Getting Organized for the Upcoming Festive Period

Getting Organized for the holidays, Christmas

While it may feel a little early to start talking about Christmas, it’s only a little over one month away now. Every year, the majority of us end up feeling rushed, making last minute purchases and feeling overwhelmed or under pressure and every year, we tell ourselves that we’ll start earlier next year to relieve stress. So, make this the year you stick to what you’ve promised yourself. Now is the ideal time to get ready for the festive period, as you still have plenty of time and minimal pressure. Here are a few different things you can do to get started.

Make the Most of Black Friday Sales
Black Friday tends to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping period, with many retailers offering great gifts at significantly reduced prices. Stocking up on presents during these sales can make your Christmas shopping a whole lot less expensive and can ensure you’ve got your big gifts out of the way in one fell swoop. The key to Black Friday success is to decide what you’re intending to buy and then keeping an eye out for it once the sales hit. Many people make the mistake of heading into the sales with no idea what they want to buy and they can end up with things that they really don’t want or need, consequently wasting rather than saving money. Some of the best purchases in these sales tend to be tech and electronics, as well as kitchen appliances.

Pick Up Your Cards
High demand for cards during December means they’re often swept off the shelves, and you can easily find yourself struggling to find a specific card addressed to a parent, sibling, or friend. But most retailers do have cards out and ready for sale already. So, be organized and get your cards early. Not only does this reduce the hassle of having to search far and wide for something appropriate, but you can write them up and have them ready to send in December, saving you time when you could be doing something a little more festive and fun.

Pick Up Your Wrapping Supplies
Wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and other wrapping supplies tend to be something we find ourselves panicking over trying to find on Christmas Eve. They're Christmas essentials, but we often put so much emphasis on getting presents together and ready on time that we completely forget about them. To prevent this, stock up well in advance. Have plenty of different papers and don’t forget the tags. This way, you’ll be prepped. Anything extra or leftover can always be stored away and used next year. This is an annual occasion so you won't need to worry about waste.

Plan Big Gestures in Advance
The holidays tend to be a time when people make big gestures. If you’re considering proposing, you’re going to have to get started well in advance. You may find that the best gift for your girl is a Tacori ring. So, discreetly find out your partner’s ring size and place your order in advance. You may also want to book a table early on if you’re planning on proposing over dinner. More people eat out during this time, so you can’t always rely on securing a seat in a high demand place if you walk in last minute.

Book Days Out
Some of us have Christmas traditions or engage in festive activities. Perhaps you want to go and see The Nutcracker. Or you might go ice skating or dine out with family and friends. Whatever it is you do around Christmas, book in advance. This will help to avoid disappointment when the time comes around, as you’ll get in before things sell out.

These are just a few areas you might want to focus on when it comes to celebrating during the upcoming festive period. Organization is key to stress free and enjoyable holidays, so you can never start planning too early. If you find that you are experiencing excessive levels of stress over the upcoming months, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. The holiday season can be a difficult time of year for many people and there are plenty of support groups out there that can really help. Be sure to prioritize your mental health and don’t place yourself under too much pressure. Following all of this advice can help to improve everything for everyone this year!

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