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Speedy Romeo Review, Speedy Romeo Pizza, Speedy Romeo New York

The second location of Speedy Romeo was a new addition to the Lower East Side dining scene in the spring of this year. The restaurant's namesake is the prize racehorse of one of the owner's families. Speedy Romeo is known for it's Neapolitan style pizza, made in a hardwood fired Italian pizza oven along with a menu of a handful of restaurant classics. The place has a casual neighborhood vibe with exposed brick walls, bench seating and an open kitchen. We ordered the signature cheeseburger, a half pound Angus beef patty topped with Provel cheese (a blend of cheddar, swiss and provolone) and speedy sauce. The juicy and well cooked burger was complemented by the tasty flavor combination of the cheese and tangy sauce. This place takes a novel approach to pizza with unusual pies like the Paul's Boutique, a tribute to Katz's famous pastrami sandwich in pizza form. We chose The Dangerfield with pork veal meatballs, ricotta, béchamel and garlic chips. The thin crispy crust provided a nice balance to the hearty toppings which there was a good ratio of and it was delicious. A jar of pickled chillies is served alongside the pizza added another dimension of flavor. The service was friendly, laid back and good. There were more menu items that we'd like to return and try at another time.

Do you like pizza? What's your favorite topping?

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Speedy Romeo
63 Clinton Street
New York City
$ - $$

Speedy Romeo, Speedy Romeo Review, Speedy Romeo Pizza, Speedy Romeo New York
Speedy Romeo, Speedy Romeo Review, Speedy Romeo Pizza, Speedy Romeo New York
Speedy Romeo, Speedy Romeo Review, Speedy Romeo Pizza, Speedy Romeo New York

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  1. Mmm the pizza looks very delish and tasty! I like also the place very cosy. Happy Monday Rowena! xo

  2. OF COURSE I like pizza! :-) It's my favorite food. I like my pizza with lots of veggies.

  3. aLways love the places you take us to!

  4. Yummmm! My husband and I would probably get something similar. I love a good burger and pizza is basically one of my favorite food groups. The pickled chilis at the side sound like a great touch!

  5. Wow, the pizza looks delicious. My favourite topping: to be honest, I am happy with a basic pizza margherita. If done well, it can taste heavenly!


  6. The pizza looks so yummy! My favorite toppings are sausage and pepperoni! Happy Monday!

  7. Two of my top favourite food is featured here, I wish I could eat pizza and burger every day but I think my heart would stop. LOL! I love pesto pizzas too, don't mind any toppings unless they are pineapples or olives. Eww!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Rowena, am not much of a pizza person, but dang....that Dangerfield looks so good. I like that it has a thin crust...not a big fan of the regular thick ones. And that burger....aaaaaaaaah. When I see food like this, I'm kinda glad I'm not a vegan:D

    PS I love the Uniqlo stuff for men and tried to convince my husband to pick out some items...alas, I never win these things.:P

  9. ooo, that pizza :)
    keep in touch

  10. I love pizza and that one looks like real Italian pizza yummy!!! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  11. Ooo I am getting together with a friend in a few weeks and I am book marking this, as so often I can't think where to go, it will be nice to have a place in mind.

    Allie of

  12. The food looks yummy, and it sounds like a nice place :)

  13. Yummmm!! The food looks sooo good. Definitely adding this to my Yelp favorites ;) Thanks for the rec!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  14. Oh yum that pizza looks delicious! :) It's one of my favourite foods and this looks so great and it sounds like a really nice place to eat :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Yummy pizza!


  16. Great foto) thanks for interesting post)
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  17. Wow a special place
    Thanks For sharing

  18. Lovely place!!!! I like pizza!!!!
    Have a nice day!!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. Wow! The food look so good. Thanks for sharing.

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  20. Yummy, it looks delicious. It's easier to say which one I don't like, it's the margherita one. the place looks great, Rowena.

  21. Speedy Romeo does sounds like a fantastic addition to the dinning scene. I always like when you share dinning recommendations with us. Good to know that their signature burger was lovely and that pizza looks delicious.

    Yes, I love pizza! I usually eat it with just mozzarela (or some other non fat cheese) and tomatoes...but sometimes I also order a vegeterian version,( I like zucchini on a pizza).

  22. yummy pics! sounds very delicious
    I posted a new review, I'd love to know your opinion
    <<< tr3ndygirl fashion blogger >>>

  23. Rowena, you had me salivating just with your words! LOL That pizza looked so good! What a great place. I love lots of veggies on my pizza! Mushrooms & green peppers!


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