Eye Candy : Li Bing Bing for Cosmopolitan

Li Bing Bing seems to be covering just about every magazine in Asia these days but I found her photos for Cosmopolitan China to be by far the most visually compelling especially the black + white images. The actress who appeared in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was recently cast as Ada Wong in the next Resident Evil movie. I'm not sure if I'm more amazed that they're still making those or that they actually cast a Chinese actor to play a Chinese character. Ada Wong was totally badass in the RE games. While I like Li Bing Bing, nothing she's ever done leads me to believe she can pull this off but I sure hope she does.


  1. She's gorgeous! I hope she shines in RE but like you I am a little cautious for her..

  2. She is indeed! Li Bing Bing is a actually a really good actress. It's just that action has never really been her genre but she certainly has a chance to prove otherwise.


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