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Gift Guide, Beauty Gift Guide

I'm rather partial to giving beauty gifts as I think most ladies can appreciate a little something to primp and pamper themselves with. And they're also my favorite type of gifts to receive as well. What are your favorite types of gifts to give and receive?

1. Victoria Beckham X Nails Inc. Limited Edition Nail Polishes in Judo Red & Bamboo White  $25 each
{A must for fashionistas!}
2. Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio Classic Set  $45
{Lovely feminine scents housed in pretty vintage style bottles}
3. Paul & Joe Beaute Limited Edition Pressed Powder T  $43
{A beautiful compact for touching up in style}
4. Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette  $54
{The perfect palette to take on the go}
5. Anna Sui Limited Edition Body Powder Puff  $35
{A charming way to add a touch radiance and shimmer}
6. Fresh Sugar Cravings Kissing Trio  $28
{A festive limited edition set to please any lip balm lover}
7. Bioxidea Miracle 24 Face Masks  $59
{Indulgent facial treatmenta for tired and dry skin}
8. Tony Moly Fruit Hand Creams  $8 each
{Cutely packaged hand creams that actually work make great stocking stuffers}
9. Sephora Gold Star Dual Brush Set  $25
{A luxurious looking duo of hair essentials}
10. Olivine Love + Roses Beauty Mist  $14
{A sweet smelling natural skin and hair refresher} 
11. Library of Flowers Field Kit  $38
{Transforms any bath into a lush garden retreat}


  1. Morning Rowena! Im as you, beauty stuff is my fav kid of gifts to receive and give as well, I think a woman never get enough of it!:) Ive see the UD palette on the web and will be so curious to try it, the packaging is very appealing; as well as the fresh sugar lip balms. But my fav items are those cute hand creams, the packaging is very sweet and fun!:) Have a wonderful weekend my dear Rowena, hugs! xo

  2. If someone asks me what is my wish list for Christmas, I'm going to send them this post.These picks are useful and very nice in my opinion. Thank you for giving me ideas, I have to think about Christmas shopping really soon. Have a lovely weekend, Rowena! xo

  3. The naked palette is perfect great gift selection. Have a lovely weekend doll.

  4. That UD set is really something! The reviews on it are great.

  5. I have that Fresh's fab!

  6. You have no idea how much I want those VB nail polishes, Rowena! I saw the review about it on another blog and there was a giveaway too but only for the UK and I nearly sob. I know many are not a fan of her but I actually like her, she's extremely stylish and seems like a hands on mum.

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

  7. Oh this is a fabulous selection. I would love to receive any of these.

  8. Great gift selection.... I love Naked palette!!!
    Happy friday beauty!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  9. Beautiful! I know it'll probably sound boring, but I'd always be happy to get one of the books from my wish list. x

  10. I love beauty items. It's one of those things that you can never have too many of, lol! I got the Fresh lip balm set one year and love it.

  11. I want that urban Decay palette! Looks fab :)

    Corinne x

  12. OMG Rowena, my favorite is the palette.
    So cute and lovely
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  13. Anna Sui has the cutest packaging!

  14. Yay! The Naked On The Run Palette is definitely something we wouldn't want to miss :D I love how sleek the packaging is, yet inside it consists of useful and wearable shades for everyday's look.
    Btw, the Tony Moly peach hand cream smells divine! Great selection dear :)


  15. would love to get any of these but the naked on the run palette is my fave <3

  16. The fruit hand creams and the gold brush set are my favourite!

  17. The Anna Sui body powder puff would look so pretty in the bathroom :)

  18. So many great tips! They are never enough gift ideas!:)
    Happy Sunday!

  19. More gift guides, Rowena?? You certainly got me in the mood for shopping, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  20. that fresh set is really a cute gift set ,I bought for myself recently :)

  21. Ummm OK I see lots of gifts I want to gift to myself : O that brush set and Naked set oh my!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  22. I want them all . . . for myself. HAHA Happy Monday! :)

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  23. I absolutely need the anna sui body powder! So cute!



  24. Oh very cte gift guide, i love it the #7

  25. These are great picks! I love anything Urban Decay and I really like the lip products from Fresh.

  26. Cute picks, love the naked palette!!

  27. such a nice list! i would love to try that mist!

  28. Beauty products are always a good choice for presents if you ask me- at least when it comes to ladies. Besides them, I usually opt for jewelry, leather gloves, bags and valets. Occasionally, I will try sometimes more original, like making a gift myself...I think the most original present I ever gave was a vase made from tiny little stones...but it took me forever to make it!

  29. I want everything you put in this post :)

  30. Beauty all the way for me and I'd be thrilled with anything here!

  31. I’m so behind on my blog reading (and my posts!) after a long weekend away and all the Christmas preparations! I've enjoyed catching up on your recent gift guides which are excellent. There are so many of these beauty products which I would certainly be happy to unwrap on Christmas Day! 'How to be Parisian' in your previous post would suit me fine too!


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