Taking Care Of Your Hearing

Yeo Jin Goo

How often do you ever stop and appreciate how incredible it is to be able to hear the world around you? The sound of leaves rustling through trees or waves lapping at the shore can be beautiful, calming, and meditative. The sound of your partner’s voice can take you to a happy place too. Listening out for sounds like the kettle boiling can be very helpful. Every day we use our sense of hearing to take in thousands and thousands of different bits of information. Some of it useful, some will keep us safe, others contribute to our personal happiness. Hearing is a very important sense.

But when was the last time you thought about what would happen if you lost the ability to hear? You may believe that hearing loss is something that can only affect older people, however, this is not the case. It can actually affect people of all ages and from any background. Taking care of your hearing is vital and it is something that you should be thinking about, whatever age you are.

Get Your Hearing Checked
Make an appointment with an audiologist to get your hearing tested. It is important that you do this from sporadically as any changes in your hearing may not be easy noticeable as it is very gradual and may occur over a span of many years. During your appointment, you will be asked a number of questions about your health and lifestyle to ascertain if there are any factors that might create issues with your hearing. There will be a hearing test that you will need to complete which will take just a few minutes. In this test, you will be played a series of sounds and you will be asked to point out any that you hear. This will let the audiologist know to what extent you can hear.

If you have been experiencing hearing loss, then you may need to have some treatment to remove wax or an infection in your ears which might be causing you problems. If your hearing is damaged, then it may be suggested that you look at hearing aids as a way of improving the quality of your hearing.  If you do require a hearing aid, your audiologist will be able to help you pick one. Modern hearing aids are lightweight and easy to wear. You will barely ever realize it is there, and often, they can be so subtle that nobody else will notice it either.

Look After Your Hearing
There are some preventative steps that you can take to make sure you do not ever damage your ears and lose your hearing though. These include not listening to music through headphones above the safe recommended level, wearing protective gear supplied by your employer when you are working in a noisy environment, clearing out any buildups of wax in your ears regularly, and seeking treatment from your doctor whenever you are suffering from any form of ear infection.

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Jackie Harrison said...

Is very important especially when we live in a noisy environment also wearing ear plugs takes a toll. Great post to bring to light. Have a lovely weekend.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Taking care of your hearing is so important!!! x

Ivana Split said...

I checked my hearing a couple of times, it was always good- but I do agree, one needs to get it checked regularly.