as well as our bodies. If I don't sleep enough it definitely shows up on my face and my skin appears dull and tired so I try to get my 7 - 8 hours every night and take advantage of the repair cycle.

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