We Don't All Like The Same Things And That's OK

We Don't All Like The Same Things And That's Okay, It's Okay If You Don't Like What Everyone Else Does

I'm pretty sure my life would probably be easier if I just went along with whatever was popular and liked everything that everyone else is into but I honestly have a hard time pretending to like things/people that I just don't get or see the value in. These might include coffee, Starbucks, drinking alcohol, Game of Thrones, Beyonce, the Kardashians and anyone in their sphere, most reality tv, the BRF, bad boys, excessive facial hair, fruit pies, overrated, untalented celebrities, self obsessed, social climbing celebrity spouses, attention thirsty narcissists with an allergy to clothing.. I actually prefer to focus on what I do like instead of what I don't just because I don't want to waste my time on things that have no meaning to me. I have legitimate reasons whenever I dislike or don't care for something and it would be nice if people wouldn't bother to question my taste or call me a hater but if they do, whatever

My husband has said that you can put anyone on television and someone will find them attractive and they will get a following. I think he's right. Most people don't even care about talent or actual attractiveness, it's like whatever is popular, let's jump on the bandwagon. I know people who are constantly falling in love with whoever they see on screen. Anyone is free to like anyone they want but being a little discerning and having some level of standards and independent thought is not a bad thing. Obsessive stans are dangerous. They just blindly follow, take any criticism as negativity and willfully bash whoever they feel is a rival to the object of their affection. You don't want to just randomly put someone on a pedestal and worship everything they do. Public figures/celebrities are all fallible and not worth that. And that's fine if that's your thing but please don't get on other people if they don't feel the same way. Most of the time, I won't mention of people/things I don't like but if you ask me, I will give you an honest answer. I don't do this to delegitimize something you like, I do it because I can't pretend to like something I don't and if I tell you the truth, hopefully you won't try to discuss it with me anymore. I don't need to get into a debate, I just don't want to talk about it.  You can like what you like, it doesn't mean I have to as well and that should be okay. I mean I've always had strong opinions and done my own thing so it doesn't bother me if people aren't into what I'm into.

Time is Money, Don't' waste you time on the wrong people

I know it might seem like I feature the same people all the time here and that's because I prefer to only talk about things/people who I have an admiration for. I swear I'm not a hater. I just have certain standards, very specific tastes. I don't watch that much television because my husband and I have a very low tolerance for bad acting. I know what I like and can't be bothered with what I don't. Sure actors/celebrities personal lives don't have a direct correlation with their professional work but there are many who are nothing more than vapid, attention thirsty, self promoters. I prefer to support  genuinely talented, decent, well behaved people and good citizens of the world rather than those who believe their own hype and act like rules and laws don't apply to them. I always have valid reasons when I don't care for someone and it is kind of satisfying when  the truth comes out about them. I've been asked why I've never featured Fan Bingbing and omitted her from this Vogue China 10th Anniversary post. Well I think she's heinous and I was never a fan of her bad acting, the shady way she climbed her way to the top and her attention seeking behavior. When the news of her tax evasion scandal broke last year, her lack of moral character wasn't surprising at all and I was justified to think she was garbage in the first place.

So what I'm saying is that just as much our personalities, our likes and dislikes make us unique. If someone doesn't like the same thing you do, don't take it personally. It's not an insult against you and it doesn't mean they don't like you, it just means they don't feel the same way for a certain person/thing as you do.


Jackie Harrison said...

Awesome quotes love the second one have a lovely weekend.

Carolyna's world said...

Awesome and very wise post. It's not worth to push yourself to do things they are popular and trendy if they are not our cup of tea. It's better to focus on us- on this all that we really, truly want to do. On this all things and people that we really love.

Have a lovely weekend dear xx

ALLIE NYC said...

I don't have this problem I don't watch TV much. So don't really keep up with what is happening in celebrity culture. I don't have the energy to "hate" or "love" people I don't know. I also do not spend time discussing celebrity culture I don't care. I have my own problems. I also don't care if other like or dislike this or that trend. Again I have my own problems which are quite frankly more important to me. Though that whole college scandal was hard to miss...

Allie of

R's Rue said...

Love it.

Ivana Split said...

I don't understand people who are not only obsessive but also feel the need for everyone to obsess over whatever they are obsessing about. That cannot be healthy. I don't know why everyone expects us to have an opinion and care about people we don't know just because they appeared on the big screen or were mentioned in the papers. There are tons of celebrities that I don't know of and that don't interest me at all.

Another thing that worries me is that the culture of dialogue is dying out. People get polarized and emotional over anything. You say you don't care for X celebrity and they want to kill you. That's worrying, the fact that people feel the need to post death threads to everyone who doesn't agree with them. I remember how I wrote somewhere that I used to be a vegan but stopped and some girl wrote she hopes I will die. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. I didn't write that I had something against veganism, just wrote that I couldn't follow that diet because of health issues and had this kind of backlash. I think we are witnessing more and more of this and it's really sad.

Why people can't realize that same things don't work for all of us? Our tastes change with time, and that is the case with everyone, we may not enjoy or like the same things in different periods of our lives. So, why would people expect everyone else to be on the same page as them all the time? Why can't we treat each other like human beings?

This is just people giving into herd mentality. They will like something everyone else is liking because it makes them feel better about themselves and saves them thinking time. For example, I was very late to reviewing John Green's writing so nobody really came after me but you wouldn't believe what the first people who posted negative review about Green's writing had to go through, his fans would stalk and troll them on social media. I would never criticize someone for liking Green's novels, I would even say that he's a decent writer, but he is obviously not Nobel prize material...The funny thing is that when someone says to me I'm wrong about Green, they can never can say or explain why his writing is so good. I would love for someone to prove me how good his writing is and me some arguments completed with quotes, but his fans are sadly only interested in attacking others.

Emmylou said...

Oh man! Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all like the same thing? Yikes! I have weird taste when it comes to stuff (ie. my obsession with horror movies) so I don't expect people to like what I like, and I honestly am boggled when people say things like "You have no taste" just because I don't like what you like (and vice versa). Life's too short. You do you!

sonia // daring coco said...

Hmmm. This is your blog after all so of course you're only going to post what you want or feel inclined to. That's the whole point of a personal blog isn't it?! Plus everyone is so quick to judge others who "sell out" with collaborations or sponsorships for not being authentic, yet complain when others are doing that very thing. The world is strange these days, sadly. I'm not into nor do I know the world of super fans. It's not something I look into nor would I ever. But it's not hard to note some crazies with the like of Trump as their "icon". I couldn't imagine blindly following someone like that. I suppose the same can be said of Michael Jackson and the recent controversy surrounding that new documentary. I watched it and was blown away. I saw him in different light, one coming from "adult eyes" as opposed to the ones from my youth and it's hard not to see the truth. This talk of not having a childhood is nonsense to me. Do we really believe he is the only, SINGLE being in this entire world who didn't have a childhood? I can think of many others, especially those in the entertainment industry and yet no one has ever been as intimate with children as he was. It was never groups, it was touring with one boy. And always a boy never girls. If this was any other male, the world would be so quick to condemn him and crucify. Yet his fans are quick to crucify those who find the courage to tell their stories. Twitter has been scary lately. Sometimes MJ supporter tweets pop up because someone I follow is liking them and the comments are down right disgusting.

I also think it is significantly harder to pretend and "go with the flow" of popularity and trends then to be yourself. Trust me I know. Being a "people pleaser" and finding it hard to say no most of my life (especially my younger years) is exhausting trying to live up to stupid expectations and trends. You lose yourself and that is not something you want to navigate.

Gemma Etc. said...

Such a great post. Imagine how boring the world would be if we all liked the same things?! I like to try and stay in my own lane and not worry about what other people think/say although I have to admit it's difficult xx


Doctor Anne said...

Oh, I don't bother pretending to like half of what is popular either. It is just a waste of time!

little luxury list said...

I'm with you. I simply can not identify with people who seemingly worship such personalities. We went from watching shows about nothing to shelling out money to people who celebrate lives of whatever. I will admit celebrities are completely smart in how they have monetized their influence, but it won't be from me. I hope we get back to the point where we can continue celebrating people with substance and talent.

p.s. I didn't realize all that about Fan Bing Bing - not a fan now!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love this post and that Emma Watson quote!

Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Rowena, I know absolutely what you mean! As I don't watch TV and series at least I'm not confronted in this context with things I don't like :) Your husband is for sure right! And obviously you don't like the same things I don't like. There are times in my life I'm bored by this fact but fortunately, normally I don't care. Only e. g. when I visit a party like yesterday (in this case is was a rare socal obligation) where people drink alcohol and I feel again as outsider ... but as said fortunately such occasions are seldom in my life. Please stay as you are, dear Rowena. You're a true enrichment for this world!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Paola Lauretano said...

Lovely post and beautiful quotes! I'm with you!!!
Kisses, Paola.


Blackswan said...

Totally on the same page. It’s just the same as we can’t please everyone. ..... xoxo

Jenny said...

The lemming mentality is insane nowadays, and I feel like it's across all aspects...I see it amongst beauty bloggers too. Everyone is always talking about the same brand and I'm just like, their products aren't even that great and the brand has done some shady things, but opposing opinions are ignored at best or mocked. No one should have to apologize for having their own opinion on these things!

On the other hand, you don't like Game of Thrones?! The Horror!! Just kidding, haha, I didn't get into the series until way late, and I can see why it's not everyone's cup of tea :)

♥︎ Geeky Posh