Four Tips To Help You Get Into Shape

Getting into shape is easier said than done. It only gets harder as you get older too and so it can be a challenge to keep it up, let alone make a visible difference. Here are four tips to help get you into shape.

Build Exercise Into Your Routine
When it comes to your exercises, try to build it up into a routine. The reason why many people will start and then give up exercising is because you’ve gone too fast too soon. If you’re trying to do five workouts a week, it’s not something you will sustain, unless you have strong willpower. Start off with one exercise a week and slowly start to build up from there. Try to change it up where you can. When you’re doing different forms of exercise, you’'re more likely keep it up because it’s more enjoyable. As your body gets stronger, you’ll find ways of adapting the workouts but also increasing them. If you’ve done little to no exercise in the past few months to a year, going straight into several workouts are not going to be something you can easily keep up with.

Practice Good Form In The Gym
Practicing good form when it comes to exercises is essential. You could be in the gym and using all the right equipment, but if you don’t have good form, you won’t see the results. Good form is essentially how you perform the exercise itself, whether it’s using a piece of equipment or not. So with your pullups form, it needs to be done a certain way so that you can ensure that area of your body is getting the most out of that exercise or set that you’re doing.

Eat Better
You are what you eat, and that is actually something that is very true. What you eat goes hand in hand with the amount of exercise you do throughout the week. The food you put into your body needs to provide you with the energy needed to fuel your body during these workouts. It’s very easy to tell when your workout is running out of steam, and that might be because you’re too tired or you’ve not eaten enough or properly. Make sure that you’re looking at what you are eating from now on and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
Exercise is something we all need. Our bodies rely on exercise to protect our internal organs and to help us feel good inside and out. When you’re trying to get fit, you’re not going to see immediate results that you want, after just one or two workout sessions. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so you should expect this to be a fitness journey that takes time. After all, you do want it to become part of your lifestyle that you keep up for the long haul and not to do it just for a special occasion or effort.

With these tips, you should be able to get yourself into shape in no time at all!

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Eli Dou said...

The most difficult part to me is "eating well": I love eating vegetables and fruits, but I'm more into cookies and sweet food... which are not the healthiest!
Thanks for the tips though!

Eli - Curly Style

Emmylou said...

I must admit that exercise is something I've never had a hard time incorporating into my daily life as it's something I really do enjoy:) Like the first comment though, it's the eating part that's my problem...sigh....
Hope you're having a lovely day so far, chingu:)

R's Rue said...

It is a marathon. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.

Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips incorporated healthy habit become a lifestyle. Have a lovely weekend.