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Reading... Fashion Climbing the memoir of Bill Cunningham. Best known as a pioneer of street style photography,  this book offers a fascinating look inside his life including his military service, his millinery business and his time as a WWD columnist. I used to spot him at work on the streets of the NYC from time to time and it was always fascinating to watch him go about his business.

Listening...  to Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. I love the Queer Eye reboot especially JVN who is an absolute riot. This podcast is both entertaining and informative and I always learn something new.

Watching... Chinese movies again. Especially enjoyed Chongqing Hotpot and Beautiful Accident. The latter was so well acted and heartwarming. We also watched the RBG documentary. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a true super hero. Young girls should really be looking up to people like her, not vapid reality stars.

Eating... Taiwanese cucumber salad. A summer staple at our house, I haven't made this that much this year because it's been hard to track down Taiwanese cucumbers and I'm a stickler for ingredients. However it can be made with Japanese or kirby cucumbers and after a very disappointing version at Mimi Cheng's Dumplings that wasn't smashed and swimming in vinegar, I've been making this regularly again. It's such a good side dish especially with roast chicken or cold sesame noodles or dumplings. I previously shared my recipe here.  It's ridiculously easy to make.

Drinking... Perrier Sparkling Black Cherry Mineral Water. This was a discovery of my husband's. The crisp sparkling flavor is really nice and refreshing.

Reorganizing... my closet and replacing my old hangers with these slimline velvet hangers. It gives my wardrobe a more streamlined appearance and also saves so much space. Gonna hit my husband's closet next.

Sticking... to a regular sheet mask routine. I'm currently loving the Peach & Lily Collection Original Glow Sheet Mask. The ingredients include a range of natural botanicals, peptides, AHA, centella asiatica extract and hyaluronic acid. These masks leave my skin so plump, fresh and radiant especially when used on consecutive days. And they're affordable too. A box of 20 is $79 which works out to $3.95/ea. Get $10 off your first Peach & Lily order.

Adding... a few Instytutum products into my skincare routine. I attended a brand event last month where I was introduced to their newly designed roster of targeted products designed for results. Was also treated to an LED facial at the Dominique Bossavy Spa which was incredible. I'm really loving the Anti-Wrinkle Brightening C-erum, Resurfacing Glow Toner and Truly Transforming Brightening Eye Cream so far. I'm also really excited about their Retinol Oil that is launching in the fall which I was lucky enough to get a sample of.

My husband said that this would be me if I were a puppy LOL

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Blackswan said...

Love those refreshing cucumbers especially during hot weathers! xoxo

Gabrielle said...

Ooh, is this a new blog layout I spy? Your space is looking very beautiful Rowena! Brilliant choice of refreshing drink and Fashion Climbing sounds like a fascinating read indeed, definitely one I plan on flicking through sometime soon!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Emmylou said...

Hahaha....that puppy...I die, chingu:D And I'm dying to read that Cunningham book. I didn't even know about it until I read the excerpt in Vogue. He was such an unpretentious fella and I still miss his NYT vids.
And that salad looks great. Send some my way!:P

Jenny said...

I reorganized my closet with slim velvet hangers a while back and what a difference it made! My closet looks so much neater and I can fit a lot more clothes on the racks, which may or may not be a good thing, haha

Jenny // Geeky Posh

Pilar said...

That mask sounds really nice,and lol to the puppy! It's funny you mentioned about closet space. I need to reorganize my closet soon!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Excellent post (as always)!

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, that puppy is so cute! Also I'm loving those hangers, and that cucumber salad looks delicious!

ALLIE NYC said...

That books sounds really good, adding it to my list. Just Started Crazy Rich Asians. Yes I taped the RBG documentary and forgot to tape part two! Will have to look for it On Demand. Thanks for the remind I would have forgotten. I have been super busy and forgetting everything.

Allie of

Lena L said...

I love Taiwanese cucumber salad! I wasn't impressed by Mimi Cheng's version, either (must. smash. ;p)

Hope you're feeling better. I didn't know you had a cold. This weather is too crazy! Feel free to let me know if you think it's best for you to stay home and rest on Wednesday. No biggie. <3

Doctor Anne said...

I have the same velvet hangers in our closet, it made such a difference when we moved to our house as we have very limited hanging space for clothes. Mine are turquoise though, the only color I could find back then.

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

R's Rue said...

My favorite.

little luxury list said...

I use Japanese cucumbers in my smashed salad and they're a decent alternative to Kirbys (at least in terms of crunch!) I didn't realize there was a RBG documentary out - yessss to that!
Oh and my friends got my velvet hangers years ago and I never looked back. I have a ton at my parents place NYC and actually have to bring them back!

Paola Lauretano said...

That puppy... LOL!
I would like to read the book Fashion Climbing!
Kisses, Paola.


Ivana Split said...

Fashion Climbing sounds like a fascinating book. So cool you used to see Bill going about his work.....and I do agree that it is not good for young people to look up to reality stars. Most of the reality shows are too much drama for my taste, plus they are often scripted and fake. On overall offer an inaccurate portrayal of things. A good film is a much better option. Your new page design look amazing.

Shireen L. Platt said...

I never know what to do with cucumbers so thank you for the recipe! Is Taiwanese cucumber different from the usual English cucumbers?

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

Sparkles of Light said...

That cucumber salad sounds fantastic, I think I’m
Going to try and make it myself ☺️

Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog