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Boy de Chanel Lee Dong Wook, Makeup for men, Chanel Makeup, Chanel Makeup for Men

If you haven't heard, Chanel is launching Boy de Chanel, its first makeup line for men. The luxury brand which already produces fragrances and grooming products for men, will be expanding its offerings into foundation, eyebrow pencils, and a lip balm. The brand issued this statement: “By creating Boy de Chanel, its first makeup line for men, Chanel reaffirms the ever-changing codes of an unchanging vision. Beauty is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of style.”  The name is taken from designer Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel’s lover and muse, Boy Capel. “Just as Gabrielle Chanel borrowed elements from the men’s wardrobe to dress women, Chanel draws inspiration from the women’s world to write the vocabulary of a new personal aesthetic for men, lines, colors, attitudes, gestures. There is no absolutely feminine or masculine prerequisite: Style alone defines the person we wish to be.”

Boy de Chanel,  Boy de Chanel Lee Dong Wook, Makeup for men, Chanel Makeup, Chanel Makeup for Men

South Korean actor Lee Dong Wook has been chosen as the face of the campaign. While Chanel has had plenty of Asian brand ambassadors, this is first time the brand will be using an Asian celebrity as a campaign model. Dong Wook's confident, clean cut and masculine image along with his favorable reputation across Asia were thought to match up well with the brand's value and mission.

Boy de Chanel Lee Dong Wook, Makeup for men, Chanel Makeup, Chanel Makeup for Men,

The collection currently includes three products: a sheer, tinted foundation, brow pencils, and matte lip balm. Called Boy de Chanel, the hyaluronic acid-infused tinted foundation with SPF 25 will be available in eight sheer and shades. The adaptable formula is meant to offer an extremely sheer and imperceptible finish. The line also includes Boy de Chanel brow pencils. These retractable, dual-end pencil with a natural wax pigment on one side and spiral brush on the other to blend and groom can be used to shade and define the brows or any other facial hair. These will be available in four shades that offer eight hours of waterproof wear time. Rounding out the collection is a moisturizing lip balm formulated with jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E to nourish lips with a natural, matte finish.

Boy de Chanel will debut in South Korea in September with a subsequent international rollout to happen. The plan is  for the collection to be available available in all Chanel boutique stores worldwide by January of 2019.

Boy de Chanel Lee Dong Wook, Makeup for men, Chanel Makeup, Chanel Makeup for Men

While this news has generally been well received and Chanel has been lauded for embracing inclusivity, some are questioning why makeup needs to be gendered since men and women can both use the same range. While I agree with this, I think Chanel clearly saw a marketing opportunity with this range as well as packaging opportunity. It gives men products just for them and the sleek, matte midnight blue packaging will likely be appealing to men and women alike. They made a wise choice with Lee Dong Wook as the spokesmodel. They seem to be banking on his popularity in the Asian market but his distinctive features and handsome face are universally attractive, not to mention he has a most enviably flawless complexion.  I'm thrilled because I've adored him ever since watching My Girl many years ago. The female lead was insufferable in that drama but he made up for it. I just hope that they will have CFs with Dong Wook.  I mean he made this Downy commercial positively swoonworthy. If you're wondering, I have featured him on the blog before. This Arena Homme Plus editorial is one of my favorites and you can see more here.

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Doctor Anne said...

Even though I think beauty stuff can be used by both genders I like the design and don't think it hurts to have a makeup line designed for men.

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Lena L said...

I agree that Chanel has chosen a rather perfect face for the campaign. I think this is a great move from Chanel and can't wait to see how this line is received by the general public.

Ivana Split said...

I think you're right, Chanel say a good marketing opportunity. The products can be used by both genders, but I think that the fact that it was designed for men makes it easier for men to psychologically buy into the idea. In other words, it helps the men in being more comfortable with using it. Women are already comfortable with using make up and skin products, but some men need some encouragement. So, I think this campaign is a great idea. They sure picked a gorgeous model!

iamperlita said...

Wow this is so interesting. I really didn't know there was a market opportunity for makeup for men. I really thought that if men wanted to wear makeup, they can just buy regular makeup. I still think it's a great idea even though I have a feeling it will not be popular for a long time. Lol. Thank you for sharing. I really did enjoy reading this post!

-PerlaGiselle |

P.S. I will be hosting a giftcard give away on my Instagram page soon! Let’s follow each other!

Emmylou said...

Ooooo...definitely swoon-worthy in that CF, chingu:D And when I heard that Boy De Chanel was being launched in SK, it totally made sense. I love that men over there are not afraid to look good beyond skin, everyday man and not just those in KPop groups). One of my fave skin care bloggers (Ed Avila) is there and I love how he does makeup for men. I don't know if the line would sell a lot in North America, but I think it would be a hit in Asia and Europe for sure.

Paola Lauretano said...

A line for men? Such a great idea! Chanel... always the best!
Kisses, Paola.


Mica said...

It will be interesting to see how it goes! I've never heard of makeup for men before, but I know some men (a colleague included) who apply makeup better than I ever could, so I think it will do well! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are getting some much-needed rain here which is fantastic. Does mean we aren't doing what we had planned though, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Glamour ZONE said...

It is such a great face for the product. An added advantage that it can be used by both genders. Kisses!

Shireen L. Platt said...

I wish there are more shades available. My best friend really wants to try the tinted foundation but he doubts he could find the right shade for his skin tone. :-(

Jenny said...

Props to Chanel for jumping on this great marketing opportunity! Even though I don't think makeup should be gender specific, I do love the sleek design for the Boy range! I might even pick up the brow pencil for myself!

Jenny // Geeky Posh