Mistakes You Don't Want You To Make With Your Ears

Joo Sang Wook

As far as body parts are concerned, ears are relatively low-maintenance. In fact, you don’t even need to clean them, although you likely do regardless. While our ears typically require very little attention, it can be nice to give them some TLC now and then. After all, they are incredibly important, allowing us to listen to our loved ones, music, and much more, as well as make it easier to navigate the world. However, as vital as ears may be, you could be damaging them in a significant way. With that in mind, here are seven mistakes your ears don’t want you to make.

Listening To Loud Music
When exposed to loud noises for significant periods of time, the hairs inside your ear can start to become damaged. This makes it hard for them to pick up sound vibrations, which can lead to hearing loss. While power tools and motorcycles can definitely be an issue, they’re not the only risk factors that you need to be mindful of. Even your own headphones, if turned up loud enough, can be enough to cause damage. For this reason, you should try turning the volume down a little.

Using Ear-Cleaning Candles
The purpose of ear-cleaning candles is to break up and draw earwax out from your ears. If this actually worked, it could result in sharper and clearer hearing. Unfortunately, most researchers agree that it doesn’t. In fact, this ear cleaning method can actually cause harm to your ear by burning it or opening up perforations in the eardrum. Some people have even had their hair catch fire during the process. With all of these risks and very little, if any reward, it’s just not worth it.

Digging In Your Ears
Whether you do so with your finger or a small object, like a paperclip or Q-tip, scratching inside or digging in your ears is never a good idea. By doing so, you risk cutting your ear canal or pushing ear wax further inside your ear, both of which can lead to nasty infections and pain. Even if you manage to scratch your ear without damaging it, the many bacteria concealed underneath the nail can still lead to an infection. This is why experts recommend you leave your ears alone.

Taking Off Your Aids
Hearing aids are typically suggested to those suffering from some degree of hearing loss in order to improve their current hearing and prevent any further loss. Unfortunately, soon after being given this life-changing technology, many often decide not to wear them regularly. This might be because they look unattractive or feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, Miracle-Ear's hearing devices can be custom-molded to fit your ear and style. This means that there’s no reason not to wear yours.

Piercing Your Own Ears
You may have fond memories of your mom piercing your ears when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and give yourself a one second or any other type of piercing. If you managed to get through this experience without an infection of some kind, then you would be incredibly lucky. Rather than put your ears or health at risk, you should always go and visit a professional piercer. They have the proper equipment and environment to keep you safe.

Taking The Wrong Medication
From viagra to common aspirin, there are many medications out there that can cause significant damage to your ears and hearing. These are toxic to your ears, and, for this reason, are named ototoxic drugs. To prevent this damage, you should speak to your doctor and find out if any of the medications that you’re prescribed are considered ototoxic. If they are, then you can work together with your doctor to find an alternative drug or reduce your dosage in a safe way.

Skipping The Doctor’s Visit
We all experience a little muffling or ringing from time to time, but, if you’re noticing these problems regularly or find them getting worse, then you must see a professional. This is also crucial when you experience any type of ear pain. There may not necessarily be an issue with your ears, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also important that you schedule and stick to regular appointments with an audiologist for hearing check-ups.

Ears are generally pretty low-maintenance, but there are some things that even they can’t stand. To avoid causing damage to your hearing, ears, or general health, make sure that you avoid these mistakes.

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Jackie Harrison said...

So true great information.

Ivana Split said...

Ear pain can often be a signal for an infection of some kind and it should not be ignored. I would typically try ear drops first and if they don't help, I know it's time to see a doctor.