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Thoughts On Shortlist Beauty And A Minimal Skincare Routine

August 23, 2017
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If you're a regular reader here then you'll know that I replaced my usual skincare routine with the Shortlist Beauty system back in June. After one month, I shared an update on how my skin was doing on the regimen as well as how the minimal routine worked and how I adjusted.  Let me reiterate that the Shortlist system consists of two products: a serum and a cream. I have been using these products after washing my face and using toner in the AM and PM. The only other skincare I use are facial masks, eye cream and sunscreen. Transitioning from a multi-step skincare routine to just two products was a little odd at first but it was pretty easy to get used to.

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August 21, 2017

This is where I talk about some of the beauty products I've been loving lately...

Ji Chang Wook's Military Enlistment

August 18, 2017
Ji Chang Wook, Ji Chang Wook Military, Ji Chang Wook 2017, Ji Chang Wook Haircut,  지창욱

It's no secret that Ji Chang Wook is a favorite around here so of course I had to acknowledge the news of his formal enlistment for his mandatory military service in the South Korean army. Chang Wook had announced that this would be happening during the run of his last drama Suspicious Partner and has been making preparations since the show wrapped. In between a farewell tour with appearances on various programs, the 30 year old actor had also been getting his affairs in order and spending as much time as possible with his mother and friends.

10 Foods That Offer Sun Protection

August 16, 2017
Food for Sun Protection, Sun Protecting Foods, Foods That Will Protect You From The Sun

A major factor of skincare is diet and what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto it. The food we eat can contribute to the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin which contribute to the hydration levels of our skin and can also work to inhibit enzymes that cause wrinkles and aging.  Choosing the right foods is the difference between clear, luminous and firm skin or wrinkled, loose and sagging skin.

How The 7 Skin Method Improved My Skin

August 14, 2017
What Is the 7 Skin Method, Korean Skincare, Skincare, K Beauty,

Since I mentioned my love for toners last week, I wanted to talk about the 7 Skin Method which is a major reason that toner is an integral step in my skincare routine. A K-Beauty trend,  the 7 Skin Method is a process in which a toner or lightweight essence is successively applied to the face for up to seven times immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing. It is called "7 Skin" because he word for toner and "skin" are the same in Korea. So it is effectively the 7 Toner Method.

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