Winter Skincare Tips You Can't Ignore

Happy winter skin is not always easy to achieve. The dry air that develops from low humidity levels and cold weather results in moisture being stripped away from the skin, every second of the day. If you don’t care for your skin effectively, extremely dry skin can lead to bleeding and cracking, and the harsh weather and winds in the winter months will only make the problem even worse. So, how do you care for your skin in the winter? Let’s take a look…

Change your cleanser 
One of the first things you need to do is change your cleanser. Cleansers can be very drying to the skin. If you are used to using a cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid, it is a good idea to look for a hydrating cleanser that features moisturizing ingredients. Once you have finished cleansing, apply a hydrating toner and moisturizer immediately afterwards. Waiting for more than 30 seconds can cause dryness.

Use products designed for sensitive skin
If you have particularly sensitive skin, or you suffer from skin irritation in the form of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, or any other type of condition, you need to use specialist products such as those provided by Hope’s Relief. Don’t take a risk with products that have not been designed for your skin condition. It’s even more important that you use targeted products during the winter months.

Hydrate from the inside out
It is not only about the products you apply to your skin. You also need to consider the foods that you eat during the winter month. You can hydrate your skin from the inside out by consuming foods that have a high water content, . Good foods to eat include cucumbers, celery, apples, watermelon, kiwi, and other water veggies and fruit. Make sure you get enough zinc and vitamin C since they help to promote the healthy production of elastin and collagen.

Moisturize overnight
It is a good idea to slather your knees, elbows, hands, and feet in a deep moisturizing balm before you go to bed. You can also wear socks and cotton gloves to seal the moisture in while you sleep. This is beneficial because such areas are dryer than other parts of the body.

Use a humidifier
It is a good idea to install a humidifier in your bedroom, and other rooms in the home that you use frequently, as this will put moisture back into the air. This is especially important during the winter when heating systems dry the air out, which can then dry your skin out. A humidifier will counteract this.

From changing up your cleansing routine and moisturizing overnight to hydrating from the inside out and using targeted products, if you follow the tips that have been mentioned above, you can give your skin a much greater chance of surviving and thriving throughout the colder months. 

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Photo: Allure Korea


tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

i agree with you dear, great suggests
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Fashionably Idu said...

I keep meaning to get and actually use a humidifier. Great tips Rowena. I've been using Boots rosewater and glycerine and love the feel on my skin.

Doctor Anne said...

I tend to rely on more nourishing cleansers a lot this time of the year.

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

Jackie Harrison said...

Thanks for these amazing tips will keep them in mind.

ALLIE NYC said...

Great tips here! I take vitamin C everyday but need to add Zinc during the winter months.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I favorited the humidifier you purchased Rowena. I love how compact it is. I had a bulky one in comparison. HaHaHa It makes a world of difference. It's so true that you have to change up your skincare system based on the weather. I seem to need moisture all year round but more so in the winter months.