Eye Candy : Ji Chang Wook for Ceci

The editorial gods keep giving as Ji Chang Wook plays model again on the cover and pages of CeCi China's 7th anniversary issue. The handsome actor has really cemented his status as a top Hallyu star following his success in The Healer and he's been busying himself with fan meets throughout Asia lately. He always makes for a fantastic model though I find some of styling in this editorial a little suspect. His swept back hair on the cover looks so suave and he is rocking that Kenzo printed lion shirt and gold jacket. The pictorial switches gears to a sportier side showcasing Chang Wook's boyish charms and then takes on a retro vibe. The checked shirt and flared jeans are actually quite nice but I'm totally not feeling the sandals and the entire last look with the sandals. I'm just not a fan of "mandals". My husband doesn't care for them either. Well at least he's not in flip flops. Those are gross and only belong on the beach! I probably wouldn't have even posted the end pic in that case. I'm not kidding about my phobia/aversion to other people's feet. So how do you feel about man sandals/mandals?

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Photos: Glorious Entertainment


Anonymous said...

I like the looks; if someone is as well dressed as this, I'd even accept the sandals/mandals :p


Aimee Bustillo said...

Great post :) The cover photo looks really nice, I guess the sandals doesn't quite match the formal attire.

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Jackie Harrison said...

He is so handsome and the editorial outstanding. Have a great weekend.

Lilli said...

Ahah, Im as you Rowena so I do get your "phobia"! In fact, even though the styling is great and he looks handsome, cant look at the last looks either!:P Have a lovely weekend! xo

Stanislava E. said...

Hi Rowena! What is mandals? It's the first time I hear of them, haha. I can't accept men wearing sandals either. It's just not manliness at all. Not to mention that I hate seeing men wearing flip flops. They are made to be worn in the bathroom, by the pool or on the beach. Anyway, the guy looks really handsome and I like the way he is playing with the camera. Have a good weekend, dear friend! xo

Anonymous said...

I like the quirky outfit he's wearing in the second picture.

Emmylou said...

LOL...I see what you mean about the styling of the editorial:D And I don't really mind "mandals", but I do admit that when I see a man wear them, I can't help but stare.:D

Blackswan said...

Oh, I remember him! We had a discussion last time when I told you I didn't like him because of his role in Empress Ki? I forgot the name of the drama. Hahaha! Well, he does look pretty cool here. xoxo

miasmode said...

Hahaha Rowena I know what you mean! I don't like mandals at all (thanks goodness his feet aren't awful) ;-) He's a very handsome guy. Hopefully I can see The Healer one day too (in English/German). I'm not that fond of reading subtitles. Summer is a hard time for me. I see all these ugly feet (without pedicure and nail polish) in sandals. Boy how can you wear sandals without nail polish? It should be forbidden haha. Have a happy Friday!!


Shireen L. Platt said...

So that's what you call those gawd darn ugly thing, mandals! I agree it's freaking ugly, so ugly that if anyone wears them I'll stare not in a very good way. LOL! I don't mind flip flop that much because it's just so easy to wear especially at the beach but mandals are really ugly.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Bash Harry said...

I do not like mandals on men. They are just not good for visual consumption. Eeep. But he's handsome...so I may just give him a pass...hahaha

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Ivana Split said...

I almost forgot about your feet phobia:) If you haven't watched Kill Bill 2, let me warn you that there are very unpleasant scenes there involving feet...and eye pupils...that was one seriously horrible scene! It almost made me develop a feet phobia.

I don't mind man wearing sandals but I'm not a big fan of the flip flops, for me they're reserved for the beach (or extremely warm weather). I see the tourists wearing them all the time and I always feel like I should worn them it is not really the best option for their backs. Seriously, I've read somewhere that flip flops are really unhealthy for our feet and spine. I suspect most sandals aren't that great either.

I don't have a feet phobia, I just prefer more dressier shoes I guess. I have a few open toe shoes but they all come with a heel, I don't really wear those classical sandals. I think it's because I had back problem in the past so I avoid flats.

Anyhow, Chang is pretty cute and I like the editorial...even the last photograph:) but on the overall I'm not exactly a fan of sandals...when I have to walk a lot, I always prefer sneakers.

Unknown said...

Mandals! LOL! I am not a fan of the sandals with the outfits either but I usually think a lot of these editorials are a bit crazy! The cover picture is so awesome though, can't believe how nice his skin looks!


Miharu Julie said...

He is so handsome!

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Unknown said...

I'm loving this editorial...his outfits are so stylish!



Chang Wook's last looks is my fave one! I love the minimalistic vibe of it! This editorial reminds me of Chuck Bass' style! ;) I have to admit I don't like sandals / mandals on men either! And the hubby hates them... haha!
Btw, in love with your FT Island GIF from 2011 - looks good in black and white!
Have a very relaxing weekend with your hubby, Rowena! <3

xxx Ira

Paola Lauretano said...

He looks handsome!!!!
Happy We Rowena!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wows He looks handsome
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May Cho said...

I actually think mandals give off a very interesting aesthetic! While I may not be a huge fan, I'm not against it, either, haha!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

I've actually never thought about mandals before. Maybe because I've grown up with men who wear them? I guess I'm neutral about them :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I love the styling! x

The Belle Narrative

My Garden Diaries said...

He is awesome! He exudes such a cool vibe through these photos! And the wears are fantastic!! Happy Saturday my friend! Nicole xoxo

Gabrielle said...

How do I feel about mandals, you ask? Hmm.. probably about the same as you and your husband! They have the potential to look okay, however when styled with such feminine looks as those in this editorial, it doesn't work as well! Have a lovely weekend Rowena :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


Anonymous said...

That looks like a really cool campaign!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Jo said...

Ooh la la... Ji Chang Wook is so handsome. As you know, I'm not into K culture but I always love all the K stars that you feature on your blog. You always choose the best editorials to feature and I always love them. I kinda think he looks cute in those sandals/mandals. Hehehe... Yes, I think I remember you not liking feet and I didn't understand why. I guess we all have our likes and dislikes that can't be understood by all. I was briefly reading through the comments and I'm surprised at how so many people cannot stand sandals and flip flops. For us, these are common footwear to go out in such hot and humid weather. We could wear sandals and flip flops from as nearby as just outside the house to further places like the malls. I'm always in flip flops too. Lol... Maybe it's just the weather and how small our country is that we feel no need for proper cover up. Ah... we would have put off so many people here.

Hi Rowena,
Thank you for your birthday wishes. Hubz and I always like to check out restaurants on special occasions. You and your hub also always check out great restaurants. Always love to see your food posts. And if we ever meet up, we could go to some burger place and our hubz would bond over burgers like you said. Hehehe… I don’t think he gets sick of burgers. Ah yes, I read that the original DB comes from NYC. I actually didn’t know that madeleines are meant to be lemon-flavoured. I thought that are just mini cakes and so felt that the hint of lemon from DB was really a refreshing touch.
Since the day we connected on our blogs, I knew that you are not a selfie person. I remember being so excited to see finally see your face (albeit not to full face) in one of your post. Lol… So to me, Rowena is always that little doll up there and hence I always have the impression that Ian and Rena are the minis of you and your hubz! I’m surprised that not many people made that relation coz to me, it seems really apparent. Maybe I read too much into things at times but am always glad that my reading too much have so far been right. I’m so intrigued by all the little apparels you get for Ian and Rena. So totally cute and now I know that you would sell some of them off after a photoshoot. I know this is an expensive hobby and you are really prudent in doing that. After all, no point keeping them right? The photos are good enough.
PS: FB picked you out as somebody to add on FB. There was a period of time where FB synced with Instagram and all of a sudden I see many blog friends who are also Instagram friends being on the list of “People you may know”. Everyone started adding one another and now I’m so glad we are all connected on FB too. It’s really amazing coz now I know my blog friends on a deeper level since you know, all the social medium realms portray a different facet of an individual. I didn’t add you straight away as I know you are quite private so I was wondering if you are ok with adding each other. Do let me know what you think. I will respect your decision. =)

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María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

Wows great post, wonderful looks!!!
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Corinne said...

I love his style, lovely colours!

Corinne x

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Loving this style!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

He's gorgeous! LOL Love these pics of him. I think I'm the odd one out here. I love men's feet and legs! When they're taken care of, I find them SO sexy. So I don't mind sandals or flip flops. I understand how you feel. But I love them!

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Love this! Hope you have an awesome new week.

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Kelsey Bang said...

so many cool looks! very classy and handsome!

Nequéren Reis said...

Que maximo show de imagens lindo e super estiloso
arrasou look encantador, tenha uma semana abençoada.

Vanessa N said...

Oh my god those sandals/'mandals' are hideous what even. (But then again, personally not quite a fan of sandals on men)