Tactics To Calm An Anxious Mind

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Anxiety and fear are part of the human experience. This unfortunately means that we cannot rid ourselves of them altogether. However, when we experience too much, it can make life difficult . The good news is that there are certain strategies that will allow you to calm your anxious mind, and be able to better focus on the things that matter to you in your life.

The first tactic that you can rely on when anxiety strikes is mindfulness. You may have already heard a bit about what mindfulness is, or how to do it. At its core, being mindful is about slowing things down to a point where you can connect with what is going on inside your mind and body.

By carefully observing your experiences, you can start to identify unhelpful patterns and reactions and instances where your emotions aren't serving you in the best way. Also, by adding some space around how we experience these things, we can begin to have a choice as to how we react and what we decide to do. Something that allows us to make more conscious decisions that align with our values and provides us a better life, rather than one that is only ruled by fear.

Many people are also opting to use supplements as a way to calm their anxious bodies and minds. There are several different options on the market, such as St John's wort, Kava Kava, and Chamomile. Some people are also choosing to use low THC CBD oil which is now legal across the US and throughout the world. Unlike its sister product medical marijuana, CBD oil doesn't contain enough THC to produce a high though it can still help with the crippling effects of anxiety.

It is even possible to order it in different strengths online. A topic you can read about at Shape that will help you find the best brand for your needs. You can also find out which one tastes the best too, which can be a big deal if you intend to take it every day, twice a day!

Breathe deeper
It can be mind blowing to find out that something as simple as breathing in and out can have  a profound affect anxiety. Numerous studies have proven that this is the case. The way we breathe can either ramp up anxious feelings or help to regulate our bodies and make us feel calmer.

The reason for this is that short, shallow breaths send a message to our bodies to activate the sympathetic nervous systems which deals with fight or flight. However, longer deeper breaths turn on the parasympathetic system, associated with calm and restful states. A topic you can get more information on at study.com, With that in mind, even doing something as simple as deep breathing can help. Try breathing in for a count of four, and then out for a count of eight next time anxiety strikes, as this can make anxious feelings much easier to deal with.

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Ivana Split said...

Supplements can be really important when one has a deficit of something. For example, long iron levels can cause anxiety.

Jackie Harrison said...

Meditation is so good for you and your soul love my morning time for myself. Supplements facts like you share are important.

HoneycomBee said...

yes to meditation! Always helps to ground you down


R's Rue said...

Yes. Blessings.

Gemma | Makeup Muddle said...

I've never thought about taking supplements to help with my anxiety, but I reckon I should look into some as I'm really struggling right now but it makes perfect sense since there's a supplement to help almost anything! xo

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