There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For

Well the unfathomable somehow happened and I think like most people in America, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what transpired during the election a few weeks ago as well as what the future holds.  Beyond my personal feelings, a wave of uncertainty, anxiety and fear is currently traversing our nation… What I say to that is that we shouldn't necessarily feel defeated and instead we need to be strong, to educate and inform ourselves, know our rights and continue standing up for what we believe in. Moving to Canada isn't the answer. You might make more of a difference by moving to a swing state instead. And consider signing this petition to end the Electoral College and adopt the National Popular Vote because if that were the case life would be quite different right now since Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote by over 2 million votes.

And now more than ever it's important to remember everything that's good in our lives and to be thankful for them.

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  1. I agree with you, unfortunately I can tell very few by living here in Italy but I see much disappointment and sadness even here. Btw, that is a great quote and the perfect reminder for today and everyday. Kisses Rowena! xo

  2. There is always something to be thankful for, I agree with that. When it comes to election result, I can't say that I'm sorry that Hilary lost because she made some very definite moves towards starting the third world war by constantly trying to provocate Russia and China into military action. Not that I'm sure that a conflict will be avoided because Trump is elected, right now there are still many indications of possible problems in relations of so called superpowers.

    The whole media in all of EU (and I listen to various radios in a few languages) was praising Hillary as she was a saint and this kind of open lobbing made me very suspicious because it was anything but diplomatic. I don't remember when was the last time when I heard something intelligent in the media, it's all about using emotionally charged words to bring people to your side of view. As far as I could see, there was a lot of emotional manipulation on both sides in the campaign and very little serious talk about serious issues- but serious talk is obviously not something easily found these days.

    At the end of the day, one man or woman doesn't decide the course some country will take. It is always a result of many factors- and people can have a say if they fight for it. What people need to realize is that economical stability of the West has been compromised a long time ago and really nobody is to blame but ourselves and our governments. There is so much corruption in Western governments that at times it seems to me that the banks are calling most of the shots and that the presidents are only their puppets. Possibly that is why you will never heard serious talk in Western media, I wouldn't be surprised if many of them were on the payroll as well.

    My point of view is that USA and the EU need to accept the fact that at this moment China and Russia are both strong economically and are in fact both world powers in their own right hence they need to be treated as partners, anything less will lead toward diplomatic problems and unrest. The Western politicians are so unbelievably arrogant towards other countries, it's really embarrassing.

  3. Exactly! It's insane that Trump won, but hey, we'll make it through. You're right, there's always something to be thankful for c:

    Little Moon Elephant

  4. THat is great advice - there is often good in many situations, even if we need to look a little harder to see it each time. It was a big election in the US, it's even been in the news here in Australia a lot!

    Hope you're having a better week this week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. It is always so important to have gratitude. This was televised all over the world even in the EU. My colleague and I were in the airport and saw many eyes drop with sadness. Other countries are feeling for America as well because this also affects the world. Being happy for another day and holding on to what matters most to you is important. Enjoy your week, Rowena. xo

  6. Thankfulness is for every important to be thankful and show gratitude. I have not been happy with the election...I have no idea what to think of my Country and everyone over here is shocked and thinks the wrong person is president now. I hope something positive can from all of this xx

  7. I'm sure all of us can learn from this election. The result surprised us too! Take care, dear! xoxo

  8. Oh yes, what a doozy! Asians were also perplexed by the results and the electoral college as well. I can only say that these are difficult times for a few major groups of people. But I refuse to simply complain and have been donating to groups that support my values. I'm only in the US a few times a year but will make sure that my tax dollars and my donations go towards equality and inclusiveness. We should be thankful that other people's grievances and values are also brought to light now. We also still have a lot of great things in our lives and will fight to keep them there!

  9. What an uplifting post at this time of distress, Rowena. Even though I'm Canadian, I stayed up during election night, and by 1am, when everyone kinda knew already what would happen, I was still devastated when the actual president-elect's name was announced. A friend and I actually felt depressed for a few days after, and I can only imagine what you Americans are going through. I totally agree that now is the time not to lose hope, but to keep fighting for what is right and just.

    PS On a more uplifting note, I am truly loving City Hall, so much so that I think I'm getting obsessed with Cha Seung Won. If I can keep him and Kim Sun Ah in my pocket, I would! I haven't had the time to binge-watch anything lately, which makes me kinda sad, but I figured this way, I can slowly savour the chemistry between this two. Ep 3 had me LOLing sooooo hard! :D

  10. Yes it can feel hard to feel thankful right about now. But feeling thankful is not enough. I don't think anyone can sit on the sidelines anymore. Democracy is very young. VERY young in the annals of history and can change quicker then most people think.

    Funny how Ivana thinks the media in the EU and it's "open lobbying" was for Hillary when actually here in The States I think the media contributed to her loss by 1) The mind-blowing amount of coverage the email server story got and 2) Saying over and over again that she was going to win. Micheal Moore explained id detail how DT would win. Why was he not on FOX, CNN and MSNBC before the election?

    When I was in Paris in September my step brother asked me what I thought was going to happen with the election, and said he thought Hillary was going to win. My response? Not too sure about that.

    Why? 1) The last four elections have been split down the middle and very divided, this election showed no signs of being any different so when it is that close it can go either way and there is more room for tampering. 2) Donald Trump easily blew through the primaries this should not have been ignored. 3) I don't care if it is 2016 and America, there are a lot of people--men in particular that are not comfortable with a women leading them. And Hillary made mistakes and did things that many did not like but they were the same things that many of male contemporaries in politics did and still do, but if you are white and male you get a free pass. So I knew that much like racism there is also hidden misogyny. So put these three things together and DT could win, though technically he lost.

    So I think a lot of people who were on the fence did not vote or did a protest vote because they believed the media and thought it was a slam dunk for Hillary. So if anything the media contributed to what happened.

    But worse then that is the stupidity of the human race that they can not think for themselves and make their own analytical decisions. Sad but true. We can only hope that history does not repeat itself.

    Allie of

    1. you have a point there Allie, especially on the part that most people are not "truly" ready for lady president...

    2. Well said, Allie and like Jeann, I wholeheartedly agree especially on the point about 'not truly ready for a female President.

  11. I would say I was surprised, but after Brexit happened I'm not. That was also a massive shock.

    Corinne x

  12. it's still kinda crazy how Trump is the new president-elect and couple that with Brexit, who knows what's gonna happen in the world next. everything is just a big shock really.

  13. Well, this year has been full of surprises to say the least. But let's see how things will turn out. I believe that all will be fine. It has to be. Keep the faith!


  14. Great Post Rowena; You are so right; moving out of the USA is not the right solution. Thanks for the encouraging words and have a great thanksgiving.

  15. Yes Rowena, I guess everyone of us takes away from this election something different, depends on what is important to us, and gives us meaning in life.

    You are totally right, there is always something to be thankful for. It teaches us to be humble, having gratitude and appreciate the things we have or the ones who are close and dear to us. Life is too short to dwell into negativities (though I am always guilty of it when it comes to my personal creative writings, haha *_^). Just enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

    This is such a great pick-me-up! Thanks for sharing this quick reminder, we all do need to be reminded, once in a while, ever so gently, to be mindful.

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far. Yes, the OLAY SG trip was such a beautiful one for me. Something that I am thankful for as my humble little blog still receive much love and support from brands which I personally love to work with and enjoy.

    Take care, my friend.

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

  16. Even in rough times, there is much to be thankful for :)

  17. Ever since Trump won, I believe NOTHING is impossible. Seriously, I don't question anything anymore. Thank you so much for this post! There is always something to be thankful for.

    xo Jo

  18. I am no US citizen, but like the rest of the world I was glued to the screen for election and am still trying to figure out what this is going to mean in the long run. But yes, there is always something to be thankful for, and everything, or at least many things can be seen as an opportunity as well.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  19. You're certainly right darling. Despite unforeseeable circumstances which may not always work in our favour, one must never overlook that which is going well; and for that reason. We must remain thankful always.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Funmi x

  20. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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  21. Thank you for this uplifting post, Rowena, I think it's much needed by many. I'm not sure how EU medias work but what I've read and seen, the medias were not kind towards Hillary. My husband and I were really taken aback with the result but we'll just have to see what will happen the next 4 years.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  22. Agreed! Trying to remain thankful and hopeful too x

  23. Rowena, I literally shut down for two weeks after the results came in. I always knew there was a possibility but I didn't think it would happen. Too much coverage was given to him from the very beginning. It's still that way today. We live in some scary times and I'm afraid for this country's future. It's also scary to see some very old beliefs that are still believed today. So the same things have been taught to a younger generation. It's very sad to see.


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