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Mrs Ring, Alison Lou Mrs Ring

Listening... to music through the Echo Show that my husband won at a holiday party raffle. It's been fantastic for discovering new tunes. The Britpop station is a particular favorite though it's a little Oasis heavy.  The device displays the song lyrics and sometimes we use it as a low tech karaoke machine. This is one song we always enjoying singing along to.

Watching...  Stranger Things. We're almost through season 2. While I'm not big on anything with monsters, this show actually has a heart and the strong bonds and friendship of the members of the party are really compelling.  The child actors are also better actors than most adults in standard network dramas. Erica Sinclair is awesome. They need to bump up her character next season.

Eating... hot pot at home more often than usual. It's just the thing to do when it's cold out. We even had it on NYE. Also currently really into the beef noodle soup from Northern Tiger when not consuming healthier things like pomelos which I'm currently obsessed with. Gotta get my Vitamin C!

Drinking... corn silk tea. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols as well as Vitamin K, C, and potassium, this tea is beneficial for aiding digestion, alleviating headaches and joint pain, and clearing congestion.

Perusing... a few new cookbooks for recipe inspirations.  More on that soon.

Using... the Vitamix I bought on Black Friday almost everyday for my AM smoothies and wondering why I didn't get one sooner. It works so quickly and quietly!

In love... with my Mrs. C ring which was one of my Christmas presents from my husband. He's been wanting to get me another ring since our 10th anniversary but there was nothing that caught my eye until this. It's so me and perfect stacked with my diamond eternity band.

Dressing...  in lots of layers because I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold. Of course I'm dying on the train though.

Reaping...  the benefits of regular sheet masking. I have a sheet mask stash that perpetually hovers at around 50 and I've been trying to actively work it down. That doesn't even include the one month supply I won from Peach & Lily which I only recently started. This routine has definitely kept my skin hydrated and smooth this winter. I was asked twice recently about what foundation I use when I had nothing on but a sheer CC cream.

Redoing... the shelf liners in all of our closets. It's a bit of a pain but ultimately rewarding. I always have some sort of home project going on.

Fascinated... with the process known as Swedish Death Cleaning. It's a little morbid but it also makes sense.

Trying... out a new type of treatment to manage a chronic health condition and so far so good.

Successfully... staved off an oncoming cold with copious amounts of Zicam, hot water with lemon and detox baths with epsom salt, magnesium flakes, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. If you feel a cold coming on, do yourself a favor and don't drink anything cold!

Looking forward to baseball season even though it's still a few months away. The Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton!!!

Hoping...  that winter will be short this year. Like really!

What's up with you?


sonia // daring coco said...

I've been trying to up my vitamin c intake because I haven't been feeling so great lately. I feel like my body has been battling an invisible internal virus that I hadn't noticed. I still don't but every now and then I feel those telltale symptoms creep up for a second and disappear. I definitely don't want to get sick now. Especially during summer. It's unbearable enough as it is!


Unknown said...

I love Stranger Things, I can't wait for the next season! I'm also hoping that winter will be short!

Jackie Harrison said...

I love Stranger Things I did enjoy watching the entire season looking forward to the next one. I agree with your statement they are better actors then some adult.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love Stranger Things, so good. Sheet masks are my thing as well. I just got some from a Korean company that was recommended to me. We'll see. I hope your's go great. It is cold, I have to wrap up as well, I'm not a cold person at all. Bring me the sunshine :) Have a darling week lovely x

Emmylou said...

Oooo....this is the first time I've heard of Swedish death cleaning. Very interesting indeed....although frankly, thinking about it, it's depressing coz death....:P
And I love that Mrs.C ring, chingu! What a lovely present from the hubby:)

Shireen L. Platt said...

We adore Stranger Things because it's like a walk down memory lane before there's social medias and mobile phones. It's nice to see kids being kids and playing outside. I love whenever you post about Current Mood because I always learn something that I have no knowledge of its existence!

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

R's Rue said...


Anonymous said...

I have been living in layers too and that mrs. C wring is so neat!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rowena, my mom and I are doing Swedish Death Cleaning right now (and I didn't know the official name for it LOL) It's truly something to think about! When my aunt passed, she left everything on us. People need to think about that! I've been looking at the weather in the northeast and I just shiver. I love Cincinnati in the Summer, but their winters can be brutal. Thinking about selling and finding something closer to home, but away from all the hurricanes. Your new ring is beautiful.

Paola Lauretano said...

Swedish Death Cleaning... sounds interesting!
Kisses, Paola.



I never heard of this Swedish Death Cleaning but after reading up on it, this is the way my mum declutters, and it does makes sense I guess. I've only had pomelos in salads, very popular at trendy restaurants in Europe. Best wishes with your new treatment and have a happy new week!

Pilar said...

I don't think I've heard of corn silk tea before, but it sounds interesting especially with the benefits! Happy Monday!

Doctor Anne said...

I hope we will get a true winter, and that it is a quick one then. At the moment it is unusually warm and constantly rainy...

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Well thanks for introducing me to corn silk tea and Swedish death cleaning. Both sound super interesting.

And yes, I loved Erica Sinclair on Stranger Things 2.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Swedish death cleaning is an interesting concept and really makes a lot of sense.

Fashionably Idu said...

I dont do so well in the cold but then again I absolutely dont like the heat. Corn silk tea? My daughter is a tea lover, I'd run that by her. What a fun win by your hubby! I won 2 giveaways myself over the holidays and quite excited for what else I might win, :).

Ivana Split said...

I actually looked up Swedish Death Cleaning and it seems like a practical approach to getting rid of clutter. I think that everyone needs to consider the fact that there is such a thing as owning too much. Most of us spend a lot of time in our homes so it is important to keep it clutter free and comfortable.

I haven't tried corn silk tea, it sounds interesting!

Stranger things sounds like a great show. Usually I find it hard to regularly follow a show, but last year I started watching old films again and it was fun. I think I'm ready to watch more films and shows, for a while I haven't watched any.

I like layering up too, even when it is not very cold. My tolerance to cold is very long, but as along as I'm warmly dress, I honestly enjoy Winter. I've gone from a girl who dislikes it to a woman who adores Winter.

Your anniversary ring is absolutely beautiful. So elegant and timeless! Such a wonderful present!

ALLIE NYC said...

Swedish Death Cleaning, OMG. Haha certainly gets your attention. Stranger Things is great and yes it is all about the cast. That is what makes it work. You may also like Darker. A German show being compared to Stranger Things, though less emphasis on an ensemble cast and more on the story line which is more interesting and fleshed out then ST. Only annoying part is the dubbing. Would rather read sub titles.


Beauty Unearthly said...

Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

Corinne said...

Watch Dark! That's similar to Stranger Things, I'm watching it now and love it.

Corinne x

Jenny said...

Ah I absolutely love hot pot in the winter time, and reading your post makes me want it like, right now, haha. I've been making home-made beef noodle soup lately as well (anything hot and soupy is great for the cold weather!), and it's such a breeze with the Instant Pot!

Jenny | Geeky Posh

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