Through My Lens : Recently

A glimpse at life recently through my lens though the photos in this one can probably more accurately be described as what I've recently consumed. Whole Foods had a 4 for $5 sale on avocados the other week and I went to town. One of my absolute favorite things to eat is mashed avocado with lime juice and goat cheese on toast. So tasty!
I've mentioned before that I usually try to stop by Ladurée when I go uptown to see my doctor. I got the special box that Reed Krakoff designed for NYFW but unfortunately they no longer carry the special dark chocolate macarons that came with it. I did get to try the seasonal Marie Antoinette macaron (blue-green one) and it has the most wonderful floral citrus and tea flavor.

The croissants at Francois Payard Patisserie in Tribeca are about closest to the ones in Paris that I've been able to find in NYC. Their pain au chocolat is amazing too. They have shops in Soho and uptown as well.
We bought an electric grill back in December and we've used it mostly for Korean barbecue so far. 
Boneless galbi (short ribs) cooking here.
I made inari sushi as a side for one of our bbq sessions. Hubster loves these.
Our favorite dumplings are home made so we mass wrapped some one Sunday afternoon. 
The filling is pork, chives & cabbage. The best part was getting to eat them right afterwards.
I always get the Terimayo dog when we visit Japadog on St. Marks Place.
It comes topped with Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and seaweed and it's awesome.
Checked out Go! Go! Curry which opened in the Financial District recently. This is the single size of their Pork Katsu Curry. GoGo means 55 in Japanese and was the jersey number of baseball player Hideki Matsui who used to play for the NY Yankees. They used to give away free toppings when he would hit homeruns. He was one of my fave players.
One non-food pic here. I'm so late to the party on these Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters but I finally bought a few for $4.45 each when there was a 40% off sale on Revlon at RiteAid.  L - R : Sugar Plum, Brown Sugar, Red Velvet
What can I say that hasn't been said about these. Decent pigmentation and moisturizing but the wear isn't all that great.


Jillian said...

Yum to everything here! Except the lip butters.

miss b said...

Gorgeous food photos. I'm a fan of avocado too especially with lots of lime juice!

Lilli said...

Dear Rowena, you made me so hungry now!:) What good treats! I'm making the pin since the photos are beautiful!!:) Have a nice day dear, kisses!:*

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Your home made food looks so good! And I also adore avocado and goats cheese spread - so delicious. x

Anonymous said...

oh my, the food looks delicious! I would love to try that sushi.


Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

All of this delicious looking food has us hungry! We love avocado!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Melanie said...

I love anything Revlon but I haven't tried out those lip butters yet! I have to! Oooo I've always wanted to make my own dumplings!! They look so scrumptious and now I want to go buy avocados!!

Ergo - Blog

Amy said...

Those pictures look fantastic! Something about taking photos of food makes it look even extra appetizing.
That hot dog looks sooo fantastic...~

Sam said...

This is the most delicious food photo post, love avocado on toast! The macaroons look heavenly. I am so impressed by all the homemade food, you should please do a few food/recipe posts, I would love to hear more about your amazing dishes and how to create them.

Jane said...

Great pictures of food! They look delicious!

classiq said...

Avocado with lime juice and goat cheese, yummy! That's one tasty and healthy snack.

MaysaAndSunshine said...

You are killing me with these gorgeous food photos Rowena. I love me some avocado!! And up to date i still havent tried the famous macarons..sigh. may i say you are a professional dumpling wrapper?! Those dumplings are beautifully wrapped like they wont look like that if i make them.


Your sushi looks amazing! And those macarons -- that blue-green one is so tempting, as is that fat purple on next to it!

jackie jade said...

everything is so beautiful here! i am a huge avocado fan and love to eat it on toast too - so good :) those macarons would make the perfect dessert too!

ALLIE NYC said...

Mnnn you have made me hungry!

Ali of

homestilo said...

OMG- kind of starving now. What a feast for the eyes! (and I'm looove kalbi and mandu) The Laduree box is so sexy.

tres chic chica said...

Wow! Everything looks soooo yummy in these photos! Especially the avocados and croissant :) Thanks for stopping by!

xo Marie

Ana Carneiro said...

Oh, everything looks so yummy! Amazing, I love croissants and eastern food... Unfortunately, I still haven't found such great croissants in London... But I will!

My Own Project

Unknown said...

It's my first time in your blog Rowena, and I got hungry :)

The Boyfriend Project

A Very Sweet Blog said...

rowena, my stomach just growled. HAHAHAHA Oh my lord in heaven, this food looks soooo good! you know all the good places to eat in NYC! everything looks scrumptious! when i saw your box of macarons, i was about to ask if you had tried the new marie antoinette one. everybody has been raving about it. i like the cool blue box it comes in. laduree is always coming up with amazing things. that avocado spread looks soooo good and i love a chocolate croissant! i bought the lip butters last year and they were alright. the color is what i had a problem with. that pork katsu curry looks soooo good. i really liked the movie, but i didn't go in with really huge expectations. it's like a better tim burton alice in wonderland. i enjoyed the witches. the wizard, blah :( the visual effects stunning. it's definitely not the 1939 version. i know it's two different stories, but it doesn't have that depth. i posted a lot of my thoughts on instagram, but i don't think you're on there. i'll put it this way, once you see it once that's enough. hahahaha


Have you ever considered product photography? You are amazing at it. Makes me want to eat all of these things (except the beauty items)!!

P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin and such?


Inge Lakawa said...

oh my god >_< that looks so yummy!

visit my blog ^^

Leslie said...

Hi Rowena! The avocado with lime on toast sounds delicious! The macaroons were my favorite in Paris last summer.. just the perfect bite of something sweet! What a deal on the Revlon lipstick:)


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

YAm! I'm starving
Have a great day dear!

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S. I'm hosting an international 2 friendship bracelets giveaway on my blog here check it out

K. Elise said...

Very nice. The macaroons and sushi look delicious!

Ivana said...

Sweetie, my stomach is growling as I'm writing this :) Your photos are so beautiful, and you always manage to capture the best details! Of course, I'm partial to Ladurée macarons, I simply can't wait to try that Marie-Antoinette one (as you know, the tea that inspired it is my favorite!). And would you mind sharing your dumpling recipe? I've always wanted to try them at home, but never found a recipe that truly inspired me. I'm pretty sure yours are fantastic!

Have the loveliest of days, my dear!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

dimitri said...

Everything looks so delicious. Love The macaroons. I'm so hungry now. Great photos and post.

j said...

I get very excited about avocados and eat them almost the same way {with red pepper powder sometimes and usually no cheese but sometimes feta}. I love the inari sushi, I call them tofu pockets. I've never made them myself though, I have made dumplings though and they were no where as pretty as yours. :)

I saw those hot dogs on a sign while I was on a walk at lunch and went back to the office to start recruiting people to try them and tell me how they tasted {I can't eat the meat}. Everyone liked them! I love that you eat them.

I think it's great that your mom has that brand of bags. Most of their styles aren't for me but perhaps I was right about their demographics. Someone {my age} I know has one as well, I'm not sure if she was offended or not when I was calling mine my old lady bag. Obviously I bought one myself though :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

That avocado and goat cheese sounds and looks so yummy!! LaDuree...of course! I used to live near there.....too abd I'm in Dallas now and there isn't one here :(

Nery Hdez said...

Love LaDuree !

SNB: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me

little luxury list said...

Yum, yum, yum! I need to cook Kalbi at home now.
I thought Matsui was such a classy player and really missed him when the Yankees didn't re-sign him.

I would also love to finally meet one day over macarons at Laduree! I'm likely going to Paris first (either for a school reunion or wedding) so I guess we should meet at the salon there ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Everything looks amazing, so yummy!! I feel hungry now ;) I hope you've been well this week doll!! xx

Kate said...

great pictures, now I am seriously hungry!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Boye By Red said...

The food in this post looks so delicious. I would happily eat it all :-)


Rebecca said...

OMG! Amazing pics! All that food is making my mouth water! I will have to try that avocado recipe sounds delicious!


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Great photos, Rowena! All the food is making me ready for a midnight snack ... I love avocado too and I love that it's a healthy food ... makes it doubly good! The macarons lined up on the box look so pretty and that croissant ... yum! It's been such a busy week for me, I'm so ready to relax ... maybe I'll hop over to one of my fave European bakeries I haven't been to in a while where classical music plays while you sip cappuccinos at little bistro tables ... yes, I think that's a plan! XOX ~S

SANDY M Illustration

Jacqueline said...

I have been looking for a review on the Marie Antoinette macarons everywhere online and couldn't find one and then saw you mention them on A Very Sweet Blog comments, glad I saw this!


Olya said...

Oh my, all those photos just made me very hungry! :-)
Cute post and blog you have here. Would you like us to follow each other :-)?

trishie said...

What delicious looking food! Making me so hungry.

Unknown said...

Love you macarons! So Tasty!
Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!

Unknown said...

this post is making me so hungry, and i just finished eating something! really lovely photos!
xx rae

Unknown said...

Oh yum! The pork katsu brought back fond memories of Japan and had my belly rumbling!

xx Mandi

Unknown said...

My goodness!! It all looks delicious! I envy you -not just for the food, and the variety of food, but living in N.Y. where there's so much to choose from. I'm ready to go home now. I'm tired of pasta and pizza. Crazy - huh?!

Hugs from Shopgirl!

Kristen said...

OK I'm starving now! LOVE avocado on toast with lime- and cheese- just makes it that much better.

Ice Goddhez Blog said...

OMG this post just made me drool dear Rowena!!! :)

Hope you can visit me again dear :)
And since Google Reader is retiring by July 1, 2013; we might no't be able to keep up with each other's feeds via reading list / GFC when the time comes I guess (I really dunno if GFC's going too but just to be safe lah~).
I'll keep up with your updates via Bloglovin' instead :) Following you there anyway, hope you follow me back there too, in case you haven't yet so we can still follow each other :)
Don't worry - still following you on GFC. :)

Let me know if there are other platforms you want dear. Keep in touch! (^_^) Happy weekend!

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Elle Sees said...

my tummy literally just growled looking at these pics!

Aida said...

the photos are absolutely stunning!

Yii-Huei said...

Yum! Drooling all over the food pictures :)