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Fine dining in a mall situation didn't use to be a thing in New York City but it is now. Coming from  the Momofuku team, Kāwi is an upscale, full-service Korean restaurant inside Hudson Yards, the luxury multi-million-dollar development that houses a shopping mall. high rise apartments, an event space, and New York’s newest tourist attraction, The Vessel. The name Kāwi is a play on “gawi,” the Korean word for scissors. The mall setting is a little odd but once you're inside Kāwi, you forget about that. The elegant wood trimmed space features a long bar area, lounge seating, dining room seating with leather booths, and an open kitchen with counter seating.

Kāwi Review, Kāwi Momofuku, Kāwi New York, Kawi, Kawi Review, Kawi Restaurant

Chef Eunjo Park developed a traditional meets playful menu of Korean fare that is melds her time cooking in Korea with her fine-dining background as well as her work with Momofuku Chef & Founder David Chang. We got the Fried Cod and Yuzu as a starter. Our server lightly sprayed the yuzu onto the fish and cut it into bit size pieces with scissors before presenting it to us. The fish was nicely cooked, crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside with the citrus lending a bright flavor. We also got the Spicy Yellowfin Tuna Kimbap. Kimbap is a Korean dish made with cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in seaweed and served in bite-sized slices. This kimbap had fresh flavor with a spicy kick and a texture that was simultaneously chewy and crunchy. While we liked it, we didn't love it and at $37 this may the most expensive kimbap we've ever eaten.  I make kimbap at home and it is usually quite a humble dish. The Wagyu Ragu Rice Cakes were served in a sizzling pot with an egg on top. Our server cut down the long tteokbokki with scissors while folding the egg into the mixture. I don't normally seek out heavy carbs like this but I saw a picture of the dish and knew we had to try it. The savory and umami rich ragu was a perfect foil for the chewy texture of the rice cakes. It was very rich and filling. Overall the meal was satisfying. If I had one gripe, it would be that everything was slightly over seasoned which I find to be the norm at David Chang establishments.

The service was attentive and on point.  I had pot of jasmine tea that was consistently attended to and refilled without my ever having to ask which was a nice touch. Oh and they have Byredo Suede hand wash in the restroom. Dining at Kāwi is a memorable experience that is pricey as well. While I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, I would also do it again and try some other menu items if I happen to be in the area.

20 Hudson Yards
Fifth Floor
New York City
$$$ - $$$$
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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Looks really lovely!! I feel hungry now, ha! x

Jackie Harrison said...

Wow what a beautiful restaurant and the food looks delicious. Glad to know that they are very attentive is very important well at least to me.

R's Rue said...


Doctor Anne said...

I would never have thought that this place was located inside a mall.

Emmylou said...

Oh man! That kimbap looks sooooo good!!!! I don't do a lot of fine dining, but man....if something like this comes here, I'm all for it:D

FashionRadi said...

Great spot! The food looks fantastic.

Pilar said...

Kāwi is a beautiful restaurant, the food looks delicious!

ALLIE NYC said...

Yes malls in Manhattan not sure how I feel about that. But this place sounds decent though $37 is a bit much of this kind of dish and if you can make it a home, hmm...though not a total fail I think if you are in the area and have the money to burn then this could be a decent place to dine.

Allie of


This sounds like a decent place even though it was inside a mall. I do prefer stand-alone fine dining establishments. In Europe, there are a few restaurant areas like this, but it is not called a mall, albeit very similar, more like a shopping centre. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mai Nguyen said...

I've been curious about Kawi! I personally have not been impressed by David Chang's other restaurants (noodle bar is ok and my sister and I got really bad food poisoning from ssam bar), but your photos of this place look amazing!

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