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Through My Lens : Recently

August 6, 2014
I'm technically supposed to be on a shoe ban but couldn't resist these sole sense(ability) sandals that were on sale from Kohl's. $15 down from $49.99! They're really comfortable and the blue is so fun. They come in two other colors and are still available online.
Yes I do buy things off my own wish lists and this Forever 21 infinity scarf ended up being even prettier in person.
Found a great deal on these polarized Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses which I'd been coveting for ages at Century 21. Even picked up a pair for hubster while I was at it. That store calls to me whenever I come out of physical therapy and some days I just give in and visit.
Picked up this essential oils set to give healing with essential oils a try. 
Finally tried the famous Ramen Burger. It was kind of meh and bland tasting to me. I'm just glad I never bought the hype and waited on line for one of these at Smorgasburg. If you really want to try it, go to Ramen Co. in the Financial District where I got mine and there was no line.
Fortunately the sushi at the newly opened Blue Ribbon Sushi at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place is way better. 
I re-created this drum fish recipe with flounder and forbidden rice. Also had to sub broccoli because I couldn't find asparagus. It was really good.
Somehow whenever I put the camera down, someone else likes to turn it on me. Hello.
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  1. I don't blame you for purchasing those sandals they are so nice! I love the color too. The food looks delicious too.

  2. Ahhh those sandals! They're cuuute! ^_^ That sushi looked divine! My area lacks good sushi places. ;__;

  3. I love that shot of you!!!! We so don't get to see you all that often...perfect hat!!! And that scarf!! Now that is one that I would snatch up in a second! And your eats always look delicious! I have heard so many good things about essential oils but have yet to try have inspired me with that set up there! All the best to you tomorrow!!! Nicole xoxo

  4. so want to try that ramen burger! too bad it was meh.

  5. The sandals look amazing I can see why you could not resist.

    Pooja Mittal

  6. I love those sandals! They are sporty, and the colors are so pretty together. The drum fish also looks delicious!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  7. The sandals are really so pretty!


  8. Hi Rowena! Your new ins are all so adorable, loving the sandals and the scarf a lot! Also the sunnies for u and ur hubby are utterly cool, well done! I never saw the ramen burger you know but for sure Im drooling over the sushi, looks so appetizing!:) Finally you! Looking utterly sweet and pretty dear, I really like your straw fedora, suits u! You should post more pics of u!:) Hugs! xo

  9. You look pretty doll awesome to share a image of yourself, also the forbidden rice will love the recipe and sushi I love. The ramen burger to much hype I agree.

  10. aw these sandals are so pretty !! I actually have the same ones LOL xD. I don't blame you for buying them they're so cheap and look pretty *-*. The food looks really delicious too, I'm getting hungry now haha :3

    Mindy ♥

  11. $80 for ray bans? That's amazing. I don't think I'll be trying that ramen burger - love (love) ramen but it kind of looks like a brain like this. That is so gross I know...

  12. i like that shot of you! :) and those sandals are really pretty. oh my goodness - i have seen stuff on the ramen burger. so neat of you to try it.

  13. The ramen burger doesn't look intriguing to be honest (maybe because I'm not a fan of ramen), but seriously thats such a bad fusion food LOL. Love the last picture of you! Please do an OOTD post :D


  14. These sandals are too lovely to pass and I won't blame you from breaking the ban. Kohl's has some surprisingly good stuff from time to time. I used to go there a lot. And the food!! I am hungry already, Rowena.

    Talking about social media, Instagram is only one thing besides blog that I can manage. I love the ease of it unlike Facebook or others, I tend to get bored with it pretty quick.

  15. Thats such a pretty photo of you, the sunnies look great. The oils must smell divine! Love the scarf, Ive never seen a burger like that before, so interesting. I appreciate you stopping by :)

  16. Rowena, I shop my own wish lists too! HaHaHa I love your sandals! Definitely a worthwhile purchase and you will enjoy them. I need to look at Kohls more often. I purchased a cute leopard skirt from them and they have great stuff. A ramen burger? WOW! I've seen everything. Sorry it wasn't that good, but all your other goodies look great. You look so beautiful! Love your sunnies, top and hat.

  17. Finally Rowena.... you are so pretty!!!!!!!!!
    I love the oils set!!!
    Kisses bellissima!!!

    My Facebook

  18. Hello there! Love your sunnies and that awesome blue sandals.

  19. Oh those sandals are super cute. Good buy! I have never heard of a Ramen burger before. That sounds crazy. Although you think it was bland, I'm sure my hubs would still want to try it, lol.

  20. I love these posts Rowena! Those sandals are lovely and that drum fish recipe looks yummy

  21. wow,lovely post,beautiful sandals
    thanks for your comment darling
    i'm follow you

  22. Love those sandals- the blue is so pretty. I've been wanting to try the Ramen burger but I never wanted to wait in that long long line. Good to know it's been a bit overhyped!

  23. Love all the pictures Rowena! I love the sandals that you picked up! You look amazing:)
    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG
    BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page

  24. Love your blog! I just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)
    Michaella from

  25. Love how your pictures tell a story and I really enjoy reading your blurbs haha.
    Thanks for the comment love - have a beautiful week <3

    Jessica | streetandsheer

  26. Hello, there! <3
    Thanks for confirming my suspicion on the burger. I imagined how it would taste, but it had to be bland with that much of ramen noodles. I guess not every fusion is a success. I still like cronuts, though. Paris Baguette makes pretty decent ones. :)

  27. Love this photo of you! And that ramon burger looks oh so interesting.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  28. The Ramen Burger looks intriguing :)

  29. They are so cute and a good bargain! Plus they are ideal for your ankle recovery right?
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  30. Your home-made drum fish dish looks healthy-licious! Especially those broccoli!

    Looks like you have scored yourself some real good deal and steal. Always great to be able to get something we like at a fraction of its original price. Have to admit, I am a "sucker" for sales *_^

    Oh since you like essential oils and stuff, perhaps you can check out my friend's online store at perhaps you may find something you fancy, I tried her chakra healing soap, nice!

    have a good time and enjoy your buy! Good to "see" you once in a while:))


  31. Wonderful photos! The sandals are so sweet! x

  32. These are my favorite posts, sweetie! Getting a peek into your life is always so much fun :) I'm really smitten with those gorgeous sandals, and now you have me craving sushi for dinner :) And gosh, Century 21, that's such a dangerous place to walk into!

    Wishing you a lovely Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to your email! xx

  33. Love that last pic, Rowena:) And yay for those essential oils purchase. I'm a huge aromatherapy believer:)

  34. Amazing pics. Love the blue sandals and the sushi looks really yummy. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  35. Oh those shoes are beautiful! $15?! Wow. I have to get over to Kohl's soon—they have some amazing things for great prices. Love that photo of you! So pretty :)

  36. Amazing!!!
    Wonderful pics hun!
    Wish you a fantastic Thursday!

  37. That burger is so original! Would love to try it!
    Also, loving the sunnies.... ^^


  38. Love seeing the pic of you at the end! Beautiful!! And yes you HAD to get those shoes! What a deal and they are so cute!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  39. Love those sandals!!


  40. those sandals are too cute
    Sandy Sandhu

  41. I want to see the scarf on you. It's so pretty.

  42. lovely at all

  43. I love your new purchases. Those sandals were a steal and that color is so pretty.

  44. Even if I were on a heel ban I would still buy those sandals! Such a great deal, and they are so pretty! Great new purchases girl.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  45. The sandals look gorgeous! And I love the sushi. I would try a ramen burger but only if it was vegetarian.

  46. Whoops about the shoe ban, I'm sure it's fine though they were a great price and don't look like they take up much space. :) The food all looks good and that ramen burger is fascinating, too bad it didn't live up to what you thought it would be. That's always more disappointing than when you have no expectations. It's a great picture of you. I love the hat!

  47. Gosh, the sandals is such a great buy! Looks real comfy, dear!
    Luxury Haven


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