Eye Candy : Michelle Reis for Madame Figaro

Michelle Reis won the Miss Hong Kong pageant at the young age of 18. She went onto a career in acting which she eventually retired from shortly after she was married in 2008. The former beauty queen is now a 43 year old mother of one and she's still as ravishing as ever in this glamorous editorial photographed by Chen Man for Madame Figaro China. She always stood out in the TVB dramas I used to watch because she was so tall and pretty. It's amazing how she doesn't appear to have aged much at all. That silver sequin Fendi dress she's wearing on the cover is a real stunner.

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Photo Source: English.news.cn


  1. I used to watch her movies too, she's very pretty because she's mix I believe. Wow she can pass being in her late 20's can't believe she's 43.

  2. She's so stunning, this is the first time I am hearing of her, really graceful, love the silhouette of the red dress.

  3. Super beautiful, adore her features and the clothes they put her in...marvellous! I hope you are well doll xx

  4. Hi Rowena! She is utterly outstanding and full of elegance in every shots! Love the cover and te gown she wears in the last photo! Hope you are doing well my dear, have a great week! Kisses! xo

  5. Incredible! I love the photo with the gold belt and printed jacket. She's such a beauty. Thanks for your lovely comment Rowena. :)

  6. Get outta here! She's 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing something wrong. I'm doing a LOT wrong! LOL She is gorgeous Rowena. Thanks for giving us a synopsis of her life. I didn't know anything about her. So cool.

  7. I agree that she looks stunning. I would have thought she was in her twenties not forties! All of the photos look amazing!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. jeepers, she is georgeous!!!!

  9. she's stunning!I wish I looked like her!flawless skin!
    wish you a great summery month of July!

  10. Wow, how amazing is she! Truly a stunning beauty!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Wowzie she looks great!! And the editorial is great taking and really sets the mood. She is definitely doing something right.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  12. Wonderful photos and dresses!!!
    Have a good week, dear Rowena! my g+and like for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  13. Oh my, if I could look like this at 43 (err or now!) She is gorgeous and I love the mood of this shoot!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. wow shes gorgeous love her makeup here! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  15. Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine, hope your week kindly surprises you :)

  16. SHE DOES NOT LOOK 43. WHAT!!?!? I THOUGHT SHE WAS 20 FROM THAT FIRST PICTURE. Man oh man, my mind is blown. I hope I'll look even half as good as her by the time I'm 43. Wow. Wow. WOW.

  17. She is beautiful! I hope I look as good as she does when I'm 43!

    I'm so glad you can have some cold drinks again, especially now that it's summer. That's really good news! :) I haven't been watching anything super interesting. I started Cyrano Dating Agency but haven't watched it since the 1st two eps. I am watching Barefoot Friends, but I'm behind on that as well.

    Thanks for the house advice. You guys were really patient with your search. I will have to be as well due to my budget. I only want to buy a house for half the amount the bank will approve me for. I might look at one this week that looks like crack den in the photos. You are right, I really don't mind having to fix cosmetic things at all, I think it could be fun. The last one I looked at needed probably $60k in non-cosmetic work though and I'm not ready for that just yet.

  18. She is so gorgeous! I hope i look as good as her when I'm older! She's so so flawless looking, it's hard to believe her actual age! xx really enjoyed this post!

  19. She is gorgeous Rowena and I had to scroll back up when you said she was 43.. I thought the photo was when she was 18! Love the Fendi dress! You can see those distinct lines that we all know and adore. Hope you have a fun plan for the long weekend:) xxleslie

  20. Wow! She's surely eye-catching dear Rowena! Perfect for this spread! Gorgeous!

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  21. What a perfect face! She's absolutely beautiful and very elegant too. Gorgeous red dress.
    Love these photos.

  22. The cover and the last photos are so beautiful.... x

  23. No way this woman is 43!!! It's a typo, right? You meant 34? It has to be a typo, she looks younger than me and I'll be 27!!

  24. Absolutely beautiful. (and sidebar, love the glowing effect in the first picture!)

  25. She 's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  26. She has just an amazing style, although I haven't heard about her before I will keep an eye on her part, amazing editorial, thanks for sharing.
    Have an amazing day!

  27. She's all grown up now. Gorgeous!


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