Floral Friday : Made Me Smile

pink orchid macro

The orchid in our home makes me smile. Our orchid plant lives on our dining table and Hubster takes care of it along with the rest of our plants. I've been told to stay away from them since I seem to have a black thumb. He totally fusses over the orchid which is really cute and he's already coaxed it to re-bloom several times. He tries so hard because he knows it makes me happy to see the flowers. Do you have a flower that makes you smile?

Floral Fridays is a monthly photography project with different themes each month. The theme for this month is "made me smile". This series is about fun and taking time out to smell the flowers. To play along, please email Trishie for next month's theme. And please visit my fellow participants below for more floral inspirations.


  1. I love orchids; theyre so beautiful. The color in your photo is so vibrant. It made me smile too. Im the same way w plants. Ive tried it w three different pots of orchids already, but none of them survived. Ive resigned myself to just appreciate them at the store :)

  2. Orchids are so hard to care for. I'm really impressed that your husband has managed to get yours to re-flower! Gorgeous photo

  3. What a beauty! I actually have a few flowers and plants that are making me smile these days. A few tiny daffodils in a garden and a couple of indoor plans, one is currently blooming like there's no tomorrow (forgot its name, though) and my favourite calamondin tree just stopped producing tiny oranges and is now sprouting new gorgeous leaves, I just adore seeing it! x

  4. What a sweet plant and what a super sweet husband. I think plants definitely respond well to lots of love and fussing over :)

  5. Such a stunning picture doll, I love flowers. The colour is so lovely too :)) I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  6. Hi Rowena! How sweet of him!:) As u, I also love blooms, though I dont think to have a green thumb either :) The theme of this month is really lovely, actually I have lots of flowers that made me smile, if I have to think only one I probably would say sunflowers :) Have a wonderful weekend my dear, many hugs! xo

  7. It so beautiful will bring a smile to anyone who loves flowers. Enjoy your weekend doll.

  8. that's so sweet that your husband takes such good care for it knowing that it makes you happy, too! :)

  9. I love orchids, they are so beautiful and one of these most feminine flowers there is. Happy Friday dear!

  10. So beautiful!

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  11. Beautiful. Orchids are wonderful.
    Happy Friday dear.

  12. It's hard not to love orchids, they are not only beautiful but so vibrant, I can see why they make you smile.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely photo. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love orchids Rowena!!!!!
    I loove flowers!!!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!

  14. Haha I think I have an army green thumb not black not green but somewhere in between. Some plants I do very well with and others not so much. Gerber Daisies forget it. Or maybe they need to be planted but after killing 4-5 of them I gave up. Once I put one in a block of sunlight in the morning before I went to work and I came home that evening it was %100 DEAD. Gave up after that.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. I just love Orchids but am not that good at taking care of them! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  16. I love the color, such a pretty photo!

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  17. You're very lucky to have a hubby with a green thumb. Orchids are definitely at the top of my list!

  18. Dear Rowena, I am notoriously a black thumb, but two years ago for my birthday I received an orchid as a present, and everybody was guessing how long would it last. Today I noticed there are three buds ready to blossom, and I feel so grateful. This flower makes me smile :-)
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  19. Wow, what an incredible picture! I have one orchid that refuses to go away no matter how much I forget to water it and I love it :)

  20. Thanks for your thoughts.. Have an awesome weekend babe!

  21. Wowwww Wonderful!!!!
    Happy Weekend
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  22. Gorgeous. Orchids are fickle beauties. Great picture

  23. Hi Rowena,

    Love your pretty orchid - the pink colour is gorgeous. - I often have a black thumb too and some of my plants don't make it.
    Happy weekend

  24. Orchids aren't exactly my favourite, but give my some peonies and hydrangeas and I'll be a happy camper ;)
    But anyways, have a great weekend, Rowena!

  25. Now how beautiful is that shot of your orchid!!!! I love a man who can take care and tend to plants!! That is just awesome!! Wishing you a happy weekend friend...again....beautiful photo!!! Nicole xoxo

  26. I am so impressed Rowena that your hubby is getting it to re bloom! That's NOT easy:) I adore orchids and have two in my home now. They are all so unique and the blooms last for a long time. Even if you can't get them to re bloom they are worth the purchase. Enjoy your weekend! xxleslie

  27. ahaha we both have the same luck when it comes to floral housekeeping, can't do it!!


  28. I love orchids! tho the one flower that really makes me smile is the gerbera.

  29. Eey, orchids ftw! ;]
    Stunning colour, flowers always have an interesting colour, it can be flashy or more mundane, but always nice :]

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  31. Orchids are beautiful. They remind me of the summer because we always seem to have them in the summer. xx


  32. Lovely flower and great shot!

  33. Awww... Your hubby is so cute to fuss over the flower and try to make her bloom for you. That's really so cute and sweet! I have many flowers that make me smile too. I love going back to my family house to see all the flowers in bloom. I think we have orchids, periwinkle, some purple flower and even the pineapple is blooming! As for flowers in a bouquet, I love the classic roses.

    And oh shucks I've gotta inform you about my rafflecopter giveaway problem. =/ I will paste and edit my reply here.

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  34. that flower is so pretty!!


  35. what a stunning photo! Loveeeeee :-)
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  36. Ahh such beautiful photos (and so getting me excited for spring!)
    I love your blog so much--it's so vibrant and colorful and full of energy! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  37. Beautiful <3
    Followed back! Just keep in touch!

  38. That's a beautiful orchid, Rowena and it's adorable that your husband takes such good care of it! I had an orchid once that I had gotten to bloom for a few years in a row but then my cat ate it. I actually almost just bought a new orchid at Trader Joe's for $4 last week but I couldn't decide on one. Right now I have a money tree that I bought on the side of the road by my work and a kaffir lime tree that is only 6" tall. Every time I see my tiny little tree, it makes me smile.

  39. Rowena, I applaud your husband! That is a hard flower to take care of. So he is good. They are so lovely! I don't have a green thumb to save my life. LOL I kill plants that are hearty. HaHaHa

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  41. great shot! love orchids. love your blog :) simple yet oh-so-pretty! followed you :)

  42. Orchids are such beautiful flowers! Sadly, every time I pick one up, I seem to kill it before it's time which is a shame because they are so lovely! Thanks for visiting and for the thoughtful comment, it made me smile :)


  43. So exotic and delicate Rowena. How awesome you husband has such green thumbs.


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