More Ji Chang Wook & Links à la Mode

The only better than Ji Chang Wook in photos is Ji Chang Wook in motion. Here are some gifs I found from his Grazia shoot. Gosh that perfect profile!

Happy Sunday! My post on 10 Things I Do For my Skin was chosen for IFB's Links à la Mode this week! 

I was once paid to apply body glitter on male models for a L.A. runway show. Their attire? Oh… swimsuits of the speedo variety. True story. Somehow, picked out of a lineup of fashion peons. I was later convinced that it was my hair, which only a week before had been cut and bleached from long beach blonde locks to a platinum blonde bobbed asymmetric cut. All for the sake of the student vision of my friend, for the opportunity to model her creation in front of Vidal Sassoon himself… HE TOUCHED MY HAIR! And who would have thought, for the chance to apply glitter all over the bodies of male models.

Thank you IFB bloggers for bringing those moments back to memory with your posts of other fashion weeks around the globe. Milan, London, Vienna, and with a special Thai night in Vienna. We Are Ready Made left us with an extensive review of the Prada Show along with wonderfully detailed photos. Purushu Arie gave us some inspiring images of runway fashion next to interior spaces. Candy for the eyes for sure.

There is also a delightful post on cleaning out your closet. However, before you dive into that and take action, be sure to read up on the first Halloween post of the season and a fun little fashion DIY project. Both may have you seeing certain wardrobe pieces in a new light. 

And, of course, the Links a la Mode post wouldn’t be complete without the reviews of current trends like the perfect black jumpsuit {said no one until now, or at least since the 80’s}, culottes, black and white, and thigh high boots just to name a few. 

Recently, I discovered that my home city of San Diego, California has an upcoming fashion week, and I was looking forward to catching a glimpse of what the locals have to offer, but wouldn’t you know it, it’s all sold out. Can’t a gal catch a break? OK, OK. So, I’ve had a few glittering breaks. 

Links à la Mode, October 1

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  • Attire Club: An Overview of Vienna Fashion Week 2015
  • Cammeo Head To Toe: Mural Support | Adam Lippes X Target
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  • Dresscode | HighFashion: Runway Trend Fall/Winter 15/16 | Thigh High Boots
  • Everest Says: Two Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit
  • Fashion Blender: Getting a Little Nautical
  • Happy. Pretty. Sweet.: Halloween in Your Closet
  • Purushu Arie: Fashion vs. Interior Spaces
  • Prime Butterfly: The Origins of 4 Fall Trends
  • Random Chic Musings: DIY | Mini Skirt with Lace Underlay
  • Rolala Loves: 10 Things I Do For My Skin
  • Sassy Plus: Melissa McCarthy Plus Size Clothing has Arrived
  • Style.. A Pastiche!: Feeling Festive at BIBA
  • Style Sprinter: Tutorial | Natural Makeup for Major Breakouts
  • Tell Me, Y…: How to Style The Biggest Pant Trend of the Year
  • We Are Ready Made: The Prada Obsession
  • White and Pink Peony: Milan Fashion Week SS 16 Part II
  • Wish and Wear: A Bit of Power From Knomo
  • With Wonder and Whimsy: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

    Monique | PaperWeirdo said...

    Great links. I don't know Ji Chang Wook, but he sure looks great in those GIFs.

    June said...

    He's cute! Congrats on being featured!! THat's awesome
    June Wants It All - Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

    Shireen L. Platt said...

    Oooo, he's a very good looking one, Rowena and yay for link ups! Thank you and I'll be visiting all the other blogs.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for sharing! He is so handsome. I'm now following him on IG ;p


    BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

    Awesome post! Happy brand new week :)


    Fashionably Idu said...

    Great links, looked at a few. Would love to see them all later today. Ji Chang Wook is amazing.

    Emmylou said...

    Congrats on making it to the list, Rowena:) And yay for the awesome GIFs...hehe

    Margaret Dallospedale said...

    OMG So cool Rowena. Great links
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

    Stanislava E. said...

    He is really really handsome and I agree about that profile of him! And congrats on the feature, Rowena! Wishing you a nice start of the week!


    j said...

    Love the gifs though I can never recognize him from BVS, I always have to google. :(

    I love the body glitter story, and really any story about your jobs! Congratulations on being featured on IFB!

    Midnight Cowgirl said...

    Congrats on your feature!

    Ivana Split said...

    that story about your job as a person applying glitter on body of models is so entertaing! Life is stranger than fiction they said...and often a lot more fun;)...I wonder how you looked with that modern haircut your friend did for you back is always great to be able to remember nice moments.

    I never attendaned a fashion week, but I was asked to take photographs for a charity fashion show once and that was fun...I also attendent a few fashion shows but never an official fashion week. I hope I will some day.

    That guy Ji Chang Wook has such flawless and radiant skin, I'm kind of jelaous!!!!!!!


    A Very Sweet Blog said...

    Yes! He is gorgeous in motion Rowena! :D Congratulations on your feature. That is so awesome!