Pinteresting Things : Holiday Treats

Since I can't seem to get enough of Pinterest, I'm starting a new feature, sharing some of my favorite pins in various categories. I'm kicking it off with festive holiday treats I've been ogling lately. How amazing do these Peppermint Milk Eggnog Shots look? You can find these tasty eats and more at my Eats & Treats board on Pinterest. Will you be making any treats this holiday season?


  1. So much deliciousness in one post!....I feel like making (or rather buying) a few sweet treats now. Ohh are those raffaello chocolates on the cheesecake?? looks divine!

  2. Marshmallows and macaroons look absolutely beautiful!!!! I'd like to make some of those or, even better, receive them as a gift (selfish, I know)

  3. Oh man oh man oh man, there is so much candy goodness here I don't know what to say except yum! please can I order a delivery pronto, one of each pls! ;)
    Bizarrely enough I thought i'd be craving more chocolate at the moment, but I'm not.

  4. I shouldn't have come here...haha!! Now, I want to make and eat all of these things...they look wonderful!! Gorgeous doll...hope you have a sweet day ;D xx

  5. My boyfriend is away this weekend AND I just bought a kitchenAid so I have a date w/ something sweet. I'm going to follow your board because I definitely are going need some inspiration for my holiday treat I will be baking!! =)

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  6. They look so lovely that I wouldn't bear to eat them. I would snap a picture of them first and then feel more comfy eating them. I wonder of the people who shot these shots had the same thinking. I think it is time for me to pin these lovely sweet treats onto my "overdoes of saccharine" board. Yes, I have a board solely for sweet treats.

    Pinterest is super addictive and I really love the photography style of so many of the pictures.

    You can view my page at

    Let me know if you've followed me.

    What's yours?

    Yes, I totally agree with you about once you start, it should be easier to carry it out through the year or as long as one's lifetime.

    Ah, pullip dolls. I learn something new.

  7. Ah, i've found your Pinterest and followed you. You have lovely stuff there!

  8. OMG! I just fell in love with these heavenly goodness sweets dear Rowena! Thanks for sharing! Love the peppermint stuffs the most :)

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  9. sooo yummy!!
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    xoxo Marika

  10. They are all so yumm...Christmas themed foods are so so cute!

  11. OMG i want to try the peppermint eggnog and macarons!!! Amazing. :)

    xo - Sheila

  12. I have been obsessed with pinterest! But I had to ween myself off the last month because of finals :X
    These holiday treats look great :D Especially the candy stripe cookie sticks and macarons!! Maybe I'll give some of these a try.

  13. rowena! rowena! these treats looks scrumdiddlyumptious! did i spell that right? oh well! who cares after looking at all of these yummy delicious goodies. perfect for the holidays!

  14. Those peppermint shots look do good! Such a festive post.. Pinterest is addictive. xxleslie

  15. Such sweet and lovely treats dear. Christmas seems to bring out the baking in us all! Would love to try the peppermint shots, even though I'm not into eggnog! Happy weekend! xx/Madison

  16. Oh yum!^^ Thanks for sharing all this Xmas treats! They made me hungry and in a very festive mood!:) Kisses dear! xo

  17. so yammy! very pretty

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  18. Oh my goodness. That cheesecake looks amazing! I think my headache just went away. ;)

  19. loving the colors. Making me hungry!!

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  20. Oh my, i am having eye-gasm just looking at the eggnog and macaron Rowena!!!! They look incredibly gorgeous and festive. I was thinking the other day as what dessert to make for Christmas eve dinner...i think i found an answer right hete..right now!! Thank you for sharing the goodness. Perhaps i should stay away from Pinterest, too many pretty things...too many temptations.

    Well at least i know i am not alone as far as lacking motivation to organize and clean my home..hehe :D

  21. Delicious post, Rowena!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! G+ and like facebook!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  22. your board is just fabulous!
    been enjoying your pins. ;)

    have a great weekend, Rowena.

  23. Oh my... I think you have just 'triggered' my sweet tooth! They all look so sweet and some of them look quite girly, which makes me want to bake all these and invite the girls over to share them =b

    My Own Project

  24. I second that - the raffaello's would definitely not make it onto the cake! I actually once had a white chocolate raffeallo cake at a coffee shop, it was the best thing I ever tasted!Thanks for your kind comment...wish you well this weekend!

  25. Argh,,,,and this is why I have a love hate relationship with pinterest. I would spend hours upon hours.....and the raspberry marshallows look so good.

  26. Everything looks so delicious. I really love these colors. These photos are lovely too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  27. lovely blog/

  28. They look delicious. I can't get enough of pinterest too. You probably know that :)

  29. Hummm so Yummy !!
    I want eat all :)

    I love your blog

    Please come visit my blog- Kisses ♥

  30. Hi Rowena! Kisses for stopping by the blog this week ... I'm just getting around to saying hello, it's been like a speeding train time is flying by so fast before the holiday! These all look soooooo delicious and I'm like you, can't get enough of Pinterest ... I have so many recipes saved up! This Christmas is a little different for me cooking and baking-wise. I usually bake a lot and entertain, as well as every other year, my brother's family and I switch off hosting the Christmas dinner for our families. Since it's the first year in our new historical house and we've been up to our necks in restoration projects since we moved in in July (and haven't even begun the kitchen yet, that will begin this winter sometime), I actually have no working kitchen at the moment to bake in! When we moved in, we knew that a total gut job of the old kitchen would be in the plans and we pretty much pretend the one that's there isn't really there lol. So, this year, it's not me that has to cook ;) Hope your holidays are wonderful so far, lovely ... merry merry! ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  31. I don't know how I feel about peppermint and eggnog together (I'm an eggnog purist!), but that first image has lifted my spirits in the oddest way. Think I'll go stare at it some more now...

  32. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  33. I'm a pinterest addict too hehhee!!! I'll go check out your boards and follow you ;)


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