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Life has changed immensely for us since the pandemic began in the US in March. With so much time spent at home, we've been more focused on the comfort of our home furnishings as well as in our clothing choices. Though I'm not gonna lie, I do dress up at home sometimes just because, especially on our date nights. Interestingly when I go out, I usually end up rotating between the same few outfits which do not go back into the closet and get washed regularly because pandemic.

An Important Message To My Readers In The US: The United States Postal Service is in crisis and urgently needs our help. It has already been suffering due to a lack of funding and now cheetolini and the GOP are trying to dismantle it in order to steal an election. This is a direct and dangerous  threat to our democracy that could have drastic consequences on our ability to participate in a fair election if we are unable to vote by mail, not to mention the post office provides an essential service which the people of this country rely upon. If half the adults in the US purchased a book of stamps it would raise $1.5 billion. If you are able, go and BUY SOME STAMPS. This is the best and easiest way for the general public to directly fund the USPS as it relies on the sale of postage, products, and services, not tax dollars to run its operations. You don’t even have to physically go to the post office, just visit the online Postal Store. And don't miss out on their section for collectors. If you are shipping something or shopping online and have the option to choose a carrier, choose the USPS. And please sign this petition  to save the post office. You can also text USPS to 50409 to automatically send a letter to your local representatives using Resistbot and urge them to take action. Spread the word!

Items acquired from last month's wish list:
Neck Traction Hammock
I've been using this hammock to stretch and relieve pain and tension in my neck as the motion mimics traction It hangs over the door and I lay on the floor. I've been going to physical therapy for a few weeks now and I'm still in pain but at least it's not constant.
Simplehuman Rechargeable Liquid Soap Dispenser
I don't know why we didn't get this sooner. I was always cleaning off our soap dispensers and this sleek touchless design of this one makes me feel so much safer.

1. H&M Satin Dress
The elegant silhouette and sophisticated subtle details of this dress lend it a much higher end look than it's $69.99 price tag.

2. Clergerie Freedom 3 Sandals
These classic meets modern low platform sandals look like they would be a versatile option that would pair as well with dresses/skirts as with jeans//pants.

3. Beautiful Indoors Tee
I love a good graphic tee and this one has what has become my mantra for this year emblazoned on it.

4. Massage Compression Leggings
I swear by compression socks whenever I fly or travel so I definitely believe in the benefits of compression technology and want to get these leggings to wear around the house. They feature medical grade graduated compression engineered to manually support lymphatic drainage and blood circulation by increasing metabolism between blood and tissue as your body moves.

5. rag & bone The Stealth Mask
My spending has gone way down this year but the one item I have been stocking up on is face masks because they are essential items in the time of COVID-19 and likely beyond.  I like the aesthetics of this mask which is made from upcycled rag & bone ready-to-wear fabrications. It is produced by in the US by the longtime manufacturing partners of the brand.

6.  KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball
Recovery products are huge in my life right now and this massage ball that alternates heat and cold to relieve inflammation and loosen up tight spots sounds like it would come in handy after PT.

7. The Germ Reaper Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer
When I purchased our PhoneSoap Wireless UV Smartphone Sanitizer last year, I felt like it gave me an increased peace of mind when it came to keeping my phone free of germs. My germophobia was justified with the pandemic and it's been getting even more use. We actually throw anything that will fit inside to sanitize like our watches, wallets and keys. This wand which uses U/V C Technology to destroy germs, viruses and bacteria would be a good for any items that don't fit and I can see it getting plenty of use in our house as we're still extremely cautious.

8. Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes
We don't use ice in our drinks for health reasons and we don't even have an ice cube tray but ice does come in handy for certain cooking/chilling applications so I'm considering getting a stainless steel set like this for those purposes.

9.  Rivet Asher Modern Storage Ottoman
We've been talking about getting an ottoman for our living room and this is sleek and elegant one that also doubles as a storage solution is in strong contention.

You can always check out my running wish lists in the Shop With Me section on the blog. What are you coveting?

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Evi Erlinda said...

I like the mask and ottoman!

Ivana Split said...

That H&M grey dress is so pretty. I always like your coveting selection. The UV gem killer sounds amazing.

R's Rue said...

Off to buy the graphic tee and some stamps. Have a beautiful day.

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh this is truly scary times. We really are living in uncharted waters. I do need some stamps. I will have to remember to buy some stamps and I have signed a number of petitions regarding this. But can always sign another one!

And that satin dress from H&M looks so luxe!

Allie of

Emmylou said...

Great list as always, chingu! I sooo want any UV sanitizer right now, and also that mask. I sew all our masks but frankly, I wouldn't mind something this stylish:D And also want that soap dispenser you just got:)
PS It is frightening to see what is being done to the USPS by your crazy president. I seriously can't wait for November when all this madness will end...fingers crossed. 2020 has been something else.

Omaye said...

I want the stainless steel ice cube utensil! I've never seen it before.
Putting it on my wish list!

Hena Tayeb said...

Glad to hear the neck hammock is working out well for you.
It's a shame about the USPS. I use it very regularly for my business.

Doctor Anne said...

I LOVE the t-shirt, I need that one too.

Dressed With Soul said...

Oh, I didn't this about the U.S. postal service and now I wish that they get enough support - otherwise it would be really a drama. And as usual I like what you share here - especially the shirt makes me smile :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

That dress look very beautiful. I like pattern.

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Jackie Harrison said...

Awesome selection the T-Shirt is my favorite so will wear that especially now lol.